File Title
1 Comedians Have Psychotic Personality Traits, Says Study: Jim Carey, Kevin Hart, and Will Ferrell's Behavior Explained?
2 'Psychotic Personality,' An Asset for Comedians
3 Diet drinkers sometimes end up eating more
4 Diet Drinks Could Make You Eat More By Tricking Brain
5 Drinking diet soda no fast track to weight loss, Johns Hopkins researchers say
6 Diet Soda: Fewer Calories In The Glass May Mean More On The Plate
7 FDA Approves Medtronic's CoreValve Heart Device
8 U.S. FDA approves Medtronic heart valve system early--UPDATE 2
9 FDA Approves Medtronic's CoreValve for Inoperable Patients
10 Medtronic CoreValve (R) System Obtains Early FDA Approval on Exceptional Clinical Performance
11 Study: Heavy Drinking Is Toxic To The Brains Of Men, But Not Those Of Women
12 A few pints a day keeps...what was I saying?
13 Drinking linked to faster mental decline in men
14 Heavy Drinking in Middle Age Speeds Memory Loss in Men
15 New drug may help combat PTSD by overriding painful memories
16 Modifying DNA May Wipe Away Old Memories
17 Scientists believe that Memory-Rewriting Drug can be used to Treat PTSD
18 Peshawar World's 'Largest Reservoir' of Polio Virus
19 WHO: Peshawar Is 'Largest Reservoir' Of Polio
20 WHO: Pakistani city becomes top reservoir of polio
21 WHO declares Peshawar world's 'largest reservoir' of polio
22 Europe approves Gilead's new hepatitis C pill
23 European Commission Grants Marketing Authorization for Gilead's Sovaldi (Sofosbuvir) for the Treatment of Chronic Hepatitis C Infection
24 Fitness trackers may trigger rashes in people allergic to nickel
25 Fitbit Force skin irritation issue resolved by refund or replacement
26 Searching for Time Travelers, Scientists Look to Social Media
27 What Is Vitamin D?
28 10 Years on Mars: Smithsonian Exhibit Celebrates NASA's Spirit and Opportunity Rovers
29 Are Solar Panels Usable in Snowy Climates?
30 'Lost' Remains of Martyred Georgian Queen Unearthed
31 State of Emergency Declared for West Virginia Chemical Spill
32 Tragic Cases: Technology Creates a New Way to Die
33 Will Wearable Tech Bring Humanity a 'Sixth Sense?'
34 'Invisibility' Materials Could Do Computer's Work
35 Humans Use Sound Cues to Read Dog's Emotions
36 China's Ivory Crush May Be a Half Measure, But It's a Welcome One (Op-Ed)
37 Habitat Fragmentation Causes Inbreeding in California Cougars
38 Gender-Bending Bird Breaks Migration Record
39 Fossils of Ancient Australasian Trees Found in Patagonia
40 Ancient People Fought Demons and Disasters with Eggs
41 Lost Microbes are Eroding Amazon's Ability to Capture Carbon (Op-Ed)
42 Saying Goodbye to Inefficient 60-Watt Incandescent Bulbs (Op-Ed)
43 Amerigo Vespucci: Facts, Biography & Naming of America
44 Most (and Least) Stressful Jobs for 2014
45 10 Big Companies That Will Let You Work From Home
46 LinkedIn's Top 25 Most In-Demand Career Skills
47 Why Your Social Media Profile Is the New Resume
48 Volcano Ground-Warping Could Predict Ash Plume Height
49 Ultrasound May Boost Brain Performance
50 Super-Sized Sandbox Reveals How Dunes Grow
51 Violence Accounts for 10% of School Injuries
52 Quick Pen-and-Paper Test Can Spot Signs of Dementia
53 Earthquake Shakes Puerto Rico
54 X-Ray Reveals Hundreds of Gold Needles in Woman's Knees
55 Strange Ancient Fish Had Front And Back Legs
56 Why Weather Affects Climate Change Belief
57 Udder Nonsense? Cow Urine Promoted for Health Benefits
58 Swedish Doctors Transplant Wombs into 9 Women
59 Darwin Was Right: Island Animals Are Tamer
60 How 'Teen Mom' Affects Teen Pregnancy
61 Does Having Children Make People Happier?
62 Getting Others Mad May Be a Winning Strategy
63 Teen Brains Really Are Wired to Seek Rewards
64 Epic Undersea Battle Caught on Video
65 Bird's Rescue from Extinction Nearly Backfired
66 Probiotics May Help Prevent Infant Gut Disorders
67 Misfit Shine: Fitness Tracker Review
68 US Navy's Huge Triton Drone Will Provide 360-Degree Surveillance
69 Tiffany & Co.: Why Jewelry Must Be Sustainably Sourced (Op-Ed)
70 Visiting a Rough Neighborhood Alters the Psyche
71 Best Fitness Tracker Bands
72 'Dead Priest's Hair'? Alternative Medicine Poisoned Man
73 Rotavirus Vaccine Linked to Serious Intestinal Disorder in Infants
74 Incredible Technology: How to Search for Advanced Alien Civilizations
75 Elves (Yes, Elves) Spark Road-Building Protest in Iceland
76 National Zoo's Panda Bao Bao Readies for Big Debut
77 Google Purchases Maker of 'Smart' Thermostats & Smoke Alarms
78 Elderly Brain Training Benefits Not Clear
79 Google Goes Wild: How Off-Road Tech Aids Conservation
80 Mini Camera-Carrying Helicopter Drone Takes Off on Kickstarter
81 10 Best US Cities for Job Seekers
82 GP Consultations are Often More Complicated Than You Think (Op-Ed)
83 Thanks Academia, Soon I Will Join a Generation of Jobless PhDs (Op-Ed)
84 Ancient Nordic Grog Intoxicated the Elite
85 Epic Antarctic Ice-Shelf Collapse Caused by Chain Reaction
86 Supercomputer Takes 40 Minutes To Model 1 Second of Brain Activity
87 Doomsday Clock Set at 5 'Til Midnight
88 Cold Facts: Does Winter Weather Cause More Deaths?
89 The 6 Strangest Robots Ever Created
90 For Kids with Autism, Sights and Sounds Are Disjoined
91 Humanity's Journey, from the Big Bang to the Present (Op-Ed)
92 Fluids in Motion: Fun Science Experiments
93 Nuclear Attack Aftermath: Make Haste to a Fallout Shelter
94 Marsupial Extinctions: Don't Blame the Dingoes (Op-Ed)
95 Tiny Robot Flies Like a Jellyfish
96 In Elephant Society, Matriarchs Lead (Op-Ed)
97 Oldest Hippo in US Dies
98 Earthquake Shakes Southern California
99 Kilauea Eruption Triggered Unusually Strong Earthquakes
100 Fertility Mystery: 17 Call Utah Clinic with Paternity Concerns
101 When Do Babies Start Teething?
102 Potato-Shaped Mars Moon Phobos May Be a Captured Asteroid
103 Israel Joins Physics Research Lab, CERN
104 Can Brain-Dead Woman Give Birth to Healthy Baby?
105 Arctic Sea-Ice Cracks Attract Toxic Mercury
106 Giant Surprise: Old Trees Grow Fastest
107 FDA Limit on 23andMe Genetic Tests Called Unwarranted
108 Fitness Trackers May Trigger Rashes in People Allergic to Nickel
109 How Hot Is the Sun?
110 New Theory: Alexander the Great Poisoned by Flowering Herb?