File Title
1 APS Report: U.S. Risks Losing Critical Clean Electricity if Nuclear Power Plants Keep Closing at Steady Pace
2 Central to Evaluating Researchers, Publication Citations Reflect Gender Bias, Barrier to Women
3 A High Frequency, Low-Power Tunneling Transistor for High Performance Devices at Low Voltage
4 Education Series Announced for Informex 2014, Featuring Emerging Issues in Fine & Specialty Chemical Industry
5 Poverty Influences Children's Early Brain Development
6 Older Mice Fed Wolfberries Show Reduced Risk for Flu Virus with Vaccine
7 Study Demonstrates That Indigenous Hunting with Fire Helps Sustain Brazil's Savannas
8 Trained Airport Checkpoint Screeners Miss Rare Targets
9 N/A
10 N/A
11 N/A
12 NUS Researchers Develop Novel Bio-Inspired Method to Grow High-Quality Graphene for High-End Electronic Devices
13 Environment Drives Genetics in Evolution Canyon; Discovery Sheds Light on Climate Change
14 Where Water Is Limited, Researchers Determine How Much Water Is Enough
15 Neuroscientific Studies Worm Their Way Into Physics Lab
16 Tooth Structure and Wear Provide Clues to Ecology and Evolution of Ancient Marine Creatures
17 Study of Rodent Family Tree Puts Brakes on Commonly Held Understanding of Evolution
18 SUNY-ESF Professor Named Biotechnologist of the Year
19 Physicists Provide Answers for Predicted Behavior in Relaxors
20 NASA's Hubble Sees Evidence of Water Vapor Venting Off Jupiter Moon
21 For Altitude Training, a Narrow Window for Success
22 First Step of Metastasis Halted in Mice with Breast Cancer
23 Graphene-Based Nano-Antennas May Enable Networks of Tiny Machines
24 Rapid Evolution of Novel Forms: Environmental Change Triggers Inborn Capacity for Adaptation
25 UF/IFAS Scientist's Work with Brazilian Citrus Greening Genome Could Aid Florida Industry
26 UChicago to Offer New Undergraduate Minor in Molecular Engineering
27 By Enlisting 1,000 'Citizen-Sensors,' Research Team Hopes to Improve World Health
28 Surprising Bonefish Spawning Behavior in Bahamas
29 Can We Turn Unwanted Carbon Dioxide Into Electricity?
30 A Molecular Toolkit for Gene Silencing
31 New Discovery on How Skin Cells Form "Bridges" Paves the Way for Advances in Wound Healing and Tissue Engineering
32 Evidence of Mass Extinction Associated with Climate Change 375 Million Years Ago Discovered in Central Asia
33 Pathogen Study Explores Blocking Effect of E. coli O157: H7 Protein on Immune System
34 Clot-Busters, Caught on Tape
35 Swirls in Remnants of Big Bang May Hold Clues to Universe's Infancy
36 New Tech Lets Cholesterol-Tracking Smartphone Users Take Lifesaving Selfies
37 Nutrition Report Cards Receive High Marks in Pilot Program
38 Green Innovator
39 Researcher Studies Evolution on the Molecular Level
40 Physics Breakthrough of Year
41 Chemist Leads Supercomputer Effort to Aid Nuclear Understanding
42 Video: Loudspeaker Is First-Ever 3D-Printed Consumer Electronic
43 BU Prof. Helps Solve Foreign Science-Textbook Need
44 Small Size Enhances Charge Transfer in Quantum Dots
45 Tweaking Energy Consumption to Combat Muscle Wasting and Obesity
46 Aging Cells Unravel Their DNA
47 Endangered Chinese Big-Headed Turtles Hatch At the Wildlife Conservation Society's Prospect Park Zoo
48 Confusion Surrounds Added vs. Natural Sugar in Drinks
49 Researchers Discover How a Protein Complex Revs Up T Cell Activation to Fight Infections
50 ORNL Devises Recipe to Fine-Tune Diameter of Silica Rods
51 Ancient Chemical Bond May Aid Cancer Therapy
52 Neanderthals Buried Their Dead, New Research Concludes
53 Lost Freshwater May Double Climate Change Effects on Agriculture
54 Pecan Shell Extracts May Provide Antimicrobial Option for Preventing Listeria in Organic Meats
55 Stressed Out? Calming Ingredients Help Consumers to Relax
56 It Sounds Tasty!
57 Oregano Oil May Help Sunflower Seeds Keep Longer
58 Newly Discovered Bone Shows Early Evolution of Human Hand
59 Ancestor of Snakes, Lizards Likely Gave Birth to Live Young
60 Hubble Watches Super Star Create Holiday Light Show
61 New Technology Targets Slick Winter Highways
62 UCLA Study Challenges Long-Held Hypothesis that Iron Promotes Atherosclerosis
63 UF Research Shows Coral Reefs Worth Saving
64 Hack the Planet? Geoengineering Research, Ethics, Governance Explored
65 Supercomputers Help ORNL Researchers Identify Key Molecular Switch That Controls Cell Behavior
66 In Wake of New Studies, Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Reinforces Importance of Food as Key Provider of Vitamins and Nutrients
67 UF Develops First High-Altitude Device to Help Detect Health Threats From the Sky
68 A Roly-Poly Pika Gathers Much Moss
69 Algae to Crude Oil: Million-Year Natural Process Takes Minutes in the Lab
70 $23 Million to Create A "Window Into the Body"
71 Major Poaching Arrest in China
72 UT Dallas Materials Scientist Research Contributes to Invention Recognized by Time Magazine
73 N/A
74 New Study Sheds Light for Those Working to Save World's Endangered Crocodiles
75 Physicists Delve Into Fundamental Laws of Biological Materials
76 Emerald Ash Borer May Have Met His Match
77 AAPT Will Show Underrepresented Students Learning Science is Fun
78 New Study Reveals Insight Into How the Brain Processes Shape and Color
79 New Community Garden Grows Green Thumbs and Nutrition Education for University Students
80 New York State to Hold Hearing on Ivory Trade
81 SBU Team Discovers New Compounds that Challenge the Foundation of Chemistry
82 Team Finds New Way to Map Important Drug Targets
83 Scientists Reveal Driving Force Behind Mitochondrial 'Sex' in Ancient Flowering Plant
84 Stowers Researchers Announce First Genetic Model of a Human Jaw Fusion Defect Known as Syngnathia
85 UT Southwestern Neuroscience Researchers Identify Gene Involved in Response to Cocaine
86 Enlisting Cells' Protein Recycling Machinery to Regulate Plant Products
87 Common Disorders: It's Not the Genes Themselves, But How They Are Controlled
88 Wayne State University Physicists Publish Observation of The "Charming Socialites"
89 Governor Rick Scott Declares January 4-11, 2014 "Physics Education Week" in Florida
90 Cholesterol Study Shows Algal Extracts May Counter Effects of High Fat Diets
91 Research Raises Concerns About Future Global Crop Yields
92 Virginia Tech Research Overturns Assumption About Mercury in the Arctic
93 Why it Snows So Much in the Frozen North
94 Even or Odd: No Easy Feat for the Mind
95 Curiosity Team Updates Rover's Software, Plans To Check For Wheel Wear
96 Van Allen Probes Provide Insight Into Electron Acceleration In Earth's Radiation Belts
97 Researchers Discover Possible Causes Of Massive Star Formation
98 Revealing The Sounds Of Space With Satellite Data
99 Scientists Examine New Methods For Powering Moon Missions
100 New Star Counting App Asks Citizen Scientists To Map The Skies
101 NASA Scientist Makes The Case For A US Moon Base
102 Watch Out Buggles, Black Hole Also Killed The Radio Star
103 John Lennon Shines On: IAU Names Mercury Crater After Rock Legend
104 Solar Impulse's Bertrand Piccard Completes 72-Hour Simulation Flight
105 Russian Arctic Rivers Appear To Have Low Or Declining Mercury
106 Researchers Find Additional Evidence Suggesting That Neanderthals Could Speak
107 Scientific Studies Of Decades Past Often Get Lost In The Archives
108 Fish Farming Can Be Conducted With Low Environmental Impact: NOAA
109 Researchers Send First Vodka-Based Text Message
110 Peruvians Experimented With Brain Surgery 1,000 Years Ago
111 Genome Sequence Gives Insight Into Evolution Of Flowering Plants
112 New X-Ray Techniques Let Researchers Map Crucial Drug Targets
113 Federal Regulators Need More Control On Salmonella Fight: Pew Report
114 Modest Weight Loss Reduces Diabetes And Heart Disease Risk In Middle-aged Women
115 Stem Cell Research Could Lead To A Cure For Baldness, And More
116 Heart Disease, Stroke Continue To Be Top Health Threats In America
117 Teenage Headaches May Be A Result Of Chewing Too Much Gum
118 Changes In Fast Food Combo Meals Means Fewer Calories For Kids
119 Embarrassing Facebook Posts May Cause Anguish For Months
120 Chemists Use Sugar-Based Gelators To Solidify Vegetable Oils
121 Scientists Discover How Immune Cells Die During HIV Infection And Identify Potential Drug To Block AIDS
122 Just A Little More Fiber Can Lower Your Risk Of Heart Disease
123 Tomatoes In The Diet May Help Lower Risk Of Developing Breast Cancer
124 Hummingbird Metabolism Burns Glucose And Fructose Equally
125 Put Down That Coke--Your Kidneys Will Thank You For It
126 Debate Over Health Effects Of Artificial Sweeteners Rages On
127 Aspartame Gets Sweet Revenge, Okayed For Moderate Consumption
128 Trio Of Studies Claim Daily Vitamins Offer No Real Benefits To Health
129 Why Do Our Brains Sometime Mess Up Simple Calculations?