File Title
1 ORNL devises recipe to fine-tune diameter of silica rods
2 N/A
3 Nanoparticles and their orbital positions
4 Timing is everything in new nanotechnology for medicine, security and research
5 Cellulose nanocrystals possible 'green' wonder material
6 Graphene nanoribbons an ice-melting coat for radar
7 New simple, inexpensive graphene treatment method could unleash new uses
8 A new nanomaterial offers hope for better detection and treatment of breast cancer
9 Crystal film growth: Nanosheets extend epitaxial growth applications
10 Atoms in a nanocrystal cooperate, much like in biomolecules
11 DNA motor 'walks' along nanotube, transports tiny particle
12 Study opens graphene band-gap
13 First plant-based 'microswimmers' could propel drugs to the right location
14 Small size enhances charge transfer in quantum dots
15 UCLA researcher highlights advances in nanotechnology's fight against cancer
16 New research could lead to less expensive solar panels
17 Survey reveals regulatory agencies viewed as unprepared for nanotechnology
18 New NIST tests explore safety of nanotubes in modern plastics over time
19 Graphene sheets could make effective transparent electrodes in certain types of photovoltaic cells
20 DNA clamp to grab cancer before it develops
21 Graphene origami opens up new spintronics features
22 Jet-propelled wastewater treatment
23 Electric fields can push droplets from surfaces
24 Technique makes it possible to measure the intrinsic properties of quantum dot transistors
25 Graphene can host exotic new quantum electronic states at its edges
26 Magnetic properties in graphene could unlock broad applications from information processing to medicine
27 A frequency conversion interface to the telecommunications band using nanophotonics
28 Video: Observatory catches neutrinos in a south pole block of ice
29 Breakthrough unravels photoelectric effect
30 Colloidal suspensions of microspheres in a liquid may not be simple systems
31 Researchers grow liquid crystal 'flowers' that can be used as lenses
32 Scientists decode serotonin receptor at room temperature
33 New magnetic behavior in nanoparticles could lead to even smaller digital memories
34 Opposing phenomena possible key to high-efficiency electricity delivery
35 Electron's shapeliness throws a curve at supersymmetry
36 Breakthrough: One step closer to nuclear fusion power station
37 Harry Potter-style invisibility cloaks: A real possibility next Christmas?
38 An earthquake or a snow avalanche has its own shape
39 Elucidating biological cells' transport mechanisms
40 The beat goes on with a new model for artificial flagella
41 Scientists line up unruly gas molecules for X-rays
42 Early detection of blinding eye disease could be as easy as scanning a barcode
43 Physicists publish observation of the 'Charming Socialites'
44 Smooth or grainy? New paper reviews research on the grain of space-time
45 It's a negative on negative absolute temperatures
46 Optical rogue waves: The storm in a test tube
47 The analogue of tsunami for telecommunication
48 Studies would lead to lighter, cheaper magnets
49 Superconductivity switched on by magnetic field
50 Mars may act as a giant planetary pump
51 Change in geometry improves aerodynamics
52 Bolivia to launch first telecoms satellite--in China
53 The rise and fall of galactic cities
54 Europe launches billion-dollar Milky Way telescope (Update)
55 Asteroid hunter spacecraft returns first images after reactivation
56 New technique measures mass of exoplanets
57 Gaia's mission: solving the celestial puzzle
58 Space has an 'animalistic' sound according to artist in residence
59 Bolivia's first telecoms satellite launched from China
60 Japan robot chats with astronaut on space station
61 Starless cloud cores reveal why some stars are bigger than others
62 Birth of black hole kills the radio star
63 Producing electricity on the moon at night
64 Slosh experiment designed to improve rocket safety, efficiency
65 US spacewalkers get ready for orbiting lab repairs
66 Spacewalking astronauts make speedy station repairs (Update 2)
67 Space suit issue prompts delay of second spacewalk
68 Loss of the night app measures light pollution
69 Space: Let's get three dimensional
70 Sailing satellites into safe retirement
71 Intial observations of Chang'e 3 landing
72 Curiosity team upgrades software, checks wheel wear
73 NASA releases new Earthrise simulation video
74 Hubble looks but finds no trace of comet ISON
75 China's lunar lander snaps first landing site panorama
76 Comet Lovejoy approaching key spot
77 AT&T to join rivals with 'transparency report'
78 Gift Guide: E-readers do less, but no distractions
79 The season's weirdest, wackiest tech gifts
80 German court raises doubts about porn piracy case
81 Cryptography provides world's first large-scale verifiable political election
82 Telegram issues $200,000 in Bitcoins challenge to crack code
83 US charges three more people in Silk Road website case
84 After security breach, US retailer Target offers discount
85 Analysts point to as online sales winner
86 Zurich team develops walking, jumping, balancing, Cubli (w/ Video)
87 Target reports few incidents of fraud after data theft
88 Tech startups create virtual farmers markets (Update)
89 Apple, China Mobile sign iPhone deal (Update)
90 Weak US card security made Target a juicy target
91 Chinese users welcome Apple, China Mobile deal (Update)
92 Top websites among the riskiest, Australian study shows
93 SCHAFT team tops scores at DARPA Robotics Challenge
94 The future of medicine in the palm of your hand
95 NY school all-in on trend of all-digital textbooks
96 Taiwan's Acer names new CEO after 3Q losses
97 Monitoring pilot alertness for solar impulse (w/ Video)
98 Apple shares rise on China Mobile deal
99 Would you 'like' a chance to 'sympathize' on Facebook?
100 Kickstarter project Deltaprintr offers cheap easy to use 3D printer
101 OpenWorm project reaches new milestone--muscle simulation
102 Researchers find new recipe for novel proteins
103 Targeted synthesis of natural products with light
104 MU researchers develop advanced 3-D 'force microscope'
105 Water in cells behaves in complex and intricate ways
106 New optimized coatings for implants reduce risk of infection
107 Embedding molecules in starch may help prevent Type 2 diabetes
108 Toward lowering titanium's cost and environmental footprint for lightweight products
109 Packaging insulin into a pill-friendly form for diabetes treatment
110 Lessening X-ray damage is healthy for protein discovery data too