File Title
1 Sex Studies: Blushworthy Headlines of 2013
2 Weird Lightning Strike Sheds Light on Physics of Formation
3 The 12 Weirdest Animal Discoveries
4 New Heart Rate Trackers: Is Knowing Your Pulse Useful?
5 Recreating an Epic Antarctic Journey: Q&A With Explorer Tim Jarvis
6 Ants Stay Clean by Squirting Antimicrobials from Their Butts
7 Pot and Pets: Should Dogs Get High?
8 Best Fitness Tracker Bands
9 What Is Yeast?
10 Record 800-Plus Manatees Died in 2013 in Florida
11 Tracker Craze: Fitness Wristbands' Popularity Will Continue to Grow
12 What Is Whey Protein?
13 How to Give a Tiger a Root Canal
14 Why Do People Cut Themselves?
15 What Does Your Dog Want for Christmas? (Op-Ed)
16 Tipsy Tottering, Sunlight and The Smell of Coffee: It's All Random
17 What is Ayurveda?
18 Forest Snow Can Melt Faster Than Flakes In Open Fields
19 This Holiday Season, Consumers Demand Humanely Raised Food (Op-Ed)
20 How to Take Your Pulse
21 Ignoring Nature No More: The State of the Animals 2013 (Op-Ed)
22 History of the Byzantine Empire (Byzantium)
23 Bottlenose Dolphins Oiled By Deepwater Horizon Spill are Dying (Op-Ed)
24 Scientists Make Exotic Chemicals from Salt, Rewrite Textbooks
25 How History Shaped the Global Mathematician
26 The Most Productive Day of the Workweek Is...
27 The Thing Employees Want Most From a Job
28 6 Ancient Tributes to the Winter Solstice
29 Robot Olympics: Japan's Schaft Takes Lead in 2-Day Competition
30 What?! The 10 Weirdest Animal Stories of 2013
31 Robots of the Future: Q&A With DARPA Director Arati Prabhakar
32 Japanese Humanoid Robot Dominates DARPA Challenge
33 Most Interesting Science News Articles of the Week
34 Pregnant and Looking for Work? Attack Stereotypes Head-On
35 The Most Unusual Flexible Jobs of 2013
36 10 Kinds of Customer Service Calls That Drive Customers @!*%ing Nuts
37 Greenland's Snow Hides 100 Billion Tons of Water
38 The Virgin Birth: Why We Believe
39 All About You: Top 10 Human Nature Stories of 2013
40 Night-Shining Clouds Show Up Early Over South Pole
41 More Dads Wiping Butts, Reading With the Kids
42 New Agreement Slashing Set-Top Box Energy to Save $1 Billion Annually (Op-Ed)
43 6 Miracle Birth Stories Beyond Jesus
44 54-Year-Old Message in a Bottle Found in Canadian Arctic
45 Flu Vaccine May Work Better in Women
46 Physicists and Archaeologists Tussle Over Long-Lost Lead
47 What is Oxytocin?
48 What is a Lobotomy?
49 Duh! The 13 Most Obvious Findings of 2013
50 Whoops! Earth's Oldest 'Diamonds' Actually Polishing Grit
51 GPS Helped Forecast 2012 Earthquake
52 Babies Don't Develop Handedness All At Once
53 Countdown: 2013's Wildest Weather
54 2013's Wild, Unforgettable Weather: A Roundup
55 Yoga: Benefits, Risks & Different Types
56 Ibuprofen: Dosage, Side Effects & Other Facts
57 Snowflake Science: How It Snows for Days in the Arctic
58 5 Things a Person's Voice Can Tell You
59 Russian cosmonauts Kotov and Ryazansky complete ISS spacewalk
60 Spacewalk ends, station fix a success
61 Russian Anti-Gravity Observation Satellite Delayed Until 2015
62 Russian dark energy satellite's launch pushed back to 2015
63 Dartmouth researchers shed new light on dark energy, cosmic speed-up
64 First results from LUX dark matter detector rule out some candidates
65 Scientists announce first results from LUX dark matter detector
66 Dark matter experiment deep in U.S. gold mine returns first results
67 Europe prepares mission to penetrate 'dark' universe
68 Cosmic Giants Shed New Light on Dark Matter
69 Euclid to probe dark Universe with Astrium science module
70 Simple theory may explain mysterious dark matter
71 Quest for Dark Matter Begins With a Few Tiny Bubbles
72 New dark matter detector begins search for invisible particles
73 Dark Matter Search Results Indicate First Hint Of Wimp-Like Signal
74 Shining light on elusive dark matter
75 Astrophysicists to probe dark matter in sunny California
76 New Map Of Universe Shows What Earthly Physics Can't
77 Russian Rocket Puts Telecoms Satellite Into Orbit
78 NASA Awards Launch Services Contract for InSight Mission
79 Argentina successfully launches research rocket
80 Work on NASA's New Orion Spacecraft Progresses as Engineers Pivot to 2014
81 Official: Iran to Send Astronaut into Space in 2024
82 Working With NASA On The Space Structures Of The Future
83 Sierra Nevada Completes CCDev2, Begins Dream Chaser Flight Test Program
84 Asia's year in space triggers applause but also worry
85 Planning group calls for National Space Policy in Britain
86 Lockheed Martin Team Tests Orion's Protective Panels
87 Curious Results from Mars
88 Mars rover Curiosity gets software upgrade, improved capabilities
89 Curiosity Team Upgrades Software, Checks Wheel Wear
90 New Views of Mars from Sediment Mineralogy
91 First Rock Dating Experiment Performed on Mars
92 SwRI scientists publish first radiation measurements from the surface of Mars
93 Martian Laser Surpasses 100,000 Zaps
94 Curiosity Resumes Science After Analysis of Voltage Issue
95 NASA Carbon Sleuth Gets Simulated Taste of Space
96 Van Allen Probes Shed Light on Decades-old Mystery
97 The Fantastical Life of a GIS Analyst
98 Brazil, China to make new satellite launch in 2014
99 CryoSat Tracks Storm Surge
100 China-Brazil satellite fails to enter orbit
101 SDO Shows the Sun's Rainbow of Wavelengths
102 NASA creates 'rainbow' movie of the sun based on temperature
103 Sun's Magnetic Field Poised to Reverse Its Polarity
104 Study: Solar activity not a significant factor in global warming
105 Laser Demonstration Reveals Bright Future for Space Communication
106 Sailing satellites into safe retirement
107 Inertial Sensor Head shaken but not disturbed
108 Goddard Planetary Instruments Score a Hat Trick
109 Satellite Cooling System Breakthrough Developed by Lockheed Martin Space Systems
110 Crippled space telescope given second life, new mission