File Title
1 Stressed out: Research sheds new light on why rechargeable batteries fail
2 Nanoparticles give up forensic secrets
3 Cheap hybrid outperforms rare metal as fuel-cell catalyst
4 Researcher develops optically traceable smart 2-D nanosheet that responds to pH
5 Creating nanostructures using simple stamps
6 New nanomaterial introduced into electrical machines
7 Fullerene spheres can be used to slide in the nanoworld
8 Coating nanotubes with aluminum oxide lowers risk of lung injury
9 Arrays of tiny conical tips that eject ionized materials could fabricate nanoscale devices cheaply
10 Researchers build single molecule 'microphone' that can detect proton size displacements
11 Crumpled graphene could provide an unconventional energy storage
12 Researchers take cells from chrysalis and use them to grow butterfly wings in the lab
13 Researchers develop green tea-based 'missiles' to kill cancer cells more effectively
14 Nanoparticles break the symmetry of light
15 Targeted nanoparticles that combine imaging with two different therapies could attack cancer, other conditions
16 Drug-infused nanoparticle is right for sore eyes
17 CHESS X-rays show how to grow crystals from crystals
18 'Endless possibilities' for bio-nanotechnology
19 Nanoparticle research could enhance drug delivery through skin
20 Nanoparticles get a magnetic handle
21 DNA nano-foundries cast custom-shaped 3-D metal nanoparticles
22 Researchers create plasmonic paper for detecting chemicals and biologically important molecules
23 Charged graphene gives DNA a stage to perform molecular gymnastics
24 Unexpected finding shows nanoparticles keep their internal crystal structure while flexing like droplets
25 Physicists set new records for silicon quantum computing
26 New mechanism of photoconduction could lead to next-generation excitonic devices
27 Two Japanese, one American win Nobel Prize in physics
28 Fundamentals of physics confirmed: Experiments testing Einstein's time dilation and quantum electrodynamics
29 A warm dark matter search using XMASS: Editors' suggestion of Physical Review Letters
30 Canada's Superconducting Electron Linear Accelerator produces first beam
31 How metallic alloys reorganize during microscale laser melting processes
32 Japan Nobel winner is salaryman who took on bosses
33 Dolphin-inspired sonar overcomes size-wavelength limitation
34 UW fusion reactor concept could be cheaper than coal
35 All that glitters is...slimy? Gold nanoparticles measure the stickiness of snot
36 'T-rays' to shed light on nuclear fusion
37 Improvements to scanning transmission electron microscope now allows vibrational spectroscopy
38 Unstoppable magnetoresistance
39 A cold-atom ammeter: Superfluid current is only as strong as its weak link
40 Hypothetical new cosmological model known as Higgsogenesis
41 Discovery of new subatomic particle sheds light on fundamental force of nature
42 Scientists find new toughening mechanism for ceramics
43 Theoretical exotic state of matter in which electrons barely interact with each other
44 A surprisingly long-lived excited state in a neutron-rich nucleus
45 On the front lines of the Higgs boson search
46 Rare 'baby rattle' molecules reveal new quantum properties of H2O and H2
47 Getting sharp images from dull detectors: Operating in the fuzzy area between classical and quantum light
48 Old textbook knowledge reconfirmed: Decay rates of radioactive substances are constant
49 A novel platform for future spintronic technologies
50 Revving up fluorescence for superfast LEDs: Researchers set speed record for molecular fluorescence
51 First ultraluminous pulsar: NuSTAR discovers impossibly bright dead star
52 Lutetia's dark side hosts hidden crater
53 Hungry black hole eats faster than thought possible
54 NASA partners with X-37B program for use of former space shuttle hangars
55 Report reveals continued growth of UK space sector
56 Image: Astronaut Reid Wiseman on the first spacewalk of Expedition 41
57 NASA parachute engineers have appetite for destruction
58 The spectra of white dwarf stars
59 NASA's new winds mission installed, gathers first data
60 NASA prepares its science fleet for October 19 Mars comet encounter
61 Hubble maps temperature, water vapor on wild exoplanet
62 Spirals in a galaxy may arise from density waves
63 Dark matter half what we thought, say scientists
64 Image: Interact Robot Centaur designed for remote operation aboard the International Space Station
65 Virgin spacecraft prototype soars over Mojave, testing re-entry system
66 Curiosity rover peers at rocks of Mount Sharp
67 Scientists name one of the largest boulders on Rosetta's comet after an Egyptian pyramid
68 Comet Siding Spring is a close call for Mars, wake up call for Earth
69 Retired shuttle paired with space lab (Update)
70 Simulation suggests warm Jupiter exoplanets can be pushed closer to their star by another planet
71 Video: Test flight for NASA's Orion will be a 'trial by fire'
72 We must keep exploring space to answer the big questions humanity faces
73 Topological defects in the fabric of space and time
74 Leaky, star-forming galaxies lead researchers to better understand the universe
75 Possible mechanism for the early enrichment of heavy elements in the universe
76 GoPro gearing up to share more of its users' videos
77 Cargomatic's mobile technology connects truckers to freight and people nearby
78 In HP split, each unit to face a test
79 Yahoo under fire as Marissa Mayer faces critical moment
80 Review: Earplugs crank down the noise while still letting you hear
81 Interactive history beats interactive chat for website engagement
82 JPMorgan's Dimon says cybersecurity a long-term fight
83 Kmart becomes latest retailer hit by data theft
84 Virtual currency founder extradited to face US charges
85 Control system from iRobot aims to simplify robot operations
86 Dissolvable silicon circuits and sensors
87 Team invents sensor that uses radio waves to detect subtle changes in pressure
88 How many scholarly papers are on the Web? At least 114 million, professor finds
89 Japan court orders Google to delete data
90 Leia Display System uses mist for large interactive screen display
91 Clinton papers on Lewinsky, others released (Update)
92 It is rocket science! World's first 3D craft set for take-off
93 Tesla unveils new electric car for bad weather
94 French parliament votes to cut nuclear power reliance
95 Some suggest it's time to rethink which direction we point our solar panels
96 Sapphire screen maker wants Apple contracts nixed
97 Thermoelectrics for waste-heat recovery: Introducing E1
98 U2 go from rock legends to accused spammers
99 Optics experts offering $99 VR ONE headset for December
100 NYC poised to end school cellphone ban
101 Researchers discover a way to tease oxygen molecules from carbon dioxide
102 Better than perfect: Defects in materials could be key to better batteries
103 Enhancing fuel cell efficiency
104 Blocking African sleeping sickness' tiny culprit
105 New technique to make foams could lead to lightweight, sustainable materials
106 No need for water, enzymes are doing it for themselves
107 Variable glass coatings to stop condensation on windows
108 New 'lab-on-a-chip' could revolutionize early diagnosis of cancer
109 Lab sleuths help art world uncover fakes
110 Surface chemistry controls the selective nucleation of crystal polymorphs of a pharmaceutical drug