File Title
1 Half of Earth's water may be older than the Sun
2 Brain chemical may dampen Tourette's tics
3 The mystery of the improbably young galaxy
4 Innovative stone tools sprung up multiple times
5 Meteor strikes may not be random
6 World wildlife populations halved in 40 years--report
7 Flight MH370: New search images reveal seabed details
8 Complex organic molecule found in interstellar space
9 Rosetta: Date fixed for historic comet landing attempt
10 Curiosity Mars rover drills into base of Mount Sharp
11 Obama creates vast Pacific Ocean marine reserve
12 Dozens of turtles found in man's trousers at Canada border
13 First Russian woman in International Space Station mission
14 Is your brain male or female?
15 EU review of environmental laws raises concern
16 An electronic revolution in the doctor's bag
17 Victorian keep-fit exercises and gym regimes revealed
18 Bloodhound Diary: The ultimate 'kit car'
19 Ebola drains already weak West African health systems
20 Weather report: Forecasts improving as climate gets wilder
21 The companies vying to turn asteroids into filling stations
22 George Osborne proposes two year benefits freeze
23 Hong Kong protests: Thousands defy calls to go home
24 Islamic State crisis: Iraq air strikes 'halt IS advance'
25 Midwives vote in favour of strike action
26 Peter Nunn jailed for Twitter abuse of MP Stella Creasy
27 Queen Mary: Liner that helped launch monster cruise ships
28 Annie Lennox 'pushes boundaries' with jazz album
29 Birmingham's 1992 Olympic bid: Seven reasons it failed
30 The country with one people and 1,200 sausages
31 Hong Kong: Protesters defiant amid stand-off
32 Parody laws set to come into effect
33 Petrol prices cut by three UK supermarkets
34 Tycoon Donald Trump 'may sue' over Fred West tweet
35 YouTube star Sam Pepper faces sexual harassment claims
36 Dave Lee Travis sentence to be reviewed
37 Missing Bristol girl, 15, 'may be heading to Syria'
38 Third batch of naked celeb photos leaked
39 Hackney shooting: Boy, 15, guilty of girl's manslaughter
40 Snapchat hit by weightloss spam scam
41 Microsoft pips Sony to launch Xbox One in China
42 EU to decry Apple's Irish tax deal
43 Instagram appears blocked in China
44 Captain Crunch's health problems prompt funding drive
45 Web attacks build on Shellshock bug
46 Google urged to change privacy rules by data regulators
47 FBI boss 'concerned' by smartphone encryption plans
48 Looking for the Facebook of the pot industry
49 Sun, sea, sand--but a summer without broadband
50 Argentina found to be in contempt of court by US judge
51 Tooth decay affects 12% of three-year-olds, says survey
52 'Half of UK stillbirths could be prevented with scans'
53 Child abuse report criticises South Yorkshire Police
54 Nicky Morgan must tackle teachers' workload, says NUT
55 Start celebrating our contribution, elite schools urge
56 Ann Maguire stabbing: Memorial service held in Leeds
57 HIA Inquiry told abuse at Rubane House was 'as bad as Kincora'
58 Police use CS spray on Lomond View pupils with weapons
59 A-level languages to be marked more fairly, says Ofqual
60 More children pass phonics check, says government
61 Teachers play 'vital role' in child protection
62 Arm-twist parents into school story-time, says Rosen
63 Multimillion-pound training pledge for creative industries
64 Prisoners' children 'forgotten victims,' Barnardo's says
65 University gives free tablet computer to new students
66 Dawn French named as Falmouth University chancellor
67 Does a five-year-old need to learn how to code?
68 John Cantlie: Third video of UK hostage released
69 'Anti-facebook' platform Ello attracts thousands
70 Tooth decay affects 12% of three-year-olds, says survey
71 Heart disease warning factors 'missed by many adults'
72 The onward march of the century makers
73 The struggle to claim the month of October
74 Reflected Smartphone Transmissions Enable Gesture Control
75 Using Genetic Screening to Improve Korean White Wheat
76 Scientists Discover an On/Off Switch for Aging Cells
77 UChicago-Argonne National Lab Team Improves Solar-cell Efficiency
78 Dwindling Wind May Tip Predator-prey Balance
79 A Nanosized Hydrogen Generator
80 Expert Pitch: NYIT Urban Architecture & Design Expert Available to Discuss Sustainable-resilient Design in Response to Climate Change
81 X-Rays Unlock a Protein's SWEET Side
82 Ultrasound Enhancement Provides Clarity to Damaged Tendons, Ligaments
83 New Discovery in the Study of the Brain and Memory
84 Don't Drink the (Warm) Water, Study Says
85 New RFID Technology Helps Robots Find Household Objects
86 Graphene Imperfections Key to Creating Hypersensitive 'Electronic Nose'
87 Mown Grass Smell Sends SOS for Help in Resisting Insect Attacks
88 Why Do Leaves Change Color in the Fall? [Video]
89 Answer to Restoring Lost Island Biodiversity Found in Fossils
90 University of Utah Engineers Unlock Potential for Faster Computing
91 Snail Shells Show High-rise Plateau Is Much Lower than It Used to Be
92 Actions on Climate Change Bring Better Health, Study Says
93 U. Va.'s New $2.4 million Computing Cluster to Enhance, Facilitate Big Data Research
94 Drilling into an Active Earthquake Fault in New Zealand
95 APL's IT and Analytics Expertise Strengthens Disease Surveillance
96 Sandia Researchers Find Clues to Superbug Evolution
97 From Spreadsheets to Solutions: New Platform Enables Next Generation of Open City Data
98 Bendy LEDs
99 Diabetes: Complexity Lost
100 Future Flexible Electronics Based on Carbon Nanotubes
101 Interface Surprises May Motivate Novel Oxide Electronic Devices
102 U.S. Army Looks to Daphne Yao to Provide a More Secure Cyber Space
103 UW-madison Team Developing 'Tissue Chip' to Screen Neurological Toxins
104 Sir Roger Penrose Receives 'Bhaumik Prize' in Consciousness Research at Tucson Conference
105 Dying Brain Cells Cue New Brain Cells to Grow in Songbird
106 Case Western Reserve University on Track to Become No. 1 Synchrotron Lab in World
107 A Step in the Right Direction to Avoid Falls
108 Flying Doctor Bees to Prevent Cherry Disease
109 New Mobile Solar Unit is Designed to Save Lives When the Power Goes Out
110 Environmental Engineers to Study Clean Air, Water, Energy with NSF Grants