File Title
1 Schools Will Be Allowed to Opt Out of 'Pink Slime' Beef
2 Study Yields Clues About Stradivarius Wood and Varnish
3 Polish Pianist Builds Da Vinci's Bizarre Instrument for First Time
4 Return of Supersonic Passenger Travel May Be Coming Closer to Reality
5 New Hearing Implant Uses Less Power, No External Hardware
6 Genes Bring Music to Your Ears
7 Miniature Pores in Tectonic Membrane Help People Distinguish Sound Frequency
8 Existing Cochlear Technology Used to Re-grow Auditory Nerves
9 Sound Preconditioning Prevents Ototoxic Drug-Induced Hearing Loss in Mice
10 Echoes and an Algorithm Reveal Shape of a Room
11 Researchers Use Sound Waves to Make Objects Levitate
12 Sounding Tall
13 3D Acoustic Cloak that Hides Objects from Sound
14 Groundbreaking Optical Device Could Enhance Optical Information Processing, Computers
15 National Park Service Collaborates with Outside Experts to Conserve Migratory Wildlife
16 Yellowstone National Park Threatened by Climate Change
17 Norovirus Cases On the Rise in Yellowstone National Park
18 Gas Development Linked to Wildlife Habitat Loss
19 Fossilized Toe Prints Identified As Belonging to Large Ancient Bird
20 Team Discovers First Ever Dinosaur Fossils in Saudi Arabia
21 Publicly Available Collection Summarizes New Research on Sauropod Gigantism
22 Was Bad Luck the Real Reason Dinosaurs Became Extinct?
23 Dinosaurs May Have Reached North America Earlier than Previously Believed
24 Sloths: Life in the Evolutionary Fast Lane
25 Asteroid Collisions Had Major Impact on Surface of Hadean Earth
26 Rewriting the Geologic History of Hadean Earth
27 Eye Size Determined by Maximum Running Speed in Mammals
28 Researchers Study the Lowdown On the Shakedown
29 Evolution of Mammals: Large-Scale Study Reconstructs Earliest Mammal Ancestor
30 From Swimming to Walking, the Evolution of Hips Simpler than Thought
31 Plankton Microfossils Found in 3 billion-year-old Rocks
32 New Geology Research Explores Intriguing Questions
33 Parental Care from 450 Million Years Ago
34 Atmospheric Cooling Could Be Result of Oceanic Heat Absorption
35 Expert Assessment: Sea-Level Rise Could Exceed 1 Meter in this Century
36 Ocean-Based High-Pressure Systems to Strengthen, Say Researchers
37 PPPL Scientists Take Key Step Toward Solving a Major Astrophysical Mystery
38 Why Do Batteries Go Bad?
39 Three's a Charm: NIST Detectors Reveal Entangled Photon Triplets
40 Potassium-Rich Foods Cut Stroke, Death Risks Among Older Women
41 Proposed Device Looks to Use Cloud Moisture to Develop Energy, Drinking Water
42 Lovers of Dark Chocolate Withstand Bitter Tastes Better than Milk Chocolate Lovers
43 Adding Fruit Juice to Chocolate Could Reduce Fat by 50 Percent
44 Explaining Tolerance for Bitterness in Chocolate Ice Cream
45 Seniors May Be Able to Take Longer Walks After Eating Chocolate
46 Google's Self-Driving Cars Project Now Fully in Gear
47 Software Calculates Leaf Area from Digital Images
48 Study Shows Electric Vehicle Consumers Better Off with Electric Range Less than 100 Miles
49 Electric Concept Car Promises 500 Miles Per Charge
50 Several State Governors Push for More Electric Vehicles by 2025
51 Siva Cycle Atom Uses Your Bike to Charge Your Phone
52 Free Bus Travel for Teens Curbs Road Traffic Injuries and Benefits Environment
53 7 World-Class Cities Riding Tall in Bike-Share Boom, Solving 'The Last Mile' Without Cars
54 SkyTran System Will Be Elevated and Utilize MagLev Technology
55 GPIM Spacecraft to Validate Use of "Green" Propellant
56 A New Methodology Developed to Monitor Traffic Flow
57 MIT System Puts Citywide Traffic Lights in Unison
58 Economic Development Not the Only Influence on Personal Car Use
59 NHSTA Proposed Policy Would Require Vehicle-To-Vehicle Technology in New Cars, Light Trucks
60 3 Year Olds Know How to Share but Don't Do It Until Later Years
61 A Meaningful Need Arises for Elderly-Based Activity Trackers
62 Researchers Advocate for More Scientific Research on Consciousness
63 Babies' Brains Rehearse Speech Mechanics Months Before Their First Words
64 Can Reading Fiction Help You Become More Empathetic?
65 Study Shows How Movement Affects Hearing
66 Single Gene Provides a Potential Therapeutic Target to Help Night-Shift Workers or Jet Lagged Travelers
67 New Research Sheds Light On How Children's Brains Memorize Facts
68 How Neurons Respond to Sequences of Familiar Objects
69 Scientists Stimulate Dental Stem Cells with Laser
70 Trace Amounts of Lead in Teeth Gives Clues About Where They Come From
71 Vocal Training Could Help Alleviate Voice Loss in the Elderly
72 ESA's Fly-eyed Telescope to Spot Risky Asteroids
73 UCI Team Is the First to Capture Motion of a Single Molecule in Real Time
74 Kids Learn More from Wordless Picture Books than Picture-Vocabulary Books
75 Anthropologist Makes First Ever Link Between Language Sounds and Geography
76 Penn Psychologists Show that Quality Matters More than Quantity for Word Learning
77 Pointing Is an Infant's First Communicative Gesture
78 Moms Use Picture Books to Expose Toddlers to Rich Information About Animals
79 Brain Anatomy Differences Between Deaf, Hearing Depend on First Language Learned
80 Google Glass Is Helping Deaf Students 'Hear' with New 'Signglass' Project
81 Green Spaces Deliver Lasting Mental Health Benefits
82 For Disappointed Sports Fans, Defeats Increase Consumption of Fat and Sugar
83 Oven-baking Fish Fingers Generates Fewer Furanic Compounds than When Fried
84 FDA Fingers Acrylamide in Fried Foods As Cancer Causing Agent
85 Do Parents Try to Fulfill Broken Dreams Through Their Kids?
86 Study: Sexually Active Women Don't Make for Friends, Mates
87 Study Finds Warming Atlantic Temperatures Could Increase Range of Invasive Species
88 Not So Fast--Our Fishy Friends Can also Feel Pain
89 Dolphins and Whales Experience Pleasure
90 The Spanish Were Eating Snails 30,000 Years Ago, Long Before the French Ate Escargot
91 The Roots of Human Altruism
92 Non-Dominant Hand Vital to Evolution of the Thumb
93 Cable Providers Could Give Video Game Consoles New Competition
94 Pelvic Bone Fragments May Belong to King Alfred the Great
95 Volunteer Work Prepares Young Egyptians for Revolution
96 Miniature Robotic Avatar Is the Newest Japanese Robotic Invention
97 A Customizable, Digital Avatar that Can Express Emotions
98 Weight Loss Programs via Virtual Reality
99 Study Finds that Virtual Reality Could Be Effective Weight Loss Tool
100 Role-Playing Games Desensitize Us to Real-World Experience, Says Study
101 High Diversity of Flying Reptiles 110 million Years Ago in England
102 Toothless 'Dragon' Pterosaurs Dominated the Late Cretaceous Skies
103 Paleontologists Discover New Pterosaur Species, First-Ever 3D Preserved Eggs
104 Young Loggerhead Turtles Don't Go with the Flow
105 Neither Too Hot Nor Too Cold: The Evolution of Marine Crocodilians Constrained by Ocean Temperatures
106 Social Media Becoming Top News Source for Many
107 Facebook Trades the Arcade for the Shopping Mall
108 What Not to Do When Your Daddy Is Rich
109 Mobile Ads Come to Tumblr, Profits Expected
110 Google for Work Rebrand Reveals New Focus on Business