File Title
1 Human Stem Cells Converted to Functional Lung Cells
2 Colon Cancer Researchers Target Stem Cells, Discover Viable New Therapeutic Path
3 Birds with Bigger "Badges" Rule the Roost
4 Amplifying Our Vision of the Infinitely Small
5 Sports Bras Don't Hold Up, Says Researcher Developing More a Supportive Undergarment
6 New Algorithm Finds You, Even in Untagged Photos
7 Key Policy Issues Up for Discussion at Science and Risk Conference in Baltimore
8 Silent RNAs Express Themselves in ALS Disease
9 Key Found To Restoring "Exhausted" HIV-Fighting Immune Cells
10 Process Holds Promise for Production of Synthetic Gasoline
11 Grants to Help UF Researchers Grow Pine Trees Faster, Produce More Energy
12 AIP Welcomes American Meteorological Society as its Newest Member Society
13 Nationally Recognized Expert on Train Wrecks Can Speak on Rail Disasters
14 Nanosponge Vaccine Fights MRSA Toxins
15 Expert Pitch: Johns Hopkins Faculty Contribute to New Report: "Guns, Public Health and Mental Illness: An Evidence Based Approach for State Policy"
16 Eleven Undergraduates Win Travel Awards to Present Research at Fruit Fly Conference
17 Scripps Research Institute Scientists Discover New Survival Mechanism for Stressed Mitochondria
18 Banking on Bovine Stem Cells to Preserve Genetic Diversity
19 Aviation Initiative to Get $2.6 Million in Virginia Fact Funds to Test Unmanned Aircraft
20 Iowa State Researchers Setting Up 'Dream Team' to Research, Develop Nanovaccines
21 Malaysia Launches National Elephant Conservation Action Plan
22 Mass. Eye and Ear/Harvard Medical School Researchers Turn Current Sound-localization Theories 'On Their Ear'
23 New Thermoelectronic Generator
24 Nailing It: Scientists Build a Low-Cost, Open-Source 3D Metal Printer
25 Sorting Good Germs From Bad, in the Bacterial World
26 Patented Technology Could Lead to More Reliable Renewable Energy Systems
27 UAH Atmospheric Scientists Chasing Lake-Effect Snows
28 Study Documents Catastrophic Collapse of Sahara's Wildlife
29 Biology Professor Finds 'Goldilocks' Effect in Snail Populations
30 1950s Pandemic Influenza Virus Remains a Health Threat, Particularly to Those Under 50
31 Silent Stalkers of Dark Ocean Waters
32 Rensselaer Researchers To Map Step-by-Step Mechanism of Photosynthesis
33 Gene Therapy Bolsters Enzyme Activity to Combat Alzheimer's Disease in Mice
34 $12.5 Million, Five-Year Research Grant Allows Scientists to Tackle Melanoma from Multiple Angles
35 'Spooky Action' Builds a Wormhole Between 'Entangled' Quantum Particles
36 New Center for Materials Research to Advance Innovation
37 Membrane Enzymes 'Stop and Frisk' Proteins Indiscriminately
38 Sounding Tall
39 Scripps Leads First Global Snapshot of Key Coral Reef Fishes
40 Signalers vs. Strong Silent Types: Sparrows Exude Personalities During Fights
41 Highly Insulating Windows Are Very Energy Efficient, Though Expensive
42 Ultrathin "Diagnostic Skin" Allows Continuous Patient Monitoring
43 Quieting Rail Transit
44 Institute of Food Technologists to Host Two Food Traceability Webcasts in December
45 Global Climate Trend Since November 16, 1978: +0.14íC Per Decade
46 Engineer Honored for Contributions to Precision Strike Systems
47 Heart Failure After a Heart Attack Is Driven by Immune Cells Made in the Spleen
48 Sound Protection Standards for Secret Spaces May be Insufficient
49 How Our Nerves Keep Firing
50 What a Formula 1 Race Does to Your Eardrums
51 Valley Girl Dialect Expanding to Males
52 Tripped Tongues Teach Speech Secrets
53 Industrial Age Helps Some Coastal Regions Capture Carbon Dioxide
54 Coastal Sea Change Could Impact Climate Predictions
55 Expert Pitch: Climate Change: Is Your Morning Joe in Jeopardy?
56 Estrogen: Not Just Produced by the Ovaries
57 Fledgling Supernova Remnant Reveals Neutron Star's Secrets
58 Early Tree-Dwelling Bipedal Human Ancestor Was Similar to Ancient Apes and "Lucy" but Not Living Apes
59 Tune In, Turn On, Power Up
60 Scientists Develop New Understanding of Chlamydial Disease and Host/Pathogen Interactions Through Novel Simultaneous RNA-Seq Analysis
61 Laboratory Awarded NIAAA Funding to Investigate The Epigenetics of Prenatal Alcohol Exposure
62 Heads or Tails? Random Fluctuations in Brain Cell Activity May Determine Toss-Up Decisions
63 Rising Ocean Acidification Leads to Anxiety in Fish
64 New Finding Based on Nearly Two Decades of Field Research Shows That Mother Sharks "Home" to Their Birthplace to Give Birth
65 UF Researchers' Experiment Is First to Simulate Warming of Arctic Permafrost
66 Priming "Cocktail" Shows Promise as Cardiac Stem Cell Grafting Tool
67 Gene Found To Be Crucial For Formation Of Certain Brain Circuitry
68 Emerging Bird Flu Strain Is Still Poorly Adapted for Infecting Humans
69 Drilling in Japan Trench by international scientific team finds unusually thin, slippery geological fault
70 Thin Soil Layers Contributed To Devastating 2011 Japan
71 New Genetic Research Finds Shark, Human Proteins Stunningly Similar
72 Hummingbird Metabolism Unique in Burning Glucose and Fructose Equally
73 Subaru Telescope's Image Captures the Intricacy of Comet Lovejoy's Tail
74 GRAPHENE: Growing Giants
75 UF/IFAS Researcher to Use $500,000 Grant to Try to Make Peanuts More Drought-Resistant
76 Tiny Drops of Hot Quark Soup--How Small Can They Be?
77 At Agu: Shale Sequestration, Water for Energy & Soil Microbes
78 Alan Alda's 'Flame Challenge' for 2014 To Be Revealed December 11
79 Extensive Variability in Olfactory Receptors Influences Human Odor Perception
80 Cockroach Never Seen Before in U.S. Is Identified in New York
81 Pioneering Path to Electrical Conductivity in 'Tinker Toy' Materials to Appear in Science
82 URI Scientists Investigating Life, Geologic Processes Deep Inside Earth as Part of Deep Carbon Observatory
83 Harvesting Electricity: Triboelectric Generators Capture Wasted Power
84 Hawaiian Monk Seal Toy Raises Funds to Save Endangered Species
85 UF/IFAS: 'Perfect Storm' Needed for Salmonella to Spread in Post-Harvest Tomatoes
86 Stony Brook Geosciences Professors Co-Author Papers that Shed More Light on Possibility of Life on Mars
87 Hidden Details Revealed in Nearby Starburst Galaxy
88 Texas Tech's Post-Doctoral Researcher on Team Finding Supernova Remnant Associated With a Binary System
89 Iowa State-Led Team Wins Supercomputer Time to Study Nuclear Structures, Reactions
90 Johns Hopkins APL Names NASA's Michael Ryschkewitsch to Lead Space Programs
91 Astronomers Solve Temperature Mystery of Planetary Atmospheres
92 Rutgers University Is Top School Nationwide for Chemistry Research and Development Funding
93 You Are What Your Father Eats
94 Johns Hopkins APL Will Launch RAVAN to Help Solve an Earth Science Mystery
95 WCS Conservation Partner Wins "Protect the Tiger" Award
96 We're Not Likely to Get Fried by Gamma Ray Burst, Say Researchers
97 Scripps Florida Compound Dramatically Reduces Joint Inflammation
98 Expert Pitch: More Homesick Snowy Owls in Forecast for JFK, Laguardia
99 NASA's Juno Spacecraft Hears Amateur Radio Operators Say 'Hi'
100 Missing Molecule in Chemical Production Line Discovered
101 Novel Agent Set for Unique Clinical Test in Inflammatory Breast Cancer
102 Aspartame Passes Stiff Review by European Food Safety Authority
103 Who Said That Figuring Out Earth Would Only Take a Year?
104 University Establishes Multimillion-Dollar Global Food Security Program on Reducing Postharvest Loss
105 Team Finds Less is More with Adding Graphene to Nanofibers
106 High-Tech X-Ray Imaging Technique to Offer Detailed Look at Engineered Tissue
107 Real-Time Virtualization Software to Enable Embedded Systems Integration
108 Chameleons Use Colorful Language to Communicate
109 The Secret Life of a Lake
110 Food Trends That May End Up on Your Plate in 2014