File Title
1 Met Office to offer daily space weather forecasts
2 Science continues for trapped Australasian Antarctic expedition
3 Diabetes risk gene 'from Neanderthals'
4 NASA astronauts repair pump in rare spacewalk
5 New genetic clues for rheumatoid arthritis 'cure'
6 'Massive' reservoir of melt water found under Greenland ice
7 New laws in force to protect Scottish shellfish waters
8 Australia sends plane to monitor Japanese whaling
9 Neanderthals could speak like modern humans, study suggests
10 New findings hint at diamond deposits in Antarctica
11 The science and environment news highlights of 2013
12 The real Moby Dick: Do whales really attack humans?
13 China condemns Japan PM Shinzo Abe's Yasukuni shrine visit
14 Thailand protests: Yingluck government rejects election delay
15 China marks Mao Zedong's 120th birthday anniversary
16 Yasser Arafat died of natural causes--Russian
17 Egypt violence: Five injured in Cairo bus bomb blast
18 10 truly bizarre Victorian deaths
19 Park lions get special festive treat
20 Mass power cuts continue in US and Canada after storm
21 Cryptolocker ransomware has 'infected about 250,000 PCs'
22 Doctor Who regeneration tops Christmas Day TV ratings
23 UK could be Europe's 'largest' economy by 2030
24 South Sudan crisis: Kenya and Ethiopia leaders in Juba for talks
25 The year in technology
26 Time up for 60 Minutes?
27 A year in hiding in wartime Florence
28 Royal pardon for codebreaker Alan Turing
29 Artificial intelligence: The machines with alien minds
30 Mariposa botnet 'mastermind' jailed in Slovenia
31 Disaster robots compete in DARPA's Florida challenges
32 2013: The year we all went 'mobile'
33 Google's Schaft robot wins DARPA rescue challenge
34 NSA leaks: Snowden declares 'mission accomplished'
35 Twitter's Jack Dorsey to join Walt Disney's board
36 US banks move to limit Target debit card breach damage
37 German 'streamed porn' case reviewed
38 RSA denies link with US spying agency
39 Eating nuts during pregnancy 'may curb allergies'
40 Toddler's tennis-ball sized tumour caused 'head tilt'
41 Nipple tattoos and their Michelangelo
42 Epilepsy surgery disconnects one half of baby's brain
43 Cancer survivor Greig Trout draws up 'anti-bucket list'
44 Christmas: A social anxiety minefield
45 Starless Cloud Cores Reveal Why Some Stars Are Bigger Than Others
46 Ancient Cranial Surgery: Practice of Drilling Holes in the Cranium That Dates Back Thousands of Years
47 The Origin of Flowers: DNA of Storied Plant Provides Insight Into the Evolution of Flowering Plants
48 New Salt Compounds Challenge the Foundation of Chemistry
49 New--And Reversible--Cause of Aging: Naturally Produced Compound Rewinds Aspects of Age-Related Demise in Mice
50 Powerful Ancient Explosions Explain New Class of Supernovae
51 Scientists Solve a Decades-Old Mystery in Earth's Upper Atmosphere
52 Neanderthal Genome Shows Early Human Interbreeding, Inbreeding
53 Seven Distinct African Crocodile Species, Not Just Three, Biologists Show
54 3-D Tissue Printing: Cells from the Eye Inkjet-Printed for the First Time
55 Scientists Discover How Immune Cells Die During HIV Infection; Identify Potential Drug to Block AIDS
56 New Evidence That Computers Change the Way We Learn
57 A Micro-Muscular Breakthrough: Powerful New Microscale Torsional Muscle/Motor from Vanadium Dioxide
58 Driving Force Behind Mitochondrial 'Sex' in Ancient Flowering Plant
59 Researchers Generate Kidney Tubular Cells from Stem Cells
60 Mating Is Kiss of Death for Certain Female Worms
61 Catching the Big Wave: 'Universal Ripple' Could Hold the Secret to High-Temperature Superconductivity
62 Kids Grasp Large Numbers Remarkably Young
63 Brain Connections May Explain Why Girls Mature Faster
64 Lemur Babies of Older Moms Less Likely to Get Hurt
65 World's First Text Message Using Vodka: Messages Sent Via Molecules Can Aid Communication Underground, Underwater or Inside the Body
66 Silencing Synapses to Deal With Addictions
67 Researchers Find Potential New Treatment Approach for Pancreatic Cancer
68 Concussion Tests' Marketing Outpaces Scientific Evidence, New Review Says
69 Inadequate Pregnancy Weight Gain a Risk Factor for Infant Mortality
70 Anxiety Linked to Higher Long-Term Risk of Stroke
71 Saving Dollars While Helping Babies
72 Early Detection of Blinding Eye Disease Could Be as Easy as Scanning Barcode
73 Advances in Nanotechnology's Fight Against Cancer
74 Graphene-Based Field-Effect Transistor With Semiconducting Nature Opens Up Practical Use in Electronics
75 Graphene Sees the Light: Sheets of Carbon Just One Atom Thick Could Be Used in Photovoltaic Cells
76 Opposing Phenomena Possible Key to High-Efficiency Electricity Delivery
77 TB Bacteria Mask Their Identity to Intrude Into Deeper Regions of Lungs
78 Greek Economic Crisis Leads to Air Pollution Crisis
79 How Cells Remodel After UV Radiation
80 Deepwater Horizon Study Shows Possible Oil Impact On Dolphins
81 Corn Pest Decline May Save Farmers Money
82 Cocaine, Meth Response Differ Between Two Substrains of Lab Mice
83 Pharmacy Staff Frequently Misinform Teens Seeking Emergency Contraception, Study Suggests
84 Cost of Antibiotic Drugs for Children: Comparison of Two Countries
85 BCG Vaccine More Effective Than Previously Thought
86 Living at Home With Dementia
87 Study Examines Treatment Responses in TMD Patients
88 H. Pylori Vaccine Shows Promise in Mouse Studies
89 New Compound Could Reverse Loss of Muscle Mass in Cancer, Other Diseases
90 New Guidelines for Management of High Blood Pressure Released
91 Nonsurgical Treatment of Periodontitis for Diabetics Does Not Improve Glycemic Control
92 Possible Link Between Cognitive Depressive Symptoms, Antiretroviral Therapy Uptake
93 Overspent This Christmas? Blame the Ostrich Problem
94 Small Talk Skills Improve With Practice
95 H1N1-Triggered Narcolepsy May Stem from 'Molecular Mimicry'
96 Brain Area Attacked by Alzheimer's Links Learning, Rewards
97 Religion Is Good for Business, Shows Study
98 Increasing Personal Savings, 'Groundhog Day' Way
99 More Than Half of Consumers Will Choose Health-Care Plan That Costs Too Much, Study Predicts
100 Suicide Widely Deemed Immoral Because It 'Taints the Soul,' Study Shows
101 Study Assesses Amount, Patterns of Sedentary Behavior of Older Women
102 Wrong Molecular Turn Leads Down Path to Type 2 Diabetes
103 Implementing MSY: What Can EU Learn from Neighbors?
104 Researchers Explain Why Some Wound Infections Become Chronic
105 Stress Reaction Gene Linked to Death, Heart Attacks
106 Contraception Program Effectively Manages Bison Population
107 Landscape Architecture Study Places Value On Klyde Warren Park, Other Urban Spaces
108 Availability of Food Increases as Countries' Dependence On Food Trade Grows
109 Sure It's White Now, but What About Christmas?
110 Scientists Explore World's Largest Undersea Canyon
111 European Springtime Temperature Benefits Alpine Ibex Vitality
112 Lonely This Christmas? Hire an 18th Century Hermit
113 Mountain Erosion Accelerates Under a Cooling Climate
114 Sunlight Adaptation Region of Neanderthal Genome Found in Up to 65 Percent of Modern East Asian Population
115 Ancestor of Snakes, Lizards Likely Gave Birth to Live Young
116 Neanderthals Buried Their Dead, New Research of Remains Concludes
117 Europe's Billion-Star Surveyor Is Ready for Launch
118 Astronomers Develop Software for the Gaia Satellite
119 Experts to Image Event Horizon of Black Hole
120 Fungal Pathogen Shows Profound Effects from Spaceflight
121 Hubble Watches Super Star Create Holiday Light Show
122 New Optimized Coatings for Implants Reduce Risk of Infection
123 Survey Reveals Regulatory Agencies Viewed as Unprepared for Nanotechnology
124 Soccer Players Not Running for Their Money
125 Computer-Controlled Table Could Direct Radiotherapy to Tumors While Sparing Vital Organs
126 First Battery-Powered Invisibility Cloak Designed
127 In Addiction, Meditation Is Helpful When Coupled With Drug, Cognitive Therapies
128 Mathematical Perspective of Seasonal Variations in Lyme Disease Transmission
129 New Magnetic Behaviour in Nanoparticles Could Lead to Even Smaller Digital Memories
130 Robotic Grasp: Robot Picks Up Castors as Fast as Blueberries
131 3D Technology from Film Industry Improves Rehab for Stroke Patients