File Title
1 Polymer coatings based on molecular structures
2 Rapid diagnostics, a new opportunity for European companies
3 Biomaterials: Hydrogel fibers make tissue generation efficient
4 Chemists use sugar-based gelators to solidify vegetable oils
5 Researchers team up on potential fuel cell advance
6 Dual catalysts help synthesize alpha-olefins into new organic compounds
7 Researchers make powerful new microscale torsional muscle/motor from vanadium dioxide (w/ Video)
8 Salty surprise: Ordinary table salt turns into 'forbidden' forms
9 New method for determining protein structure has major implications for drug development
10 Exposing the secret pathways behind photosynthesis
11 Researchers find potential new treatment approach for pancreatic cancer
12 Stanford and Google team up to simulate key drug receptor
13 Researchers develop new device to help image key proteins at room temperature
14 Malaria drug target raises hopes for new treatments
15 Innovative screening strategy swiftly uncovers new drug candidates, new biology
16 Biosynthesis captured in motion
17 Tracing the protein assembly line
18 Professor seeks to extract the most out of his vanilla research
19 Enlisting cells' protein recycling machinery to regulate plant products
20 Chickless birds guard nests of relatives
21 How the cells remove copper
22 Shudder action buys time for male spider from being killed
23 Adult stem cells found to suppress cancer while dormant
24 Study raises concerns about global crop projections
25 Feds kill 26 barred owls to help spotted owl
26 Scientists make significant step forward in biofuels quest
27 'Be different or die' does not drive evolution
28 How plants evolved to weather the cold
29 Texas A&M breeder develops new sorghum variety for Central America
30 Anti-whalers dismiss 'sham' Australian surveillance
31 Call for action in Nature to save the banana
32 Wheat hybrid holds potential for drenched, saline conditions
33 Meet the enemy of killer fungus that turns ants into zombies
34 Social bacteria cooperate to hunt for food and survive under harsh conditions
35 Scientists identify top conservation threats and opportunities
36 Worldwide appeal finds last remaining Madagascan fish
37 New look inside cell nucleus could improve cancer diagnostics
38 The effects of physical sensations on fear behaviors in zebrafish
39 Slippery bark protects trees from pine beetle attack, study finds
40 Scientists find new ghost ant genus and species: Discovery sheds light on origins of agriculture
41 Holiday magic? Reindeer eyes change from gold to blue at Christmas
42 Hyoid bone analysis supports hypothesis of complex language in Neanderthals
43 Disabled shoppers confront holiday shopping barriers
44 Newly discovered raptor lived alongside T. rex
45 Ancient cranial surgery: bioarchaeologist studies trepanation
46 Data are lost to science at 'astonishing rate'
47 Study: Limited support for claims ID scanners reduce late night violence
48 Half of National Lottery in Spain sold at Christmas
49 8,400+ terrorist attacks in 2012, new data shows
50 Footballers not running for their money
51 How math helps stop oil spills and plane crashes
52 More mentions in the FT linked to greater popularity of stocks
53 Beyond Mendel: Student DNA Barcoding Project introduces next-generation microbiology to classrooms
54 Scientists teach largest dinosaurs to walk
55 The 12 days of Pascal's triangular Christmas
56 France: It's not sexting, it's textopornographie
57 Religion is good for business, study shows
58 Momentum gains to unite ancient Cambodian statues
59 Giant pudding was royal Christmas treat
60 Polacanthine ankylosaur dinosaur first discovered in Asia
61 Student research: Job status, income factors in drug court success
62 Education experts give tips on apps for your kids
63 Roman 'Christmases' were similar to ours
64 How to break free from the stifling grip of luxury journals
65 Help solve Santa's logistics troubles with a little maths
66 1,000-year-old vineyards discovered
67 Biologists find clues to a parasite's inconsistency
68 Researchers take a step toward developing a 'universal' flu vaccine
69 Brain repair after injury and Alzheimer's disease
70 Cancer therapy is 2013 breakthrough: Science journal
71 Mapping objects in the brain
72 Clinical histories reveal surprising evidence of multiple, distinct 'autisms'
73 Genetic basis for memory formation has implications for neurological diseases
74 New research offers hope for vaccine and therapies for deadly infections
75 French firm starts human trials of artificial heart
76 Common disorders: It's not the genes themselves, but how they are controlled
77 New study reveals insight into how the brain processes shape and color
78 Parasitic DNA proliferates in aging tissues
79 Study shows two drugs help adolescents with ADHD, aggression
80 Breaking down cancer's defense mechanisms
81 New vaccine protects against lethal pneumonia caused by staph bacteria
82 A wrong molecular turn leads down the path to Type 2 diabetes
83 Even or odd: No easy feat for the mind
84 Scientists discover how immune cells die during HIV infection; identify potential drug to block AIDS
85 The brain's got rhythm: Extracting temporal patterns from visual input
86 Researchers find a cause of aging that can be reversed
87 Study shows where Alzheimer's starts and how it spreads
88 Acupuncture, real or sham, eases hot flashes due to breast cancer chemo
89 Study shows value of calcium scan in predicting heart attack, stroke among those considered at risk
90 Getting excited helps with performance anxiety more than trying to calm down, study finds
91 A novel look at how stories may change the brain
92 Genetic profiling tracks progression from manageable blood cancer into deadly disease
93 Genetics that protects your heart
94 More oesophageal cancer patients benefit from pre-op chemo than previously thought says study
95 Researchers find ECT can rid the mind of selected memory
96 Hospital-diagnosed maternal infections linked to increased autism risk
97 Neanderthal Genome Reveals Incest, Interbreeding and Mystery
98 Double Take: Second Look at Giant Asteroid Reveals a Stunning New Picture
99 Giant Moa Bird Not as Big of a Beast as Previously Believed
100 Norway's Taxonomy Initiative Identifies 1,100 New Species
101 Some Birds Become 'Maiden Aunts' to Defend Relatives' Chicks against Cuckoos
102 'Niijima' New Island Near Japan is Here to Stay for Some Years, Scientists Say
103 Genome of Oldest Flowering Plant Sequenced
104 Majority of Scientific Data Lost Due Within 20 Years, Study Finds
105 1,000-year-old Skulls Reveal Graphic Cranial Surgeries Carried Out in Ancient Peru
106 Neanderthals Capable of Human-like Speech, Bone Analysis Suggests
107 Woodpeckers Feeding on Emerald Ash Borers
108 Large, All-Year-Round Water Reservoir Found Beneath Greenland Ice Sheet
109 Study Finds How Flowering Plants Cope with Cold
110 Solar Activity Not a Major Factor Affecting Climate Change, Researchers Say
111 Costa Rican Geography Enables Unique Earthquake Studies
112 Exploring Gender Bias in Spanish Children's Television Advertising
113 Movement of Life: The Levy Walk a Mathematical Pattern Found Throughout Nature
114 NASA's Cassini Releases New Images of Saturn
115 Organizations Bankrolling Climate Change Denial Revealed in New Study
116 Angelina Jolie's Mastectomy Failed to Increase Understanding of Breast Cancer Risk