File Title
1 Helping breast cancer patients make choices about reconstruction
2 Link between breast implants and cancer under investigation
3 Are changes in fashion, tanning perceptions to blame for rising melanoma rates?
4 Could compound in red wine, grapes treat acne?
5 Bacteria may help treat acne, ulcers
6 What are stretch marks? How can stretch marks be treated?
7 Pill coated with tiny needles can deliver drugs directly into the lining of the digestive tract, may replace injections
8 Blood uric acid levels and a marker for inflammation lowered by Montmorency tart cherry juice
9 New targeted treatment for arthritis looks promising
10 A single yoga pose each day may improve spine curvature for scoliosis patients
11 Reproductive cell division has a mechanical safeguard against errors
12 Low birth rates can actually pay off in the US and other countries
13 Molecule discovered that protects women's eggs
14 World first: baby born after womb transplantation
15 Adolescents with cerebral palsy 'not unhappy or unfulfilled,' study suggests
16 Studies report new findings on treatment options for mesothelioma
17 Urine-based HPV test 'feasible alternative for cervical cancer screening'
18 Novel gene/cell therapy approach developed for lung disease
19 Pitt researchers receive $1.25 million from Defense Department to make whole-eye transplantation a reality
20 Organ donation: is an opt-in or opt-out system better?
21 Inpatient statin use linked to better health outcomes after brain hemorrhage
22 Simple blood test could be used as tool for early cancer diagnosis
23 Does diabetes start in the brain?
24 Researchers trialling a yearly treatment which could slow osteoarthritis
25 New study compares two continuous glucose monitoring sensors for effectiveness and patient satisfaction
26 Promising Alzheimer's treatment being tested by NeuroEM Therapeutics
27 Heavy metal poisoning: probiotic could protect children, pregnant women
28 Fecal capsules resolve Clostridium difficile infection in 90% of patients
29 Translating the Deaf Self: understanding the impact of mediation
30 Hey1 and Hey2 ensure inner ear 'hair cells' are made at the right time, in the right place
31 Low-frequency hum stimulates the cochlea
32 Jaw movements generate electricity to power hearing devices
33 A genetic form of deafness is due to absence of thyroid hormone
34 Sharks' skin has teeth in the fight against hospital superbugs
35 Tough to tackle infections can be a result of MRSA biofilms in joint fluid
36 Study finds half of hospitalized patients use antibiotics
37 An old drug yields a potential new class of antibiotics
38 Medicare law aimed a reducing chemotherapy cost turned out to have little impact
39 Study looks at whether the system for paying US doctors is rigged to favor surgeons
40 New patient appointments obtained most easily at Federally Qualified Health Centers by Medicaid and uninsured patients
41 Access to health care for the poor hindered by stigma
42 Decision-support program helps keep seniors out of the emergency room
43 'Low-income adults largely support Medicaid expansion'
44 Novel heart and gut disease discovered
45 Mix of intestinal bacteria and the risk of inflammatory bone disease affected by diet
46 Disputed theory on Parkinson's origin strengthened
47 Gut microbe may help screen for 'bubble boy disease' SCID
48 Gut takes care of friendly bacteria during illness
49 Body contouring after bariatric surgery helps obese patients keep the weight off
50 Strong association discovered between telomere length and increased risk of melanoma
51 Sun's UV radiation rendered harmless by skin pigment
52 Calming down immune cells could hold key to melanoma treatment
53 Melanoma drug combo improves patient survival rate, decreases risk of harsh side effect
54 Novel rose bengal formulation obliterates lesions in patients with deadliest of melanomas
55 Which was the fatal blow that killed Richard III?
56 Scientists identify more than 400 genes that influence height
57 Nine-valent HPV vaccine may prevent nearly 90 percent of cervical cancers
58 Moffitt Cancer Center study finds few physicians are recommending HPV vaccination for boys
59 Preventing cervical cancer--New vaccine against HPV infections imminent
60 Adding cediranib to chemotherapy improves progression-free survival for metastatic or recurrent cervical cancer, phase II trial shows
61 Increased risk of HPV infection in men who consume large amounts of alcohol
62 HPV vaccine rates not linked to knowledge about it
63 MicroRNA administered intravenously has potential to reverse the effects of pulmonary fibrosis
64 Animal research suggests ibuprofen can reduce lung inflammation in elderly
65 A new once-daily dual bronchodilator treatment for COPD now available in England
66 Pupil size shows reliability of decisions
67 Vitamin E, selenium supplements unlikely to effect age-related cataracts in men
68 Discovery of special stem cells in the eye could lead to better treatments for blindness
69 Nano-drug for dry eyes brings relief with less trouble
70 The injection of statin promotes bone growth in mice with achondroplasia symptoms
71 Individualized, cholesterol-targeted approach to heart disease and stroke best for patients
72 The need for statin treatment among the over-80 age group must always be assessed individually
73 Prediabetic patients with high cholesterol benefit from rosuvastatin
74 Genetic data could help doctors know whether to prescribe statins or not
75 New drug achieves significant additional cholesterol-lowering in people with inherited high cholesterol on statins
76 Modest effect of statins on diabetes risk and bodyweight related to mechanism of action
77 Antibacterial resistance a cause for major concern according to world leading Cystic Fibrosis expert
78 Laying siege to beta-amyloid, the key protein in Alzheimer's disease
79 Alpha-synuclein is a major target for potential drug therapies for Parkinson's disease
80 New molecule could fight oxidative stress, lead to therapies for cancer, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease
81 Drug used for Gaucher disease slows progression of Parkinson's
82 Mechanism of Parkinson's spread demonstrated
83 Parkinson's disease myth debunked
84 A new way to attack multi-drug resistance in tuberculosis
85 New strategies may help in the fight against TB bacterium
86 New DNA sequencing method to diagnose tuberculosis
87 Researchers develop new DNA sequencing method to diagnose tuberculosis
88 Powerful new weapon to battle superbugs
89 Vectored immunoprophylaxis: a new way to prevent the spread of devastating diseases
90 Premature deaths could be reduced by 40% over next 20 years
91 Treating COPD with the antibiotic azithromycin may be more effective than steroid treatment
92 Tackling type 2 diabetes at its root shows promise
93 Traditional Asian diet lowered insulin resistance in Asian Americans
94 Rare gene variant identified that reduces triglyceride levels
95 Prostate cancer's penchant for copper may be a fatal flaw
96 NEJM Perspective: 'The FDA, e-cigarettes, and the demise of combusted tobacco'
97 Study shows anesthesia-related deaths decline; improvement needed to reduce injuries
98 Reminding people of their religious belief system reduces hostility: York University research
99 Discovery of a new mechanism that can lead to blindness
100 Study: gradual weight loss no better than rapid weight loss for long-term weight control
101 UF researchers use plants to study new ways of delivering drugs for pulmonary hypertension
102 Dolphin 'breathalyzer' could help diagnose animal and ocean health
103 Discarded cigarette ashes could go to good use--removing arsenic from water
104 Tonsil stem cells could someday help repair liver damage without surgery
105 Unlocking a protein's SWEET side
106 Drinking water downstream from 'fracking' sites may be compromised
107 New test designed to reveal the size of the problem of dog waste contamination in our waterways
108 Living closer to major roadways increases hypertension risk
109 Relationship between arsenic, heart disease and diabetes discovered
110 Pre-eclampsia may be caused by the fetus, not the placenta, says Anaesthesia editorial