File Title
1 Facebook's Blue Dinosaur--Protecting Your Privacy
2 Can Facebook Be Used to Accurately Determine Personality?
3 Self-employment Economic Power Felt Countywide
4 Molecule Treats Leukemia by Preventing Cancer Cell Repair
5 USC study: Unlocking Biology with Math
6 Egg Donation in European Clinics: Why Do Women Do It?
7 Celebrity Promotion of Charities 'Is Largely Ineffective,' Says Research
8 Migration for More Money Does Not Bring More Happiness
9 Amazon Takes Flak Over Bid for 'Anticompetitive' Web Names
10 ICANN Denies Google's Request for Dotless Domains
11 Computer Program Gets Chatty, Beats Turing Test
12 Turing Theory Explains the Formation of Stripes, Spots, Fingers and Toes
13 New Grasshopper Species Discovered in Amber Collected 50 Years Ago
14 Understanding Humanity's Infatuation with Chickens
15 Iron Consumption Could Increase Heart Disease Risk: Study
16 A Protein-Rich Breakfast May Lead to a Lunch with Fewer Calories
17 Eating Processed Meat Linked to Increased Heart Failure Risk in Men
18 The More Musical Training Children Have, the Better Their Learning Will Be
19 MIT Breakthrough Brings Delivery Drones Closer to Reality
20 Computed Tomography Used to Recreate Stradivarius Violin
21 Has NASA Confirmed the "Impossible" No-Fuel Space Engine Works?
22 No Geysers Allowed: NASA Engineers Begin Testing for SLS Liquid Oxygen Feed System
23 ACCESS II Confirms Jet Biofuel Burns Cleaner
24 Magnetic Pull of MRI Could Help Diagnose, Treat and Study Inner Ear Disorders
25 Sense of Taste May Play a Role in Longevity
26 UNC Researchers Find New Target for Chronic Pain Treatment
27 Where Does It Hurt?
28 Nanocubes Get in a Twist
29 Unexpected Electric Polarizations in Promising Ferroelectric Materials
30 Berkeley Lab Researchers Demonstrate Ultra Low-Field Nuclear Magnetic Resonance with an Optical Magnetometer
31 More than Meets the Eye: NASA Scientists Listen to Data
32 Biodiversity Quality Is Key to Preserving Salt Marsh Ecosystems
33 Nine Steps to Save Waterways Identified by Researchers
34 Global Bird Conservation Guided by Evolutionary Distinctness
35 Species Biodiversity Changing, Not Declining from Global Warming
36 Google's Next Project: Discover What the Perfectly Healthy Person Looks Like
37 Using Bacterial Biofilms for Production of New Self-Healing Materials, Bioprocessing Technologies
38 Shedding Light On How, Why Climate Change Effects [sic] Animals
39 Pronghorn Use Newly Constructed Overpasses to Cross Highway
40 Elk Bones Reveal History of a Species in Yellowstone Park
41 Yellowstone Geyser Eruptions Influenced More by Internal Processes, than by External Forcing
42 Scientists Make Key Discovery About Early Earth's Atmosphere
43 The Blue Planet's New Water Budget
44 Minerals Were Scarce When Life First Formed on Earth: Study
45 Australian Rock Determined to Be Oldest Material Formed on Earth
46 Researchers Re-Discover Elephant's Long-Lost Sixth Toe
47 How Speed Restricts Evolutionary Change of the Vertebral Column
48 Fossils Found of Earliest Squirrel-Like Proto-Mammal
49 Mammal Diversity Faltered When Flowering Plants Arrived
50 Whiskers Were an Important Evolutionary Milestone for Mammals
51 Scientists Discover World's Deepest-Living Creature
52 Giant Insects Ruled the Sky Until Evolution of Birds Kicked In
53 Rainforest Study Reveals Insects Outnumber Mammals 300 to 1
54 Decades-old Mystery in Earth's Upper Atmosphere Solved
55 Swarm Satellites Delivering Precise Results
56 NASA Space Weather Project to Utilize High-Voltage Transmission Lines and iPads
57 Quantum Reality Is More Complex than Previously Thought
58 No Qualms About Quantum Theory
59 Peeking into Schrodinger's Box
60 Closing 'Free Will' Loophole from Bell's Theorem
61 Walking Droplets and the Exploration of New Quantum Analogs
62 Soil Testing for Potassium and the Fertilizer Value of Potassium Chloride Challenged by New Study
63 Many Kidney Disease Patients Experience Hazardous Events Related to Their Medical Care
64 Brandeis University Researchers Illuminate Key Structure in Heart Cells
65 Hydrogen Generated by Sunlight in New Porous Silicon
66 Shark Skin Has Teeth in the Fight Against Hospital Superbugs
67 Waistlines of US Adults Continue to Increase
68 Traffic Deaths in British Columbia Could Be Cut in Half
69 Study Ties Active Commuting to Social Influences
70 Traffic Congestion Charges: Prices Are More Effective than Restrictions
71 Study Reveals Young People Are Safer Cycling than They Are Driving
72 The Netherlands Introduces First Glow-in-the-dark Road to Help Drivers
73 New App Increases Efficiency, Accuracy in Reporting Wildlife-vehicle Collisions
74 Dreading Pain Can Be Worse than Pain Itself
75 Athletes and the Words for Actions
76 Personal, Public Costs of Scientific Misconduct Calculated
77 Batteryless Cardiac Pacemaker Powered by Heart Motion
78 UTHealth Researchers Find Up to 3,000 Times the Bacterial Growth on Hollow-Head Electric Toothbrushes
79 Toothy Tale--Hadrosaurids Could Pulverize Plants with Their Teeth
80 High-Carb Diet Caused Dental Disease in Prehistoric Hunter-Gatherers
81 Lasers Could Improve Resolution, Temperature of Atomic-Force Microscopes
82 New Satellite Data Will Help Farmers Facing Drought
83 UC Geographers Develop a System to Track the Dynamics of Drought
84 Satellite Shows High Productivity from the United States Corn Belt, but Drought Risks Still Remain
85 New Instrument Could Observe Chemical Reactions As They Happen
86 What Happened to the Debris from the 2011 Tsunami in Japan?
87 Toys"R"Us Brings New Child-Friendly Tablet to Market
88 Toys R Us Sued, Accused of Ripping Off Tablet Design
89 Oxford's 2013 Word of the Year May Leave You Snapping a 'Selfie'
90 Is AT&T Using Nigerian Scammers to Defraud Taxpayers?
91 Discovery of Gene Related to Hearing Loss
92 White Noise Makers Help Babies Sleep, but May Damage Their Hearing
93 Study Shows Fruit Fly Ideal Model to Study Hearing Loss in People
94 Food-borne Illnesses from Poultry, Milk, Seafood On the Rise
95 Eating Resistant Starch May Help Reduce Red Meat-Related Colorectal Cancer Risk
96 Avoid a Trip to the ER, Check that Grill Before You Grill
97 School-Based Kitchen Gardens Are Getting an A+
98 Mental Health in the Workplace--We Must also Consider Home Life Influences
99 Goldilocks Effect Found in Snail Populations
100 Rat-Sized African Snails Threaten Florida, Communities Take Action
101 Experts Warn Texans Not to Touch Deadly Giant African Snails
102 Minke Whales Lunge 100 Times Per Hour to Feed Under Sea Ice
103 Ancient Lines of Rock Pointed Toward Paracas Festivals in 300 B.C.
104 Sequencing of Mitochondrial DNA Used to Track Spread of First European Farmers
105 Early Humans May Have Preyed on Elephant Ancestor Gomphothere
106 Satellite Imagery Helps North Africa Fight Locust Plagues
107 Sahara's Lush Greens Turned to Desert 5,000 Years Ago
108 Dust Kicked Up in Asia and Africa Strengthens Monsoons in India
109 Enemies of Internet Named by Reporters Without Borders
110 Researchers Calculate Timeline for Origin of Ancient Egypt's Dynasties