File Title
1 Quarter of health care workers carry diarrhea spores on their hands
2 Toxoplasmosis parasite: clues to symptom inconsistency
3 Hospital infection in pregnancy tied to higher risk of autism
4 Antibacterial soaps come under FDA scrutiny
5 Some bacteria 'live for long periods' on toys, books and cribs
6 Meditation has 'some benefit against anxiety, depression and pain'
7 Seasonal affective disorder: could you spot the signs?
8 'Work with anxiety' rather than seek calm to improve performance
9 Inflated praise is actually harmful for children with low self-esteem
10 Mechanism by which fungus kills mosquito larvae--verdict of accidental death
11 A mathematical perspective of seasonal variations in Lyme disease transmission
12 Exploring evolution of bacteria that may be useful in the fight against dengue
13 The importance of sex for microbes
14 Target canine 'superspreaders' to halt killer disease and cull fewer dogs, study suggests
15 Discovery of immune avoidance mechanism could lead to treatments for deadly mosquito-borne viruses
16 'Cocktail' approach could lead to universal malaria vaccine
17 Advances in HIV vaccine research likely following animal vaccine study
18 New protein discovery 'could help treat toxoplasmosis and malaria'
19 Molecular researchers find new key to inflammatory diseases
20 High levels of maternal care has life-long impact on vulnerability to stress
21 FDA approves first generic versions of antidepressant drug Cymbalta
22 Drug-free migraine treatment Cefaly: Publication of a study conducted on 2,313 patients
23 What Is Hay Fever? What Are The Symptoms Of Hay Fever?
24 Risk of heart disease, diabetes in middle-aged women reduced by modest weight loss
25 Nutrition recommendations not adhered to by majority of those with metabolic syndrome
26 Research shows correlation between adult height and underlying heart disease
27 FDA clearance of automated Direct Renin assay on the IDS-iSYS system
28 Antihypertensives appear associated with lower risk for dialysis in patients with advanced chronic kidney disease
29 Vitamin D levels during pregnancy linked to offspring muscle strength
30 All About Pneumococcal Disease
31 Research backs risk-reduction surgery for ovarian cancer
32 Ovarian cancer: combination therapy using decitabine 'effective'
33 What is Pancreatic Cancer? Pancreatic Cancer Symptoms and Causes
34 Study confirms fibroblast growth factor receptors as targets for pancreatic cancer treatment
35 Pancreatic cancer cell growth promoted by retinoblastoma dysfunction
36 Potential new way to make chemotherapy treatment more effective for pancreatic cancer patients
37 Making the body use its own defences to attack pancreatic cancer
38 Researchers find potential new treatment approach for pancreatic cancer
39 Everolimus added to exemestane boosts overall response in postmenopausal women with advanced breast cancer
40 Injectable gene therapy targets blood vessels in tumors
41 Genetic brain development 'peaks before birth and in adolescence'
42 IVF success could double with new way of detecting faulty egg cells
43 DNA clamp to grab cancer before it develops
44 Dabrafenib in melanoma: added benefit not proven
45 Patients with metastasized melanoma may benefit from new diagnostic and therapeutic techniques
46 Vanderbilt-led research identifies new gene fusions in melanoma
47 New gene-editing system enables large-scale studies of gene function
48 MRI method for measuring MS progression validated
49 Inverse association between alcohol consumption, multiple sclerosis
50 Bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells isolated from multiple sclerosis patients have decreased suppressive function
51 Link between contrast agent and brain abnormalities on MRI
52 Fine-tuned MRI may help MS diagnosis
53 Antioxidant drug knocks down multiple sclerosis-like disease in mice
54 Enhanced ability to make new connections retained in some brain regions
55 Psychosocial interventions by non-specialists for children with autism spectrum disorders
56 Hospital-diagnosed maternal infections linked to increased autism risk
57 Worms and hot baths: Novel approaches to treating autism
58 Research linking autism symptoms to gut microbes called 'groundbreaking'
59 FDA approves SALMONELEX against Salmonella as new food processing aid
60 FDA approves Anoro Ellipta to treat chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
61 FDA warns consumers not to use muscle growth product
62 Adding cognitive behavioral therapy to treatment of pediatric migraine improves relief of symptoms
63 Multi-component therapy shown beneficial in treating PTSD in adolescent girls
64 In addiction, meditation is helpful when coupled with drug and cognitive therapies, study suggests
65 Exercise may increase libido among women taking antidepressants
66 Vaginal birth without epidural anesthesia and being accompanied during labour results in happier mothers
67 Possible link between cognitive depressive symptoms and antiretroviral therapy uptake
68 Proportion of opioid treatment programs offering on-site testing for HIV and STIs declines
69 Is there a protective link between hemophilia and long-term HIV infection?
70 HIV treatment and prevention pill Truvada not found to increase sexual risk behavior
71 Gladstone scientists discover how immune cells die during HIV infection; identify potential drug to block AIDS
72 Life expectancy of treated HIV-positive individuals approaches that of general population
73 Researchers identify new anti-HIV drug target
74 Discovery of new mechanism underlying depression could lead to efficient and fast-acting antidepressant drugs
75 Most women on dialysis--even those who lack interest in sex--are satisfied with their sex lives
76 Cancer death risk increases with chronic kidney disease
77 Radiation therapy to treat uterine cancer linked with increased risk of bladder cancer later in life
78 Radiotherapy is less often used by breast cancer patients with young children
79 Younger, early breast cancer patients often undergo unnecessary staging, imaging procedures at time
80 Breast surgeons report improved visualization of treatment area for radiation therapy
81 Freezing sperm Improves the chances of fatherhood after treatment for Hodgkin lymphoma
82 Fatty acids crucial to embryonic development
83 Saving fertility not priority at most cancer centers
84 Babies may be at risk from personal care products containing harmful parabens
85 Genzyme receives Complete Response Letter from FDA on Lemtrada (alemtuzumab) application
86 MRI assessment of rectal cancer provides crucial prognostic information to improve survival for patients
87 Major imaging study uses Siemens MR technology to transform disease research
88 New way found to predict prognosis for heart failure patients
89 Girls' brains reorganize earlier, may explain their faster maturity
90 DMP is largely consistent with COPD guidelines
91 The first once-daily ICS/LABA treatment for asthma and COPD launches in the UK
92 New compound BYM338 could reverse loss of muscle mass in cancer and other diseases
93 UF study: One quarter of female drug offenders report experiencing police sexual misconduct
94 New diagnostic test can detect chlamydia trachomatis in less than 20 minutes
95 Images of modified vulvas can significantly influence women's perceptions of what is considered normal and desirable
96 One-third of teens do not discuss sexual health with physicians
97 FDA grants approval of a Phase 3 pivotal study for ST10 for the treatment of iron deficiency anaemia in chronic kidney disease
98 The risk of venous thrombosis in individuals with a history of superficial vein thrombosis and acquired venous thrombotic risk factors
99 Potential hemophilia treatment using new gene therapy
100 Life-saving formula a step closer to human trials
101 Heart surgeons find they can rely on less blood stock
102 Altitude training: athletes 'only benefit at certain heights'
103 New clinical data on day 3 embryo transfers using Eeva technology presented
104 Scientists decode serotonin receptor at room temperature
105 Testosterone in male songbirds may enhance desire to sing but not song quality
106 Testosterone-regulated genes may affect vaccine-induced immunity
107 Hypothyroidism not associated with mild cognitive impairment in study
108 Nutrition influences metabolism through circadian rhythms, UCI study finds
109 Exercise counters effect of Christmas excess on metabolism
110 First location of melatonin in caudal spinal trigeminal nucleus
111 6-million-euro European study to combat bowel cancer
112 European Commission approves update of Erbitux metastatic colorectal cancer labeling to patients with RAS wild-type tumors
113 Online colorectal cancer risk calculator created
114 Decoding the link between calcium deficiency and colon cancer
115 Retirement-age fitness predicted by high school sports participation
116 A year in medicine: review of 2013