File Title
1 What are the benefits of cod liver oil?
2 Multivitamins 'waste of money,' say medical experts
3 Researchers find a cause of aging that can be reversed
4 Postmenopausal women: higher mortality linked to RA, antibodies
5 Age-related weight gain put down to brown fat failure
6 New lung cancer screening guidelines approved for older smokers
7 How sleep-deprivation affects the body
8 Knee ops to repair torn cartilage are 'waste of time'
9 What are the top 10 healthy foods?
10 Antioxidant supplements reduce levels of oxygen radicals within chronically infected wounds & weaken biofilm sealing these wounds
11 Skin bacteria helped MRSA strain gain dominance
12 Cancer-prevention strategies should improve with discovery that adult stem cells suppress cancer while dormant
13 New ways to repair wounds and reduce impact of aging on the skin
14 New discoveries could lead to hair and skin regeneration
15 Researchers evaluating immunotherapy approaches for treating metastatic kidney, prostate, bladder cancers
16 Diet and physical activity may affect one's risk of developing kidney stones
17 'No reduction' in deaths caused by aggressive prostate cancer
18 Scientists halt first step of breast cancer spread in mice
19 Scientists discover how some bacteria avoid antibiotics
20 Mapping emotions in the body yields consistent global results
21 Low oxygen levels in tumors 'trigger spread of breast cancer'
22 Chewing gum is often the culprit for migraine headaches in teens--87% who quit experience significant relief
23 How Wagner's operas held secrets of his disabling migraines and headaches
24 Sleep problems due to traumatic brain injury improved by dietary amino acids in mouse model
25 Timing important when putting toddlers to bed
26 Want a good night's sleep? Quit smoking
27 Study confirms narcolepsy as an autoimmune disease
28 Antibiotic-resistant bacteria destroyed by blue light phototherapy
29 New strain of bird flu packs a punch even after becoming drug-resistant
30 Improper use of biocides in food production may endanger public health
31 Scientists discover genetic marker of drug-resistant malaria
32 New vaccine protects against staph-induced pneumonia
33 Severe asthma: new guidelines and updated definition of the disease
34 'Oldest case of sarcoidosis' uncovered in French Revolution leader
35 In men with sleep apnea, CPAP therapy improves golf performance
36 Drugs related to cannabis have pain-relieving potential for osteoarthritis
37 Ketamine may act as an antidepressant by boosting serotonin activity in brain areas involved in motivation
38 Differences in brain structure in patients with distinct sites of chronic pain
39 Chinese herbal compound relieves inflammatory and neuropathic pain--UCI study also shows novel analgesic to be nonaddictive
40 PET scans and saxitoxin allow researchers to 'see' pain
41 Allergy increase in rural Poland likely related to EU membership
42 Study links sleep to mood disturbance and poor quality of life in obese
43 Genetic overlap in schizophrenia and cognitive ability
44 Jumping DNA in the brain may be a cause of schizophrenia
45 Genetic variants linked with schizophrenia have impact in healthy carriers
46 Severe mental illness tied to higher rates of substance use
47 Brain repair after injury and Alzheimer's disease
48 Alzheimer's prevention initiative trial marks milestone
49 Alzheimer's: where it starts, why it starts there, and how it spreads
50 Faulty receptor in the brain 'muddles memories'
51 Gene found that 'protects against neurodegenerative diseases'
52 U.S. health continues to be threatened by heart disease and stroke
53 Residual activity 'hot spots' in the brain key for vision recovery in stroke patients
54 Kinect-based virtual reality training promotes brain reorganization after stroke
55 In the first 30 days of warfarin use, risk of stroke increases among atrial fibrillation patients
56 3D Technology helps stroke victims' rehab
57 Stop smoking ads show damage to brain
58 Stroke risks increase with high levels of anxiety
59 Total smoking bans effectively help smokers quit, study shows
60 Tripling tobacco taxes 'would avoid 200 million deaths by 2025'
61 What Is An Alcoholic? What Is Alcoholism?
62 What Is a Hangover? What Causes a Hangover?
63 Bond: 'shaken, not stirred' due to alcohol-induced tremor?
64 New research may boost drug efficacy in treating pulmonary arterial hypertension
65 Children of 2-parent homes grow up to have lower rates of adult hypertension
66 Body mass index 'in and of itself' increases risk of developing chronic kidney disease
67 'We bring gifts of gold, myrrh, and ovarian cancer treatment'
68 Drug combo defeats tumor defenses in pancreatic cancer
69 A tomato-rich diet may reduce breast cancer risk, study shows
70 Magnetic nanoparticles to cure cancer
71 Diabetic macular edema: 'not enough awareness and patient care'
72 Researchers complete a milestone in defining the genetic basis of rheumatoid arthritis
73 Top-line results of Phase iIb study with monotherapy for rheumatoid arthritis
74 Breastfeeding associated with lower risk of rheumatoid arthritis, according to new study
75 New mechanism revealed for arthritis progression
76 Multiple DNA changes identified that cause disease, offering new drug targets
77 Experimental compound dramatically reduces joint inflammation
78 Over 40 new genetic markers found for rheumatoid arthritis
79 Molecular, protein targeting therapies may be best treatment for certain lung cancer
80 Known lung cancer oncogenes ALK and ROS1 also drive colorectal cancer
81 Task Force says screen high-risk populations for lung cancer
82 New study: High mortality in Central Southern states most likely due to smoking
83 Inhibiting the growth of cancer cells using nano-capsules
84 FDA-approved lung cancer medication shrinks chordoma in mice
85 Continuing decrease in deaths from lung cancer
86 Glass specialists help create new generation of joint and bone treatments
87 Combating muscle wasting and obesity by tweaking energy consumption
88 Temperature-sensitive gelling scaffolds developed to regenerate craniofacial bone
89 Surgery vs. non-invasive treatment--Which is better for herniated discs?
90 Exercise in middle age protects against sarcopenia and helps maintain muscle strength and physical performance
91 Fetal stem cell grafts successfully help brittle-bone babies
92 What are the health benefits of popular foods?
93 How much sugar is in your food?
94 How Many Calories Should I Eat?
95 What is vitamin D? What are the benefits of vitamin D?
96 What Is Dandruff? What Are The Symptoms Of Dandruff?
97 Gene therapy for human skin disease produces long-term benefits
98 Johns Hopkins review throws doubt on wound care treatment
99 Registered tanning salons more common than other businesses in Florida
100 Skin cancer: new molecular targets identified
101 Medtronic announces first human implant of world's smallest, minimally invasive cardiac pacemaker
102 Oramed announces successful results of its oral insulin for the treatment of type 1 diabetes
103 Improved anti-inflammatory therapy for acute MS relapses
104 Virus 'hijacks' immune response in host cells
105 African American men at increased risk of prostate cancer
106 Nomogram to determine individualized estimates of screen-detected prostate cancer overdiagnosis
107 What Is Prostate Cancer? What Causes Prostate Cancer?
108 Scientists unlock prostate cancer protein in move which could lead to improved cancer vaccines
109 Breast cancer drugs: real and fake acupuncture 'relieves side effects'
110 Breast cancer drug halves cases in high-risk women