File Title
1 Down syndrome: what is the current focus of research?
2 Anxiety, jealousy and moodiness linked to increased Alzheimer's risk in women
3 Promising drug candidate for Alzheimer's found in turmeric compound
4 Beyond tooth decay: why good dental hygiene is important
5 Positive messages better at persuading smokers to quit
6 Dementia risk reduction through tobacco control and better prevention, detection and control of hypertension and diabetes
7 Alterations in brain nicotine signals linked in smoking and schizophrenia
8 Colorectal cancer risk decreases with multiple healthy behaviors
9 Sexual function preserved following vessel-sparing radiation therapy for prostate cancer
10 Blood test could identify when cancer treatment has become detrimental
11 Novel way found to block gene driving cancer growth
12 Imaging of metastatic cancer may be revolutionized by new non-invasive technique
13 RNA biomarker may lead to urine test for prostate cancer
14 Prostate cancer: high cholesterol, triglyceride levels may raise risk of recurrence
15 Potential treatments for breast, ovarian and other cancers with new discovery approach
16 Hormone that keeps us alert also suppresses the spread of cancer
17 Scientists uncover structure, mechanisms of BRCA2 protein
18 Breast cancer: most women who remove healthy breast 'happy with their decision'
19 Angelina effect: health news of celebrities 'has long-term effects for public health care'
20 New estrogen-related breast cancer mechanism detected
21 Breastfeeding linked to lower risk of aggressive subtypes of breast cancer
22 Promising treatment for advanced pancreatic cancer: chemotherapy and stereotactic ablative radiation consecutively
23 A vitamin D-derivative makes pancreatic tumors vulnerable to chemotherapy
24 Cancer metastatis may be stopped in its tracks with the help of bacterial "communication system"
25 Wild berry extract may strengthen effectiveness of pancreatic cancer drug
26 Researchers identify source of HIV pandemic
27 Fruit and veg consumption tied to mental health
28 Long hours in low-paid jobs linked to increased diabetes risk
29 What are the health benefits of coconut oil?
30 Improving the safety and efficacy of Botox injections
31 Healthy lifestyle may reduce women's stroke risk by more than 50%
32 A heart-felt need for dairy food
33 Psoriasis severity linked to high blood pressure risk
34 'Mini-strokes' lead to PTSD and other psychiatric disorders
35 Discovery of pain receptor on T-cells could lead to new target for treating certain autoimmune disorders
36 Sport can help multiple sclerosis patients
37 Can exercise improve the quality of life for individuals with multiple sclerosis?
38 Molecule delays autoimmune disease onset and reverses disease progression
39 'Increased risk of venous thromboembolism among NSAID users'
40 Tackling autoimmune diseases and chronic inflammation
41 Potential treatment for lupus with more natural compounds that have fewer side effects
42 Osteoporosis: bone health in childhood 'is an important factor'
43 Children's national physician looks at effects of energy drinks and caffeine consumption on sleep, mood, and performance in children
44 Final pieces to the circadian clock puzzle found
45 Energy drinks cause insomnia and nervousness in athletes
46 Sleep disturbances, pain, disability, depression all linked in osteoarthritis
47 Several experiments on rats prove that chronic melatonine consumption fights obesity and diabetes
48 Reduced depression risk among the physically active
49 'Control mechanism' for mood disorders discovered in brain
50 1 in 10 schoolchildren 'require mental health interventions'
51 What are the adult health consequences of childhood bullying?
52 Deep brain stimulation as OCD treatment: new guideline
53 Post-traumatic stress disorder in women linked to food addiction
54 Adolescent exposure to marijuana may cause damage to the immune system
55 Marijuana users who feel low get high
56 Alcohol more likely to induce 'social bravery' in men than in women
57 Men: moderate weekly alcohol consumption could lower sperm quality
58 Creativity is not improved through cannabis use, claims study
59 Regulations over opioid prescriptions 'too permissive,' say experts
60 New learning mechanism for individual nerve cells
61 Interpregnancy intervals of less than 1 year or more than 5 years increases risk of autism
62 Boys with autism demonstrate surprising strength in grammar processing
63 Bacterial protein implicated in eating disorders
64 Who are the men and boys suffering from anorexia?
65 UAE teens face serious health threats with eating disorders
66 Model developed that could predict the future course of psychotic illness
67 Review of cannabis research since 1993
68 Parts of the brain's cortex develop differently in people with schizophrenia
69 Schizophrenia, bipolar disorder associated with dendritic spine loss in brain
70 Risk of adolescent mental health disorders affected by size at birth
71 Delusion-prone people 'more likely to rush into decisions'
72 Could a blood test predict schizophrenia risk?
73 Curcumin, special peptides boost cancer-blocking PIAS3 to neutralize cancer-activating STAT3 in mesothelioma
74 Diagnosing deadly cancers earlier with 'lab-on-a-chip'
75 Prosthetic arm controlled by brain successfully developed
76 Should animal organs be farmed for human transplants?
77 FDA address cybersecurity in medical devices
78 Incentives from physicians, insurance companies could significantly increase use of health wearables
79 Patients taking warfarin should be able to self-monitor says NICE in new guidance
80 Medtronic launches SEEQ wearable cardiac monitoring system in United States
81 Brain chemical could be key to controlling Tourette syndrome tics
82 What is a cohort study in medical research?
83 During pregnancy, immune response is turned up, not down, by flu
84 Preparing for pandemics using cost-effective public health measures
85 All pregnant women and those planning to become pregnant should receive a flu shot
86 Health officials urge flu vaccination for all, including healthy adults
87 Viral infection causes bacteria to colonize privileged sites like the middle ear
88 MERS virus cell entry mechanism is possible drug target
89 Scientists observe ragweed pollen at record levels in UK for the first time in forty years
90 Neck surgery unnecessary for many throat cancer patients
91 Tinnitus--American Academy of Otolaryngology--Head and Neck Surgery Foundation clinical practice guideline
92 How do I smell? Much the same as how you see
93 Antibiotics found in human body bacteria
94 Fighting superbugs with their own 'gene-editing' system
95 Coffee drinking habits 'driven by genetics,' study suggests
96 Oral health problems in elite athletes 'must be addressed'
97 Combatting periodontal pathogens
98 New Medicaid policy increases the rate of children receiving vital oral health care in Texas and Florida
99 Researchers note need to improve dental service use among US women of childbearing age
100 The sixth most prevalent health condition in the world--severe periodontitis
101 100 years of anatomy corrected leads to better outcomes for patients
102 Bowel cancer risk reduced by adopting multiple healthy behaviors
103 Early detection of colorectal cancer may be possible with newly found biomarkers
104 Could loss of a hormone drive colon cancer?
105 Overuse of colonoscopies
106 Helping people live with HIV more comfortably and for longer
107 Countries ready to "Fast Track" response to end the AIDS epidemic by 2030
108 Irradiation plus transplantation shown to be effective for treating HIV/AIDS
109 Could there be an end in sight for AIDS?
110 Skill development in robotic microsurgery assessed by new tool