File Title
1 The university experiment: Campus as laboratory
2 Surf zones warmed from within
3 Atlantic observatory faces rocky future
4 Scientists caught in Chinese anti-corruption sweep
5 US Dust Bowl unrivalled in past 1,000 years
6 Poisoned vulture could herald European bird crisis
7 Doctor bets against traditional Chinese medicine
8 Dust to dust
9 Review rewards
10 Universities challenged
11 Ebola: learn from the past
12 Developing excellence: Chinese university reform in three steps
13 Researchers identify potential drug that could help treat cystic fibrosis
14 Many older adults still homebound after 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake
15 Side effects of cancer prevention surgery can be helped with education program
16 Light-activated drug could reduce side effects of diabetes medication
17 Spinal cord injury victims may benefit from stem cell transplantation studies
18 How closely do urologists adhere to AUA guidelines?
19 Brain surgery through the cheek--A new way to treat severe epilepsy
20 Change your walking style, change your mood
21 Post-tonsillectomy complications more likely in kids from lower-income families
22 Tuning light to kill deep cancer tumors
23 e-healthcare may help reverse the trend of high CVD and obesity in China
24 Diversity in medical education: It's not so black and white anymore
25 Treating sleep apnea in cardiac patients reduces hospital readmission
26 French growers up in arms over EU's pending label requirements for lavender
27 Pattern recognition receptors may be potent new drug targets for immune-mediated diseases
28 Drexel study questions 21-day quarantine period for Ebola
29 Researchers look to exploit females' natural resistance to infection
30 Risk of pneumonia in the elderly doubled by sleeping in dentures
31 Obesity linked to accelerated liver aging
32 Specific nutrition and exercises may help adults maintain their muscle mass, strength and function as they age
33 Memory complaints could be early indicator of future dementia risk
34 Sedentary behavior 'may counteract brain benefits of exercise in older adults'
35 Link found between migraine and Parkinson's
36 Exercise can enhance tumor-shrinking effects of chemotherapy
37 E-cigarettes 'not helping cancer patients to quit smoking'
38 Global team finds new genetic variants that raise risk of prostate cancer
39 Breast cancer: are men the forgotten victims?
40 Researchers move closer to origins of pancreatic cancer
41 What are the top 10 leading causes of death in the US?
42 Newly discovered marker may lead to early detection of pancreatic cancer
43 Type 2 diabetes drug switched on and off by blue light
44 Could grapefruit juice curb the effects of a high-fat diet?
45 Regular coffee or decaf? Drinking both may benefit the liver
46 Type 1 diabetes breakthrough as stem cells make billions of human insulin cells
47 New study challenges claims that low vitamin D causes type 2 diabetes
48 Could artificial sweeteners promote diabetes and obesity?
49 Regeneration of brain stem cells boosted by turmeric compound
50 Multiple sclerosis patients safely tolerated placental cells
51 How safe are human embryonic stem cell transplants?
52 'First aid kits' used by stem cells to repair damage
53 Barcoding tool for stem cells questions origin of blood cells
54 New molecule 'allows umbilical cord stem cells to multiply'
55 New recommendations for treating urinary incontinence in women
56 For diagnosing kidney stones, CT scans are no more accurate than ultrasound
57 Plant-derived compound 'may effectively treat lupus with fewer side effects'
58 An hour of after-school exercise linked to better cognitive functioning
59 Scientists discover 'sleep node' responsible for deep sleep
60 Cognitive decline 'reversed with personalized treatment plan,' claims researcher
61 Are near-death experiences real? New study investigates
62 Scientists win Nobel prize for discovering brain's 'inner GPS'
63 Fibromyalgia linked to decreased brain connectivity
64 What kinds of exercise can boost long-term memory?
65 One dose of antidepressants 'alters the brain within hours'
66 Effects of mental stress on heart differ between men and women
67 We drink more alcohol on days of increased physical activity
68 Could a chemical in broccoli, sprouts help treat autism?
69 Exercise protects against depression--but how?
70 'Eating disorders could start as early as elementary school'
71 Schizophrenia: shattering the stigma
72 Sleep-related infant deaths: sofa sleeping 'particularly dangerous'
73 CDC: life expectancy in the US reaches record high
74 Lung cancer can lie dormant for over 20 years
75 Online resource encourages everyone to improve brain health
76 Mental health app identifies depression, anxiety, loneliness, tracks performance, behavior
77 App leads to falling death rates in hospitals
78 First case of 'Google Glass addiction' reported
79 Are wearable activity monitors equivalent to professional health advice?
80 Multitasking with media devices linked to brain changes
81 Health apps: do they do more harm than good?
82 'Just-in-time' management methods reduce patient wait times
83 New study points to solution for early identification and treatment of substance use disorders
84 Wearable, skin-like device 'monitors cardiovascular, skin health 24/7'
85 Cardiac death in women: living near major roads a risk factor
86 American waistlines continue to grow
87 Mediterranean diet with nuts, olive oil 'may reverse metabolic syndrome'
88 Novel, implantable device 'could slow, reverse heart failure'
89 Increased awareness of allergic deaths in US--medications are main culprit
90 Humid houses pose health hazards
91 Hookworms reduce the symptoms of celiac disease
92 Peanut allergy: could pulsed light remove allergens from whole peanuts?
93 Dry-roasted peanuts more likely trigger for allergy
94 Scientists discover molecule that helps cancer cells evade immune system
95 Scientists watch proteins move on surface of HIV virus in real-time
96 Solving the mystery of why colds cause asthma attacks
97 An ingestible pill with needles could be the new form of injection
98 How widespread is natural Ebola immunity?
99 Ebola epidemic could gain 6,800 new cases by end of September
100 Molecule promises to speed up discovery of universal anti-ebola drugs
101 Could honeysuckle tea be used to combat flu viruses?
102 Are the CDC doing enough to stop Ebola in the US?
103 CDC: Ebola cases in West Africa could exceed 550,000 by January
104 Airway muscle-on-a-chip 'simulates asthma in humans'
105 What are the effects of climate change on health?
106 1 in 10 antibiotics prescriptions fail, according to new study
107 'Approximately 14 million major medical conditions in US due to smoking'
108 Could an apple a day protect against obesity?
109 Is loss of smell a 'harbinger of death'?
110 World Alzheimer Report 2014: the key points