File Title
1 Space-based methane maps find largest US signal in Southwest
2 Omega-3 Fatty Acids in the Prevention of Interferon-alpha-induced Depression
3 Power can corrupt even the honest
4 Non-traditional Donor Lungs Appear Safe for Transplant
5 Strict Blood Sugar Control After Heart Surgery May Not Be Necessary
6 Platinum meets its match in quantum dots from coal
7 Intervention Helps Decrease "Mean Girl" Behaviors, MU Researchers Find
8 Discovery helps to spot what makes a good drug
9 Horizon Report urges schools to tackle 'wicked' digital skills challenge
10 Strong working memory puts brakes on problematic drug use
11 Kids' oral language skills can predict future writing difficulties
12 Why is educational achievement heritable?
13 New theorem determines the age distribution of populations from fruit flies to humans
14 Are leaders born or made? New study shows how leadership develops
15 Is Internet-based diabetes self-management education beneficial?
16 Stroke patients past the 90-day danger period remain at high risk for repeat event
17 Researchers prefer citing researchers of good reputation
18 Online intervention tool for physician trainees may improve care of substance users
19 Trying to fool a kindergartener? Not so fast
20 Could suburban sprawl be good for segregation?
21 Surveys may assess language more than attitudes, says study involving CU-boulder
22 New linguistic tools can predict your dialect characteristics
23 How the ends of chromosomes are maintained for cancer cell immortality
24 At the Interface of Math and Science
25 Adding natural uncertainty improves mathematical models
26 Breakthrough study discovers 6 changing faces of 'global killer' bacteria
27 Research Confirms Controversial Darwin Theory of "Jump Dispersal"
28 New approach can predict impact of climate change on species that can't get out of the way
29 Falling asleep: Revealing the point of transition
30 Pressing the accelerator on quantum robotics
31 Researchers turn computers into powerful allies in the fight against AIDS
32 Study finds early signs of heart trouble in obese youth
33 Ebola research shows rapid control interventions key factor in preventing spread
34 Research to be presented by high school students at AAP conference reveals that some adolescents adept at media multitasking
35 Computerized surveillance system quickly detects disease outbreaks among preschoolers
36 Counting pitches can save young players' arms but not always used consistently
37 Study shows incorrect use of splints causes skin injuries, poor healing in children
38 Survey: Moms who choose to breastfeed older babies motivated by health, nutrition benefits
39 Parental misconceptions about concussions could hinder treatment and recovery
40 Elevated cholesterol and triglycerides may increase the risk for prostate cancer recurrence
41 Real-life social networking prompts people to get tested for HIV
42 Study: Splints placed improperly in 93 percent of suspected pediatric fractures
43 Pneumococcal vaccine reduces antibiotic-resistant infections in children by 62 percent
44 In-home visits reduce drug use, depression in pregnant teens
45 Longer-term outcomes of program to reduce unnecessary antibiotic prescriptions
46 New meningitis vaccine only cost-effective at low price
47 New technique enables increasingly accurate PET scan to detect cancer and heart conditions
48 Mechanism that repairs brain after stroke discovered
49 Fingolimod in new therapeutic indication: added benefit not proven
50 Antiretroviral therapy benefits HIV-infected stimulant users, UCSF study shows
51 Computerized surveillance system quickly detects disease outbreaks among preschoolers
52 BIDMC researchers looks at impact of patient-to-physician messaging
53 Cancer medicine: New, improved, expensive and exploited?
54 98 percent forward, 125 percent back: China's economic boom thwarts its carbon emissions goals
55 Think and act alobally: Health Affairs' September issue
56 Gastrostomy tube not advised for advanced dementia or other near end-of-life patients
57 Sugar linked to memory problems in adolescent rats
58 GW Physician Addresses Stigma against Patients and Providers with Disabilities
59 Timely Ebola information from Journal of Disaster Medicine & Public Health Preparedness
60 Community justice court associated with lower rearrest rates
61 'Data smashing' could unshackle automated discovery
62 Examining terrorist propaganda
63 Researchers uncover how 'love hormone' regulates sexual behavior
64 Entire female reproductive tract susceptible to HIV infection in macaque model
65 From human embryonic stem cells to billions of human insulin producing cells
66 Mouse version of an autism spectrum disorder improves when diet includes a synthetic oil
67 Bowel cancer risk reduced by adopting multiple healthy behaviors
68 Understanding the bushmeat market: why do people risk infection from bat meat?
69 Coastal living boosts physical activity
70 Eleanor Roosevelt, a radio pioneer, perceived as both 'ordinary' and 'expert'
71 Hidden population: Thousands of youths take on caregiver role at home
72 Research shows incorrect use of car seats widespread on first trip home from hospital
73 Interactive history beats interactive chat for website engagement
74 Radio telescopes unravel mystery of nova gamma rays
75 Hungry black hole eats faster than thought possible
76 Astronomers see right into heart of exploding star
77 NuSTAR Discovers Impossibly Bright Dead Star
78 Zeroing in on a source of gamma rays
79 Drug-infused nanoparticle is right for sore eyes
80 Snakes and snake-like robots show how sidewinders conquer sandy slopes
81 Nanoparticle research could enhance drug delivery through skin
82 Robot snake learns secrets of sidewinders
83 'Love hormone' controls sexual behaviour in mice
84 Bionic arm restores sense of feeling
85 UK expects 'handful' of Ebola cases
86 Syria: Kobane siege death toll 'passes 500'
87 Tory Brooks Newmark to quit as MP
88 Nigel Farage says UKIP is targeting all voters in Rochester
89 Cameroon flies freed Boko Haram hostages to capital
90 Riba Stirling Prize 2014: Library of Birmingham
91 The much-delayed war on procrastination
92 #BBCtrending: Talking privately about Ebola
93 Why you need to be a maths genius to post a parcel
94 Sarhad Qader: The world's toughest policing job?
95 'Giant leap' to type 1 diabetes cure
96 Quagga mussel: 'Dangerous' mollusc found near Heathrow Airport
97 Car left hanging over M26 in Kent
98 Microsoft 'U-turn' sees Start button back on Windows 8
99 Former army major Robert Armstrong stripped of Military Cross
100 Justin Priest: Juneau police tell wrong parents son died
101 Climate impacts 'overwhelming'--UN
102 Evacuations as Cyclone Hudhud approaches Indian coast
103 Nude 'Snapchat images' put online by hackers
104 Only 100 cybercrime brains worldwide says Europol boss
105 Apple's designer accuses copycats of theft
106 Mojang reassures Minecraft fans about Microsoft deal
107 Privacy-focused Blackphone maker plans tablet 'soon'
108 Devices being remotely wiped in police custody
109 Symantec latest company to split in two
110 'Air' plastic and mushroom cushions--Dell packages the future