File Title
1 Probiotics protect children and pregnant women against heavy metal poisoning
2 Due to landscape fragmentation, Brazil's rainforests are releasing more carbon dioxide than previously thought
3 The unexamined diversity in the 'Coral Triangle'
4 Very low concentrations of heavy metals and antibiotics contribute to resistance
5 Slime-producing molecules help spread disease from cats to sea otters
6 Price gap between more and less healthy foods grows
7 Fine-tuning of bitter taste receptors may be key to animal survival
8 A New Refuge for Corals
9 Invasive plant wins competition against its native cousin
10 Rivers recover natural conditions quickly following dam removal
11 Automated imaging system looks underground to help improve crops
12 Plant scientist discovers basis of evolution in violins
13 River flow by design: environmental flows support ecosystem services in rivers natural and novel
14 Thanks, fruit flies, for that pleasing beer scent
15 Human health, wealth require expanded marine science, experts say
16 Scientists reveal why beer tastes good to us and to flies
17 New increase in antimicrobial use in animals in Denmark
18 Plant communities in Holy Land can cope with climate change of 'biblical' dimensions
19 Clove oil tested for weed control in organic Vidalia sweet onion
20 Wild tomato species focus of antioxidant study
21 Migrating animals' pee affects ocean chemistry
22 Fish moving poleward at rate of 26 kilometers per decade
23 Mineralization of sand particles boosts microbial water filtration
24 Tiny travellers of the animal world: Hitchhikers on marine driftwood
25 Walking fish reveal how our ancestors evolved onto land
26 New DNA study unravels the settlement history of the New World Arctic
27 Ancient metal workers were not slaves but highly regarded craftsmen
28 Exceptionally well preserved insect fossils from the Rhone Valley
29 Modern population boom traced to pre-industrial roots
30 T. rex times 7: New dinosaur species is discovered in Argentina
31 Trinity geologists re-write Earth's evolutionary history books
32 It's the pits: Ancient peach stones offer clues to fruit's origins
33 Study traces ecological collapse over 6,000 years of Egyptian history
34 Enigmatic Viking fortress discovered in Denmark
35 New digital map reveals stunning hidden archaeology of Stonehenge
36 Scientists report first semiaquatic dinosaur, Spinosaurus
37 Microscopic diamonds suggest cosmic impact responsible for major period of climate change
38 The creation of the Vuoksi River preceded a significant cultural shift
39 NOAA team reveals forgotten ghost ships off Golden Gate
40 New branch added to European family tree
41 New high-resolution satellite image analysis: 5 of 6 Syrian World Heritage sites 'exhibit significant damage'
42 Fossil of multicellular life moves evolutionary needle back 60 million years
43 Stone Age site challenges old archaeological assumptions about human technology
44 Innovative Stone Age tools were not African invention, say researchers
45 Ancient human genome from southern Africa throws light on our origins
46 Tooth serves as evidence of 220-million-year-old attack
47 Treasure trove of ancient genomes helps recalibrate the human evolutionary clock
48 Greek Bronze Age ended 100 years earlier than thought, new evidence suggests
49 Stunning Finds from Ancient Greek Shipwreck
50 This week from AGU: Avalanche detection, paleoclimate reconstructions, India's Tapti Fault
51 Around the world in 400,000 years: The journey of the red fox
52 Antarctic Sea Ice Reaches New Record Maximum
53 Wildlife refuge plans show strengths and weaknesses for adaptation to climate change
54 A cost-effective and energy-efficient approach to carbon capture
55 'Superglue' for the atmosphere
56 Climate change alters the ecological impacts of seasons
57 Nanoparticles get a magnetic handle
58 Advanced X-ray, neutron beam imaging reveal workings of powerful biochemical switch PKA
59 Researchers unfold new details about a powerful protein
60 Unusual skin cancer linked to chronic allergy from metal orthopedic implant
61 DNA nano-foundries cast custom-shaped metal nanoparticles
62 Balancing birds and biofuels: Grasslands support more species than cornfields
63 New technique yields fast results in drug, biomedical testing
64 Manipulating memory with light
65 TSRI scientists create mimic of 'good' cholesterol to fight heart disease and stroke
66 Researchers find RNA molecules in urine and tissue that detect prostate cancer
67 Stanford team invents sensor that uses radio waves to detect subtle changes in pressure
68 Hormone loss could be involved in colon cancer
69 Using a novel biological aging clock, UCLA researchers find obesity accelerates aging of the liver
70 An enzyme and synaptic plasticity
71 An unexpected bonus--blocking STAT3 could help cancer patients in two ways
72 CNIO researchers associate 2 oncogenes with the aggressiveness and incidence of leukemia in mice
73 LSU Health tumor registry data find Acadiana colon cancer rates among nation's highest
74 No single explanation for biodiversity in Madagascar
75 The dwindling stock of antibiotics, and what to do about it
76 It's time to fight sepsis like we fight heart attack, UM researchers say
77 Results of study of the human mind and consciousness at the time of death available
78 Acknowledging appearance reduces bias when beauties apply for masculine jobs, says CU-boulder-led study
79 Probiotic yogurt could help protect against heavy metal poisoning
80 Food price gap between 'more' and 'less' healthy foods increased over 10-year period
81 Supervisors' abuse, regardless of intent, can make employees behave poorly
82 Support for Medicaid expansion strong among low-income adults
83 Nursing home infection rates on the rise, study finds
84 Cost sensitive bushmeat hunters help out conservering hunted wildlife species
85 Rice U study: Managers can boost creativity by 'empowering leadership' and earning employees' trust
86 Country's economy plays role in Internet file-sharing patterns
87 Study: Indian government health insurance reduced mortality among the poor
88 What's Your Status?
89 More appropriate use of cardiac stress testing with imaging could reduce health costs
90 Low birth rates can actually pay off in the US and other countries
91 UPMC investigation into GI scope-related infections changes national guidelines
92 When judging art, men and women stand apart
93 GPA, GRE Scores as Stand-Alone Factors Inadequate for Evaluating Non-traditional Students for Graduate School Admissions, MU Study Finds
94 Dark matter half what we thought, say scientists
95 All that glitters is...slimy? Gold nanoparticles measure the stickiness of snot
96 New advances in additive manufacturing using laser solid forming to produce metallic parts
97 Hubble project involving CU-boulder maps temperature, water vapor on wild exoplanet
98 Chemists uncover new role of a key base in organic synthesis
99 Discovery of new subatomic particle sheds light on fundamental force of nature
100 Unstoppable magnetoresistance
101 Dead star shines on
102 Hubble reveals most detailed exoplanet weather map ever
103 NASA's Hubble Maps the Temperature and Water Vapor on an Extreme Exoplanet
104 Electrically conductive plastics promising for batteries, solar cells
105 Rare 'baby rattle' molecules reveal new quantum properties of H2O and H2
106 Precise activity measurements on Cl-36 samples refute a dependence of the decay rate on the distance between the Earth and the Sun
107 Leaky, Star-forming Galaxies Lead Johns Hopkins Researchers to Better Understand the Universe
108 Getting sharp images from dull detectors
109 Hunger games: How the brain 'browns' fat to aid weight loss
110 The mathematics behind the Ebola epidemic