File Title
1 Making silicon devices responsive to infrared light
2 High-temperature sensor technologies to increase power plant efficiency
3 On-demand vaccines possible with engineered nanoparticles
4 Metal ink could ease the way toward flexible electronic books, displays
5 Nanofibers align to the sound of Beethoven and Mozart
6 Ultra-violet to produce ultra-thin in new funding
7 Researchers invent 'sideways' approach to 2-D hybrid
8 Meta-hologram produces dual images and multiple colors (w/ Video)
9 World's first graphene product with 3D strutted structure
10 CARS microscopy on its way to clinical translation
11 Scientists cook up new electronic material
12 Engineers create light-activated 'curtains' (w/ Video)
13 Developing methods for building precise nanostructures
14 Understanding secondary light emission by plasmonic nanostructures may improve medical imaging
15 Weighing nanoparticles at the attogram scale
16 Scientists develop a more efficient and economical solar cell based on graphene and perovskite
17 Supercomputer used to simulate 3,000-atom nano device
18 Molecular nano-spies to make light work of disease detection
19 'Inverse opal' structure improves thin-film solar cells
20 World's tiniest drug cabinets could be attached to cancerous cells for long term treatment
21 Graphene growth on silver
22 Wonder material silicene has suicidal tendencies
23 Stain-free, self-cleaning clothing on the horizon
24 Gold nanoparticles help to develop a new method for tracking viruses
25 Microscopic fountain pen to be used as a chemical sensor
26 Fusion instabilities lessened by unexpected effect
27 Researchers lay out theory for metamaterials that act as an analog computer
28 Quantum mechanics explains efficiency of photosynthesis
29 Controlling light with light
30 Modeling metamaterials
31 Observation of unexpectedly deformed neutron-rich magnesium nuclei prompts rethink of nuclear shell structure
32 'Superlens' extends range of wireless power transfer
33 UC researcher to leverage OSC to simulate neutrino behavior
34 Medical imaging breakthrough may lead to early cancer detection
35 For the first time, researchers observe collective spin dynamics of ultra-cold fermions with large spins
36 Towards perfect control of light waves
37 Measuring electrons: Precise computations of their shape support Standard Model of physics
38 What makes superalloys super: Hierarchical microstructure of a superalloy
39 Andrew Sessler wins Fermi Award
40 Explaining the Higgs
41 Quantum-to-classical transition may be explained by fuzziness of measurement references
42 Potential future data storage at domain boundaries
43 Why Einstein will never be wrong
44 Harnessing randomness to improve lasers
45 Understanding the chain fountain: A problem-solving partnership (w/ Video)
46 Researchers develop new technique for probing subsurface electronic structure
47 Unwanted side effect becomes advantage in photoacoustic imaging
48 Superconducting spintronics pave way for next-generation computing
49 Researchers create on-chip interference between pairs of photon sources
50 New value for the Planck constant may hasten electronic kilogram
51 First detailed look at a normal galaxy in the very early universe
52 A rare crash at the Milky Way's core
53 Hubble probes interior of Tarantula Nebula
54 Surprising new class of 'hypervelocity stars' discovered escaping the galaxy
55 Seven questions for Dante Lauretta, leader of NASA's OSIRIS-REx mission
56 Musical space-weather reports from NASA's LRO mission
57 Kepler team validates 41 new exoplanets with Keck I
58 Virgin Galactic spaceship makes successful flight
59 Orbital's cargo ship aims to dock at space station
60 Christmas delivery finally for space station (Update)
61 China, US move toward cooperation in space
62 Image: Janus from afar
63 Suit up for Skinsuit
64 Starting fire with water
65 Image: The abstract science of the dynamic Sun
66 China's historic moon robot duo awaken and resume science operations
67 Image: Tracking and Data Relay satellite prepared for launch
68 Bristol PhD student to lead team to experience 'life on Mars'
69 NanoSatisfi and Southern Stars experiments, Planet Labs small satellites among NASA Cargo on Space Station
70 Video: Floodwaters of Mars
71 Hungarian rover takes 'panoramic selfie' to complete Google Lunar XPRIZE mission simulation in Hawaii
72 Countdown to Pluto
73 First planet found around solar twin in star cluster
74 A possible meteor shower from Comet ISON?
75 Officials: Obama likely to OK phone record changes
76 Google appeals French fine as data privacy row continues
77 Freescale programmable solenoid controller reduces emissions, improves engine efficiency
78 3Qs: Could circuits' face-lift mean faster, smaller phones?
79 NIST-MEP supply chain optimization program to aid US manufacturers
80 Kids coached to pitch world-changing ideas
81 Microtechnology: Double-layer capping solves two problems
82 Startup has a way to put brains in DIY robots
83 Big data can give athletes the winning edge
84 Programming drones to fly like birds
85 Study of copper connections uncovers route to improving the reliability of electronic devices
86 Helping the judicial system understand laser strikes on aircraft
87 Fujitsu develops technology capable of searching encrypted data to maintain privacy
88 Power (of electronics) to the people
89 Apple fights for bigger slice of China smartphone pie
90 New cloud computing system can reduce carbon emissions
91 Report: NSA uses radio waves to map pathway into computers
92 EU ups pressure on Google in antitrust case
93 Review: 'Wii Fit U,' 'Xbox Fitness' feel the burn
94 SolarCity turns to retail investors for cash
95 Facebook rumored to be readying rollout of Paper, Flipboard-like newsreader for phones
96 Google builds a 'Nest' for future of smart homes
97 Don't fear the dawn of the drones--Someday one might save your life (w/ Video)
98 'Jellyfish aircraft' takes flight (w/ Videos)
99 HP to launch 'voice tablets' in India
100 Chemical imaging brings cancer tissue analysis into the digital age
101 An improved, cost-effective catalyst for water-splitting devices
102 Conifer scent influences climate
103 A powerful technique to further understanding of RNA
104 Disordered materials hold promise for better batteries
105 Searching for the perfect road salt
106 The cyborgs era has started
107 Biochemists target relief for crippling condition
108 When less is more: Fewer proton relays improve catalytic rates
109 Exploring the universe of biochemical reactions
110 Scientists develop promising drug candidates for pain, addiction