File Title
1 Biochemists unravel complicated mysteries of epigenetic code to find culprit in cancer development
2 Making sure antibiotics work as they should
3 Two Americans, one German win Chemistry Nobel for giving microscope sharper vision
4 Of bio-hairpins and polymer-spaghetti: A spotlight on how entangled polymers flow and soften
5 Researchers discover that hairpins can make a polymer spaghetti fluid
6 A cost-effective and energy-efficient approach to carbon capture
7 Chemists uncover new role of a key base in organic synthesis
8 Advanced X-ray, neutron beam imaging reveal workings of powerful biochemical switch PKA
9 New technique yields fast results in drug, biomedical testing
10 Electrically conductive plastics promising for batteries, solar cells
11 Hybrid materials could smash the solar efficiency ceiling
12 How does Stanford's Nobel winner illuminate dark cells, revealing life and death?
13 Liquid water fails to keep ions apart
14 Structure of hepatitis C virus envelope protein an early step toward vaccine, therapies
15 Balancing birds and biofuels: Grasslands support more species than cornfields
16 Cane toads that move in lines most responsible for their deadly spread
17 Thanks, fruit flies, for that pleasing beer scent
18 Special chromosomal structures control key genes
19 Biologically inspired design inspires a new strategy for Zoo Atlanta
20 How the organic foods movement has grown, evolved, and suffered
21 The potential of autochthonous bacteria for use as biofertilizers
22 Comment: No monkeying around--animals can and will have human rights
23 New database provides vast trove of genetic information on tiny single-celled organisms in the ocean
24 Technique reveals the metabolic state of individual algal cells
25 Flies give another twist in the evolving story of heredity
26 Making window glass visible--but only to birds
27 Analysis tracks origins of algal light sensors to a shared ancestor one billion years ago
28 Fish moving poleward at rate of 26 kilometres per decade
29 Tiny travellers of the animal world: Hitchhikers on marine driftwood
30 Researcher finds emerald ash borer may have spread to different tree
31 In the wake of drought, a turtle habitat becomes a death trap
32 Citizen science key to keeping pace with environmental change
33 No single explanation for biodiversity in Madagascar
34 Penguins use their personalities to prepare for climate change
35 Canada Inuits reach EU deal to resume seal-product exports
36 Australian beaches evacuated after suspected shark attack
37 Researchers compare efficacy of 'natural' bed bug pesticides
38 Atomic map reveals clues to how cholesterol is made
39 Bioinspired coating for medical devices repels blood and bacteria
40 New research to test ways of improving learning in schools
41 Maps: a trustworthy source of information or a platform for propaganda?
42 Understanding migrant labour in Canada
43 Modiano wins Nobel for works about Nazi occupation
44 International collaborations produce more influential science, analysis finds
45 Indonesia pledges to protect ancient cave paintings
46 Why cash incentives aren't a good idea in education
47 UK children tested on how sleep, exercise affect learning
48 Study shows teacher expectations match student success
49 Bronze age palace and grave goods discovered at La Almoloya in Pliego, Murcia
50 When judging art, men and women stand apart
51 Political animosity exceeds racial hostility according to research
52 Father of philosophy comes under forensic scrutiny
53 Stunning finds from ancient Greek shipwreck
54 Low birth rates can actually pay off in the US and other countries, study shows
55 European scientists protest austerity measures and offer dire warnings of impact
56 Greek Bronze Age ended 100 years earlier than thought, new evidence suggests
57 Malala, Satyarthi win Nobel Peace Prize
58 Maximising ATARs: Why studying maths doesn't add up
59 Archaeologists uncover village in US park
60 Examining terrorist propaganda
61 New US education standards beset by politics
62 China arrests scientist for alleged fund-swindling
63 Documents show how White House defended Clinton
64 Large mosaic in ancient tomb uncovered in Greece
65 Amputees discern familiar sensations across prosthetic hand
66 Technology helps 'locked-in' stroke patient communicate
67 Researchers find RNA molecules in urine and tissue that detect prostate cancer
68 Neurons in human muscles emphasize the impact of the outside world
69 Innovative eye-movement treatment found to help post-traumatic stress sufferers
70 Scientists create mimic of 'good' cholesterol to fight heart disease and stroke
71 Attacking type 2 diabetes from a new direction with encouraging results
72 Exercise key to warding off dementia
73 Fixing a faulty molecular 'transport hub' could slow brain degeneration
74 Antiretroviral therapy benefits HIV-infected stimulant users, study shows
75 Mouse version of an autism spectrum disorder improves when diet includes a synthetic oil
76 Researchers reveal genomic diversity of individual lung tumors
77 From human embryonic stem cells to billions of human insulin producing cells
78 US approves pricey new pill against hepatitis C
79 Embryos receive parent-specific layers of information, study shows
80 Study finds link between neural stem cell overgrowth and autism-like behavior in mice
81 Manipulating memory with light
82 Researchers reveal lung cancer can stay hidden for over 20 years
83 Impotence drug might counter common gene mutation in type 2 diabetes, study finds
84 Newly discovered brain cells explain a prosocial effect of oxytocin
85 A closer look at the blood-brain barrier
86 Scientists discover a 'good' fat that fights diabetes
87 Using novel biological aging clock, team finds obesity accelerates aging of the liver
88 Researchers watch, in real time, the dynamic motion of HIV as it readies an attack
89 Mechanism that repairs brain after stroke discovered
90 Researchers identify epigenetic changes caused by binge drinking
91 Cancer drug destroys tumours in pre-clinical trials
92 'Broad consensus' that violent media increase child aggression
93 Novel culture system replicates course of Alzheimer's disease, confirms amyloid hypothesis
94 Researchers develop new cells meant to form blood vessels, treat peripheral artery disease
95 Australian cuts rile researchers
96 Marmosets are stars of Japan's ambitious brain project
97 Gravity rivals join forces to nail down Big G
98 Microscopic marvels: The glorious resolution
99 Nanoscopy pioneers win Chemistry Nobel
100 Large Hadron Collider: The big reboot
101 European Commission: Tar sands no dirtier than other fuels
102 World's oldest art found in Indonesian cave
103 Artificial arms get closer to the real thing
104 Nobel for microscopy that reveals inner world of cells
105 UK launches space weather forecast centre
106 Stem-cell fraud makes for box office success
107 The scientists who get credit for peer review
108 Fish fail to see reflections as rivals
109 Famed Antikythera wreck yields more treasures
110 Prehistoric currents brought icebergs to Florida
111 Hawking radiation mimicked in the lab
112 Out of Africa
113 Holy cows
114 A little knowledge
115 Does evolutionary theory need a rethink?
116 Ebola: learn from the past