File Title
1 Biggest Spider Fossil Now Has a Mate--But It's Complicated
2 Burrowing Hitchhiker Breathes from Dwelling of Human Flesh
3 Neanderthals May Have Intentionally Buried Their Dead
4 Math Surprise: Remote Islanders Invented Binary Number System
5 China Cat? Ancient Chinese May Have Domesticated Felines
6 Human Hand Fossil Turns Back Clock 500,000 Years on Complex Tool Use
7 Megafloods May Have Carved Canyons on Earth & Mars
8 Ancient 'Snowball Earth' Possibly Triggered by Rock Weathering
9 What Is Kosher Salt?
10 Snowy-Owl Migration to US One of Biggest on Record
11 'Dog Dust' May Combat Allergies and Asthma
12 Antarctica's Soggy Bottom: New Lakes & Streams Found
13 Diabetes Drug Won't Help Obese Kids Keep Off Weight
14 How Do Solar Panels Work?
15 Other East Coast Storms Matched Or Exceeded Superstorm Sandy's Power
16 Case Is Closed: Multivitamins Are a Waste of Money, Doctors Say
17 The Bitcoin Bubble has Burst, so What Are The Alternatives? (Op-Ed)
18 Why Do Antihistamines Make You Drowsy?
19 Virtual Nature Makes Us Feel Good Even If It's Farmville (Op-Ed)
20 Catherine the Great: Biography, Accomplishments & Death
21 DARPA Robotics Challenge: 8 Tricky Tasks
22 Osteoarthritis: Causes, Symptoms & Treatment
23 Ignorance About Cats' Sex Lives Fuels Unplanned Pregnancies
24 MERS Virus Found in Camels
25 Huddle Up: the Surprising Physics of Penguin Movements
26 Fitbit Force vs. Fitbit Flex: Head-to-Head Fitness Tracker Comparison
27 Fuel Economy Reaches Record High in 2013 (Op-Ed)
28 What the Heck Is...Radical Trachelectomy?
29 Sharks Like to Approach Humans from Behind, Study Suggests
30 Long-Lost Nazi Diary Transferred to Holocaust Museum
31 Inscriptions Everywhere! Magical Medieval Crypt Holds 7 Male Mummies
32 Expedition Explores Underwater 'Grand Canyon'
33 November Was the Hottest on Earth Since 1880
34 Say Aahhh! Shark Photographed with Huge Mouth Open
35 Tiny 'Robot Dragonfly' Dodges Obstacles Midair, On Its Own
36 5 Myths About the Light Bulb Ban
37 December US Snow Pack Largest in a Decade
38 ADHD Meds Can Cause Long-Lasting Erections
39 Six Science-Based Strategies to Beat Holiday Bloat (Op-Ed)
40 Smart Snowplows Aim to Make White Winters Safer
41 Lasers Could Help Protect Polar-Bear Dens from Oil Drilling
42 Dutch Rock Is Long-Lost Meteorite
43 NASA Moon Probe Eyeing Chinese Lunar Lander from Orbit
44 $19 Million Grant Could Lead to First-Ever Image of Black Hole
45 Brains Hardwired to Accept Celebrity Health Advice
46 Are You Ready for the Zombie Apocalypse? Time to Find Out
47 Eye Cells Inkjet-Printed for First Time
48 'Virgin Births' Reveal Problems with Health Surveys
49 Computer Sees Your Hipster Haircut, Sells You a Plaid Shirt (Op-Ed)
50 What is Metformin?
51 Why Cities are Adopting Open Cloud Technology (Op-Ed)
52 States Take National Lead in Regulating Fracking (Op-Ed)
53 The Koch Brothers Are Still Trying to Break Wind (Op-Ed)
54 Why Halley's Comet May Be Linked to Famine 1,500 Years Ago
55 Deepest Earthquakes May Be Best at Dissipating Energy
56 NIH Announces 6 Funding Opportunities for BRAIN Initiative
57 Sparkling Discovery: Antarctica May Contain Diamonds
58 Daring Japanese Explorer to Attempt Solo Trek to North Pole
59 Hey, Tom Coburn: Why 'Wasteful' Science Is Important
60 10 Scientists Who Made a Difference in 2013
61 Mountains Crumbled When Earth Cooled
62 Neanderthal Woman's Genome Reveals Unknown Human Lineage
63 To Understand Placebo, First Take It Out Of Medicine's Black Box (Op-Ed)
64 Babies Abound at Penguin Colony Found by Poop
65 What Is Melatonin?
66 Teens' Marijuana Use Continues to Rise
67 Simulating Vorticity in a Supercell Thunderstorm
68 Snow Leopard Collared for First Time in Nepal
69 4 British Women to Row Across Pacific Ocean for Charity
70 To Spotlight Endangered Species...Condoms?
71 Anger Disorders May Be Linked to Inflammation
72 8 Ways Magic Mushrooms Explain Santa Story
73 'Baboon Syndrome': An Unusual Complication of Antibiotics
74 Communicating Underground Via Chemical Signals
75 Extinct Giant Moa Bird Loses Weight, Strength, in New Study
76 Spontaneous Human Combustion: Facts & Theories
77 What is a Normal Heart Rate?
78 Volcano Lightning Strikes--in the Lab
79 5 Tips to Help You Lose Weight This Holiday Season
80 What Is Clean Eating?
81 What Is Jell-O?
82 Kids' Belief in Santa Myth Is Healthy, Psychologists Say
83 The Story of the World's First Christmas Card
84 What Is Bonded Leather?
85 Massive Tsunami Could Wipe Out Hawaii's Waikiki Beach
86 Is Genetics Key to Climate Change Solutions? (Op-Ed)
87 US Salt Intake Drops Slightly, But Americans Still Eat Too Much
88 Hippie Chimps: New Clue May Explain Bonobo Peacefulness
89 Aerial Survey Will Be First to Count Most of Africa's Elephants
90 Cancer Immunotherapy Named Science 'Breakthrough of the Year'
91 HIV's Killer Tactics Revealed, New Therapy Approach Found
92 Surprise: Louisiana Sinkhole Slid Sideways Before Collapsing
93 Americans Hoard Light Bulbs As Ban Nears
94 Doomsday: 9 Real Ways Earth Could End
95 Can Human Civilization Continue Indefinitely?
96 Why Ex-Military Drones Spy on Wildlife
97 Without Economic Incentives, Protecting Global Forests May Prove Impossible (Op-Ed)
98 Wolves Must Not Lose Their Endangered Status (Op-Ed)
99 The Swan Song for Triclosan? (Op-Ed)
100 Weight of the World: New Technique Could Weigh Alien Planets
101 The 12 Days of Pascal's Triangular Christmas (Op-Ed)
102 Total Volume of Saturn Moon Titan's Otherworldly Seas Calculated
103 Mediterranean Sea Was Once a Mile-High Salt Field
104 Will 'Green Bullets' Ruin Hunting?
105 Real-Life 'RoboCop' May Be Coming to a Street Near You
106 How Birds Cooperate to Defeat Cuckoos
107 Humanoids to 4-Legged Machines: 'Robot Olympics' Shows Off Diverse Designs
108 Exercise Improves Depression in People with Parkinson's
109 5 Tips to Avoid Illness This Holiday
110 Ancient Spider Rock Art Sparks Archaeological Mystery