File Title
1 Are Weak Values Quantum? Don't Bet on It
2 Imaging Studies Open a Window on How Effective Antibodies Are Formed
3 FutureFood 2050 shares predictions for advances in biotech acceptance, more sustainable food production.
4 Scripps Research Institute Scientists Awarded $7.9 Million to Develop Artificial Immune System
5 Genetics Society of America Announces Results of Election for New Board Members
6 NASA Telescopes Find Clear Skies and Water Vapor on Exo-neptune
7 Fossil of Ancient Multicellular Life Sets Evolutionary Timeline Back 60 Million Years
8 Scientists Identify Key Factor that Maintains Stem Cell Identity
9 Live Long and Phosphor: Blue LED Breakthrough for Efficient Electronics
10 Animal Physiology: A Looking Glass into Health, Disease and Environmental Adaptation
11 New Technique Reveals a Role for Histones in Cell Division
12 UF/IFAS Team Part of NSF Effort to Study Least Understood, Oldest Fungi
13 Can Cartoons Be Used to Teach Machines to Understand the Visual World?
14 Water Research Tackles Growing Grassland Threat: Trees
15 Modified Vitamin D Shows Promise as Treatment for Pancreatic Cancer
16 Strategic or Random? How the Brain Chooses
17 New Protein Players Found in Key Disease-related Metabolic Pathway
18 Surprising Diversity of Antibody Family Provides Clues for HIV Vaccine Design
19 Biologists Try to Dig Endangered Pupfish Out of Its Hole
20 Dinosaur Family Tree Gives Fresh Insight into Rapid Rise of Birds
21 Blackout? Robots to the Rescue
22 UIC to Help Bring Women, Minorities into Computer Science
23 Cloudy with a Chance of...Solar Flares?
24 Dr. Emil Jovanov is Alabama Launchpad Inventor of the Year
25 New UT Dallas Technology May Lead to Prolonged Power in Mobile Devices
26 Got Power?: Resilient electric grid feasibility study kicks off in Chicago
27 Texas Tech Wind Researchers Receive $1.4 Million for Innovative Project
28 Great Elephant Survey to Commence in Mozambique
29 You Are in Command as NRAO's 'Milky Way Explorer' Tours the Solar System
30 ORNL Team First to Fully Sequence Bacterial Genome Important to Fuel and Chemical Production
31 Air Force Reserve, Army units collaborate on World War II chapel renovations
32 ORNL Researcher Is Working to Predict Electric Power Blackouts Before They Happen
33 ORNL Researchers Develop 'Autotune' Software to Make It Quicker, Easier and Cheaper to Model Energy Use of Buildings
34 Tooth Buried in Bone Shows Prehistoric Predators Tangled Across Land, Sea Boundaries
35 Increasing Nitrogen-fixing Capacity of Soybeans
36 Thirty Meter Telescope Begins Construction Phase with Traditional Hawaiian Ceremony
37 Supersensitive Nanodevice Can Detect Extremely Early Cancers
38 The National Science Foundation Funds Three Penn State Teams to Study Two-dimensional Materials
39 Tooth Serves as Evidence of 220 Million-year-old Attack
40 Brain & Behavior Research Foundation Honors Eight Scientists for Outstanding Achievements in Psychiatric Research at 27th Annual Dinner
41 In-flight Sensor Tests a Step Toward Structural Health Monitoring for Safer Flights
42 UF/IFAS Researcher Continues Quest for Peanut that Won't Cause Allergic Reaction
43 Unlocking Enzyme Synthesis of Rare Sugars to Create Drugs with Fewer Side Effects
44 Are the World's Religions Ready for E.T.?
45 October Blizzard in Midwest Not Attributable to Climate Change
46 Two Ivory Poachers Arrested Near Elephant Stronghold in Mozambique
47 Wayne State Research Aims to Develop New, More Efficient Catalytic Materials
48 Study Reveals New Clues to Understand Brain Stimulation
49 Scripps Research Institute Scientists Shed Light on Cause of Spastic Paraplegia
50 How Things Coil
51 How Do Lawyers Matter? Study Explores the Question for Low-income Litigants
52 Mountain Pine Beetles Get a Bad Rap for Wildfires, Study Says
53 Mymetics' Promising HIV Vaccine Candidate Obtains Funding to Begin Study at Texas Biomedical Research Institute
54 Winds favoured Polynesian migration
55 Bats may mistake wind turbines for trees
56 Force of nature gave life its asymmetry
57 UN climate summit scores high on passion
58 Possible space weather role in downing of US copter
59 Stone Age groups made similar toolmaking breakthroughs
60 Nobel laureates call for release of Iranian physicist
61 Forensic chemistry could stop African plant thieves
62 Obama vastly expands Pacific reserve
63 Earth has water older than the Sun
64 French scientists begin three-week protest march
65 My digital toolbox: Nuclear engineer Katy Huff on version-control systems
66 Why Japan missed volcano's warning signs
67 Quantum bits get their first compression
68 CERN at 60: Biggest moments at flagship physics lab
69 Animal populations 'have halved since 1970'
70 Proposed EU research commissioner answers to Parliament
71 Fast genetic sequencing saves newborn lives
72 Astronomy data bounty spurs debate over access
73 Biopiracy ban stirs red-tape fears
74 First response, revisited
75 Special interest: As the Scottish referendum showed, scientists' views can influence political debate
76 Staff support: German research organizations need to help their workers to defend animal research
77 Medical research: Missing patients
78 Chemistry: Chemical con artists foil drug discovery
79 Why Research Trumps 'Certainty' (Op-ed)
80 How We Can Control Aging (Op-ed)
81 Nazca Lines of Kazakhstan: More than 50 Geoglyphs Discovered
82 Are Pro Athletes Prone to Violence?
83 Americans Respect (But Don't Always Trust) Scientists
84 6 Politicians Who Got the Science Wrong
85 5 Cool DIY Tech Trends from World Maker Faire
86 Hospitals Adapting for Adults with Autism (Op-ed)
87 Strange New Type of Brain Cell Discovered
88 Climate Change Is 'Single Biggest Risk' to Global Economy
89 Cause of Mysterious Butterfly-shaped Radar Blob Found
90 Ebola Epidemic: The Best- and Worst-case Scenarios
91 Soda Companies Pledge to Cut Americans' Beverage Calories
92 Is Booze Tasty, or Bitter? Your Genes Decide
93 Author Ray Bradbury's Sci-fi Art Collection Up for Auction
94 Do People Expect Too Much from DNA Data? (Op-ed)
95 Concerned About Climate? Don't Be a Downer (Op-ed)
96 US Diabetes Rate May Be Leveling Off
97 Obama on Climate Change: 'No Nation Is Immune'
98 New Clues to Evolution of Flowering Forests
99 Failure Is Good (When You Learn from Mistakes), Experts Say
100 Epic Big Bang Discovery Might Just Be Space Dust
101 Google Cuts Ties with Climate-denier Group
102 US Ranks Behind 25 Other Countries in Infant Mortality
103 Octopus Cannibalism Caught on Video for 1st Time
104 Humanity Has More Mothers than Fathers, DNA Reveals
105 Mighty Mitochondria Play Life-and-death Roles in Cells
106 Who Will Be Under Water as the Seas Rise, New Report Reveals
107 Bizarre Sphere Fossils Could Be Among World's Earliest Animals
108 Blind Cavefish Froze Its Internal Clock to Save Energy
109 Climate Change Gets Graphic in 2050 Weather Forecasts
110 How Long Will You Be Laid Up After Surgery? Blood Test May Tell