File Title
1 What your candles and TV screen have in common
2 Research team refines NMR analysis apparatus by a factor of twenty thousand
3 New hybrid molecules could lead to materials that function at the nanoscale
4 New horizons in radiotherapy?
5 Short circuit in molecular switch intensifies pain
6 Cobalt catalysts allow researchers to duplicate the complicated steps of photosynthesis
7 Researchers harness sun's energy during day for use at night
8 Portable instrument that replaces full-size laboratory provides accurate multi-element analysis in less than a minute
9 Organic chemistry: Carbon dioxide tamed
10 Smart hydrogels deliver medicine on demand
11 In just seconds, low-cost porous organic polymer can cut toxic metal concentrations in water to inconsequential levels
12 First plastic cell with working organelle
13 First comprehensive test to detect genetic modification in food
14 Finally, a way to authenticate premium chocolate
15 Team uncovers how microsporidian parasites prevent locust swarm behavior
16 Sneezing sponges suggest existence of sensory organ
17 Cell division discovery could offer fresh insight into cancer
18 Mitochondrial genes matter
19 Yellowstone says "biobullets" for bison won't work
20 Social experience drives empathetic, pro-social behavior in rats
21 How a scorpion gets its sting
22 Walden trees leafing out far earlier than in Thoreau's time
23 Locust genome exposes 'hundreds' of pesticide targets
24 Wild sparrow study traces social behaviors in the field to specific gene
25 Natural selection can favor 'irrational' behavior
26 When is an animal not an 'animal'? Research ethics draws the line
27 Regulating biodiversity in India and Nepal
28 What's that bird? Check your smart phone
29 Abundant bugs bring better apples
30 Bee sensors take flight to help farmers
31 Searching for life in strange places
32 Higher hormone oxytocin levels in chimpanzees who share food
33 Key species of algae shows effects of climate change over time
34 Move over elephants: Mimosas have memories too
35 Genes and calls reveal five-fold greater diversity of Amazon frog species
36 Ramularia and the 4 Rs: Resistance gene causes susceptibility to second disease
37 Conservation work in zoos is too random, scientists warn
38 Alaskan caribou and ptarmigan migrations recorded
39 Ants protect acacia plants against pathogens
40 Long trucks are involved in fewer severe crashes than short ones
41 Rethinking the roots of altruism
42 Study: Ongoing gender imbalance in varsity sport
43 Visits to place of worship linked to lower levels of criminality
44 Aiding and abetting a culture of corruption
45 A brief visit to a neighborhood induces the social attitudes of that neighborhood
46 Our world--an increasingly peaceful place
47 First farmers and stockbreeders painted with the same pigments that their hunters ancestors
48 Do cultural differences determine outcome of our activities?
49 First enantiornithine bird found from the Upper Cretaceous of Southern China
50 New research on sauropod gigantism summarized
51 Smart technology boom in students requires parental intervention
52 Researchers find men use anger as manipulation tool with other men
53 Should we make a film that audiences enjoy or nab an Oscar nomination? Study reveals studios' logic
54 Law prof: Coded racial appeals have wrecked the middle class
55 Engineers ask the question: How did the plesiosaur swim?
56 Thanks academia, soon I will join a generation of jobless PhDs
57 Mathematician drafts urban nuclear shelter guide
58 Academics provide answers on famous murder case
59 Thieves try to steal Sigmund Freud's ashes in London (Update)
60 An old mathematical puzzle soon to be unraveled?
61 Research team claims fossil-only study of placental mammalian evolution time frame is wrong
62 'Sourcing hub' could help create more efficient supply chain, research shows
63 Living in fantasyland? Luck is more important than fantasy sports players think
64 US dig unearths tomb of previously unknown pharaoh
65 Scientists show how insulin-producing cells may fail in diabetes, how they might someday be restored
66 Patients with mild hyperglycemia and genetic mutation have low prevalence of vascular complications
67 Screening helps prevent cervical cancer in older women
68 Merck recalls cholesterol drug Liptruzet (Update)
69 In dyslexia, less brain tissue not to blame for reading difficulties
70 Study indicates the potential of new tests in long-term diabetes complications
71 Younger people have 'high definition' memories
72 Exposures to some phthalates fall after federal ban, study finds
73 Study reveals senses of sight and sound separated in children with autism
74 Experimental vaccines may extend life in pancreatic cancer
75 K computer is unleashed for largest neuronal network simulation ever
76 Diabetics benefit from high-protein diets without risk, study finds
77 Research-based strategies help reduce underage drinking
78 Recall of stressful events caught in pictures
79 Scientists discover new cellular process leading to lung fibrosis
80 Single-cell analysis shows how embryonic cells maintain proper patterns of gene regulation
81 Study: Computer training for ADHD students misses the mark
82 Employment may lead to improvement in autism symptoms
83 Vigorous evening exercise not detrimental to sleep quality
84 Research reveals importance of early parent-child relations in emotional development
85 The internal clock and feeding rhythm set the pace of the liver
86 Study finds metabolic clues to diabetic kidney failure
87 'Make-or-break' protein holds key to cancer spread
88 When it comes to vision, brain can perform more than one function without sacrificing time or accuracy
89 Study: Copycats pave the way to problem-solving success
90 Study shows elevated rates of inadequate pap tests in transgender men
91 Diabetes blood glucose targets are risk free, research shows
92 Take a stand and be active to reduce chronic disease, make aging easier, research finds
93 Study finds later school start times improve sleep and daytime functioning in adolescents
94 Self-control isn't in short supply, despite what it looks like
95 West African lion facing extinction
96 'Jellyfish' flying machine keeps upright
97 Study suggests best way to survive nuclear attack
98 Microparticles could reduce heart attack damage
99 Old trees 'star players' in carbon uptake
100 Report doesn't resolve debate over Great Lakes
101 Utah avalanche was largest in modern history
102 Fast-moving erosion threatens Hawaii coastal homes
103 Study: Thinking positive helps migraine drug work
104 Northern lights may expand south next couple days
105 Misbehaving sun delays space station supply flight
106 Solar energy to power iconic Vegas welcome sign
107 Mexican fishermen find conjoined gray whale calves
108 Inbreeding found in S. California mountain lions
109 Cargo ship with gifts, ants heads to space station
110 Scientists: Americans are becoming weather wimps
111 EPA to require S. Calif. offshore fracking reports
112 India scrambles to save tigers from deadly virus
113 US carbon pollution up 2% in 2013
114 Monitors find 30 elephant tusks at Myanmar market
115 How tunnels are built, used along US-Mexico border
116 Study: Chimpanzees bond over shared meals
117 Flap artists: Birds sync wing beats in V formation
118 Report: 2013 wet, warm year for much of US
119 Mining Chemical Spill in West Virginia Leaves 300,000 Thirsty