File Title
1 Watch enthusiast: Apple Watch is nothing special
2 Ashton Kutcher, Lenovo 'product engineer,' doesn't fear Apple's iPad
3 Debunking the 'Apple tax' myth
4 Apple's iPad mini is the new iPod touch
5 Edward Snowden's privacy tips: 'Get rid of Dropbox," avoid Facebook and Google
6 A breakthrough looming for Apple TV?
7 NFL players don't care about league fines, still wearing Apple's Beats headphones
8 Apple Pay imminent in U.S.A.
9 EU tax probe spotlights Ireland's allure for multinationals
10 2 weeks with the iPhone 6 Plus: One thing still blows me away
11 Apple's got a mess on its hands in Mesa, Arizona
12 Apple rolling out revamped iTunes Store to iTunes 12 users ahead of OS X Yosemite launch
13 Google Glass vs. Apple Watch: In form against function, Apple beats Google
14 Finland's prime minister: Apple to blame for country's downgrade
15 How McDonald's will accept Apple Pay at the drive through
16 iPhone 6/Plus to arrive in 36 more countries this month, 115 countries by year end
17 Analyst: Apple's bet on bigger iPhones is paying off
18 Solvay said to win iPhone 6/Plus contract to supply PEEK polymer
19 Apple's iPhone 6 Plus: Changing the way I work in a big way
20 Apple's next-gen iPads, focused on the enterprise
21 Ebola's deadly toll on healthcare workers
22 Fast, simple diagnostic test specific to 2014 Ebola outbreak
23 The dwindling stock of antibiotics, and what to do about it
24 New technique yields fast results in drug, biomedical testing
25 Ebola research shows rapid control interventions key factor in preventing spread
26 Low birth rates can actually pay off: Having fewer children can boost a country's standard of living, experts say
27 Computer science: 'Data smashing' could unshackle automated discovery
28 Miniature camera may lead to fewer accidents
29 Engineering new, efficient vehicle powertrains
30 Scientists identify method of eradicating harmful impacts from manufacturing process
31 Private telephone conversations: Dynamic encryption keeps secrets
32 What makes a song sing? Backup singers
33 Job loss fears may boost first-time asthma risk
34 Burnout caused by more than just job stress
35 Gray matter matters when measuring risk tolerance: May explain why risk tolerance decreases with age
36 Illegal land clearing for commercial agriculture responsible for half of tropical deforestation
37 Working during depression can offer health benefits to employees
38 There could be increased numbers of psychopaths in senior managerial positions, high levels of business, research shows
39 Self-deceived individuals deceive others better
40 Trying to fool a kindergartner? Not so fast
41 Why is educational achievement heritable?
42 Kids' oral language skills can predict future writing difficulties
43 How curiosity changes the brain to enhance learning
44 After-school exercise program enhances cognition in 7-, 8- and 9-year-olds
45 Secret to raising well behaved teens? Maximize their zzzzz's
46 False memories could be a side-effect of human ability to learn rules
47 Fighting parents hurt children's ability to recognize and regulate emotions
48 Brain scans used to forecast early reading difficulties
49 3-D printing of rocks and fossils
50 Near-death experiences? Results of the world's largest medical study of the human mind and consciousness at time of death
51 Mechanism that repairs brain after stroke discovered
52 Glucosamine promotes longevity by mimicking low-carb diet, study finds
53 Children Who Get Flu Vaccine Have Three Times Risk of Hospitalization for Flu, Study Suggests
54 Fusion reactor concept could be cheaper than coal
55 Mind-controlled prosthetic arms that work in daily life are now a reality
56 Amputees discern familiar sensations across prosthetic hand
57 Antarctic sea ice reaches new record maximum
58 Killer whales learn to communicate like dolphins
59 What 20 years of research on cannabis use has taught us
60 High-sugar diet no problem for genetic mutants
61 Oral capsule as effective as invasive procedures for delivery of fecal transplant
62 New investigational cardiac pacemaker as small as a vitamin
63 Flying robots to save lives in the Alps
64 Electrically conductive plastics promising for batteries, transparent solar cells
65 A new land snail species named for equal marriage rights
66 Urine of tiny migrating marine animals affects ocean chemistry
67 Conjoined twin Texas babies to take first step to separation surgery
68 Britain to hunt for King Harold's body to test theory about his death
69 Secretive U.S. robotic mini-shuttle to end 22-month mission on Tuesday
70 Archeologists unearth ancient village in an Arizona national park
71 Drought exposes once-submerged Oregon town to archaeological dig
72 CDC setting up U.S. Ebola response team of experts to aid hospitals
73 Sierra Leone residents clash with police over Ebola response
74 Rising injuries among older male motorcyclists: study
75 U.S. sets up rapid-response team for Ebola; Dallas nurse improves
76 New York's de Blasio meets with top White House aide on Ebola
77 Conservation groups sue U.S. government over wolverine protection
78 French energy transition law to cut red tape on renewables
79 Gonzalo to become major hurricane over open Atlantic waters on Tuesday
80 EU to ban fish from Sri Lanka, saying lax on illegal fishing
81 Powerful earthquake strikes off El Salvador, one dead
82 Intel gives rosy fourth-quarter revenue forecast as PCs recover
83 Google expands shopping delivery service in U.S.
84 French bank turns to Twitter for money transfers
85 Netflix movie push aims to freshen streaming content
86 Skip waiting in long food lines with new apps
87 Reference: Nobel Prize in Economics: 1969-Present
88 Reference: Whooping Cough: Signs, Symptoms & Treatment
89 'Oldest Parisian': Neanderthal Fossil Suggests Hunting Injury
90 New Exotic Particle Could Help Explain What Holds Matter Together
91 Bronze Warrior Chariot Discovery Is 'Find of a Lifetime'
92 New Diabetes Drug Is Activated with Light
93 Volcanoes on the Moon May Have Erupted During the Dinosaur Age
94 Surprise! Life Discovered Inside Deep-sea Rocks
95 Incredible Science and Historical Artifacts Up for Auction
96 Smoking Causes 14 Million Medical Conditions in US Yearly, Study Finds
97 Ebola Outbreak: Why It's So Important to Find Patient Zero
98 How Could a 3-Inch Bloodsucking Leech Hide in Your Nose?
99 Ebola Update: Health Officials Taking Steps to Improve Hospital Safety
100 Smash! NASA Drops Huge Helicopter in Safety Tests
101 Could Gas Explosions Explain Bermuda Triangle Mystery?
102 Fracking Linked to More Ohio Earthquakes
103 Blind People Regain Limited Vision After Stem Cell Transplants
104 Dirty Rats: NYC Rodents Carry Host of Diseases
105 Reference: Head Lice: Symptoms, Treatment and Prevention
106 Put a Ring On It? How STDs Influence Monogamy
107 Climate Change an 'Immediate Risk,' Pentagon Says
108 Bronze Age Sundial-moondial Discovered in Russia
109 2nd Texas Health Care Worker Tests Positive for Ebola
110 Ebola Patient Flew on Plane Before Symptoms
111 Another Dust Bowl? California Drought Resembles Worst in Millennium
112 Ebola Patient 'Should Not Have Traveled by Plane,' CDC Says