File Title
1 Speedy birds track down remote desert rain
2 Plant chemicals could help Alzheimer's
3 Do Not Fear the Sailor 'Jellyfish' Invasion
4 Hidden STD Epidemic: 110 Million Infections in the US
5 Nobel Prize in Medicine Awarded to Scientists for Discovering Brain's 'GPS'
6 Alaska Volcano Blanketed Europe with Ash 1,200 Years Ago
7 Birds of a Feather: Whooping Cranes Need Parents More like Them
8 Reference: Nobel Prize in Medicine: 1901-Present
9 6 Trees that Are Easier to Identify in Fall
10 Exosuit Gets Wet in Quest for Buried Shipwreck Treasure
11 Reference: Chlamydia: Symptoms, Treatment and Prevention
12 New Zealand's Earthquake Deep Drilling Project Underway
13 US Navy's Boat Drones Can Swarm Enemy Attackers
14 Reference: Facts About Copper
15 BPA Exposure During Pregnancy Linked to Lung Problems in Children
16 Oceans Getting Hotter than Anybody Realized
17 Colorful Butterfly Wings Inspire Counterfeit-proof Tech
18 1976 Ebola Outbreak's Lesson: Behaviors Must Change
19 Skeleton of Possible 'Witch Girl' Found
20 Marijuana and Your Health: What 20 Years of Research Reveals
21 Aliens May Be Out There, but Too Distant for Contact
22 Nobel Prize in Physics Awarded for Energy-saving Light Invention
23 Reference: Nobel Prize in Physics: 1901-Present
24 Court Could Decide if Chimpanzees Are Legal Persons
25 Coffee Lover? It Could Be in Your Genes
26 Found: Traces of Exotic Particle that Eluded Physicists for 80 Years
27 'Copycat' Bearded Dragons Mimic Their Peers
28 How to Turn Your Smartphone into a Cosmic-ray Detector
29 Robots 'See' Objects with High-tech Fingertip Sensor
30 Ebola Update: No Signs of Virus Among Texas Contacts
31 1,900-Year-old Ritual Bath Found Defaced by World War II Graffiti
32 Doctors Puzzled Why Only Some Ebola Patients Bleed
33 E. Coli Outbreak Linked to Dirty Medical Equipment
34 Tampon Test for Ovarian Cancer Shows Promise
35 Newfound South American Predator Snacked on Little Dinosaurs
36 Reference: Watermelon: Health Benefits, Risks & Nutrition Facts
37 Green Energy Falters in Ohio (Op-ed)
38 Untested Stimulant Drug Found in 12 Supplements
39 Groundbreaking Microscope Achievements Win Nobel Prize in Chemistry
40 Reference: Nobel Prize in Chemistry: 1901-Present
41 How Science Is Outwitting Antibiotic Resistance
42 Bright Idea: How Blue LEDs Changed the World
43 Lab-grown Penises Could Help Men with Groin Injuries
44 Texas Ebola Patient Dies
45 Prehistoric Paintings in Indonesia May Be Oldest Cave Art Ever
46 Prosthetic Hand Restores Touch, Heals Phantom Pain
47 US Life Expectancy Reaches Record High
48 Ebola Screening Will Start in 5 US Airports
49 How the Violin Got Its Shape
50 What Will Tesla Motors Reveal Thursday?
51 Reference: Angkor Wat: History of Ancient Temple
52 Reference: Are You Pregnant? 10 Early Signs of Pregnancy
53 Reference: Mariana Trench: The Deepest Depths
54 Disaster Planning with Pets in Mind
55 A New Way to Predict, and Treat, Psychotic Illness
56 'Tetris,' the Movie...Really
57 Search for Mars Life Starts on Earth
58 Would Finding Alien Life Change Religious Philosophies?
59 R2-D2 Gets Real: 'Star Wars' Droids Already Exist
60 Reference: Nobel Prize in Literature: 1901-Present
61 Silver Tiara Among Treasures Discovered in Bronze Age Tomb
62 Ebola vs. Hemorrhagic Fever: What's the Difference?
63 Contact Sports Athletes More Likely to Carry MRSA
64 The Internet in 2025: Blazing Speeds Could Enable Futuristic Tech
65 Buried Treasures Pulled from 'Titanic of Ancient World'
66 Snake Robots! Slithering Machines Could Aid Search-and-rescue Efforts
67 Where Is El Nino? And Why Do We Care?
68 Bionic Technology Offers Hope for Paralyzed
69 Decaf or Regular: Coffee Is Good for Your Liver
70 Gassy Blob: Biggest US Methane Source Spotted from Space
71 Could Ebola Really Be the 'Next AIDS'?
72 How Ebola Got Its Name
73 2014 Ebola Outbreak: Full Coverage of the Viral Epidemic
74 Reference: Potatoes: Health Benefits, Risks & Nutrition Facts
75 Reference: Pyramids of Giza & the Sphinx
76 Reference: What is a Medical Ultrasound?
77 Reference: Immune System: Diseases, Disorders & Function
78 Tesla Motors Announces All-wheel Drive Model S & New Safety Tech
79 Malala Yousafzay and Kailash Satyarthi Win Nobel Peace Prize
80 Your Typing Style Can Reveal Your Emotions
81 Burnt Magna Carta Read for First Time in 283 Years
82 Killer Whales Learn How to Speak Dolphin
83 Reference: Nobel Peace Prize: 1901-Present
84 Taser's 50,000-Volt Jolt Can Mess Up Your Brain
85 6 Celebrities Whose Charities Have Aided Medical Research
86 Why Are We So Afraid of Ebola?
87 The $9.7 Trillion Problem: Cyclones and Climate Change
88 11 Odd Facts About Marijuana
89 Fossilized Bladder Stone Uncovered in Medieval Polish Cemetery
90 Cancer Patients Finally Get the ER They Deserve (Op-ed)
91 Reference: What Is Industrial Engineering?
92 12 Ways to Prevent 'Fat Fingers'
93 Why Losing Weight is Hard, Not Impossible
94 Why I'm Saying 'No' to Drug Reps (Op-ed)
95 Reference: Bladder Cancer: Symptoms and Treatment
96 Most Interesting Science News Articles of the Week
97 2nd Person in US Tests Positive for Ebola
98 Icebergs Sailed to Florida on Ice Age Floods
99 Why Asia's Glaciers Are Mysteriously Expanding, Not Melting
100 'Fury' Film Features Last Working WWII Tiger Tank
101 New Tech Helps Pilots Navigate Dangerous Volcanic Ash Plumes
102 Storm God Worship: Ancient Cult Complex Discovered in Israel
103 Ebola Mortality: Would Outbreaks Be As Deadly in US As in Africa?
104 Hermes Mosaic Unearthed at Ancient Greek Tomb
105 Ebola Update: Only 1 Person Had Contact with Infected Nurse
106 'Flying Coffin' WWII Wreck Found
107 September Was Warmest on Record, NASA Data Shows
108 Could Statins Treat Ebola?
109 Earthquake Forecast: 4 California Faults Are Ready to Rupture
110 'Biggest Risk' in Ebola Protection Is Gear Removal