File Title
1 OncoBlog: Remembering 8 Million Saved Lives
2 Morning Break: More Pot Available, FDA and Google Meet
3 Former HHS Head Discusses ACA's Problems
4 HIV Cure Experiment 'Disappointing'
5 Lab Notes: A New Way to Mend a Broken Heart
6 FDA Review Takes Dim View of Hypotension Drug
7 Maryland's Bold Hospital Spending Plan Gets Feds' Blessing
8 Kidney Cells Generated From Stem Cells
9 10 Questions: Muralidahr Jatla, MD
10 HPV Vaccine: The Earlier, the Better
11 My New Year's Revolution
12 Vitamin E Slows Decline in Alzheimer's
13 FDA Turns Down MS Drug Lemtrada
14 Morning Break: Religion and the Brain, Stem Cell Cures
15 Two More Studies Slam Multivitamins
16 Mediterranean Diet Cuts Risk of Diabetes
17 Tobacco Tax Key to Cutting Smoking Deaths
18 Bond's Martinis Shaken by Alcohol Tremor?
19 Mediterranean Diet Cuts Risk of Diabetes
20 More Caffeine May Lower Afib Risk
21 Why a Woman's Heart Is a Bad Fit for a Man
22 6 Things Docs Should Know About the ACA
23 Fecal Transplant, Now in Pill Form
24 Smoking controls 'have saved 8 million Americans' since 1964
25 New biopsy test could pick out aggressive form of skin cancer
26 Fit teenagers 'have lower risk of later-life heart attacks'
27 Head and neck cancer: mutation 'triggers cancer-causing gene'
28 Diet and exercise: cancer benefits in huge study of women's health
29 US cancer deaths down 20% in 20 years
30 Protein destroys migrating cancer cells on contact
31 'Wellbeing improved' if children with autism recruit imaginary helpers
32 At least 38 million Americans drink too much, says CDC
33 Muscle strength in children linked to vitamin D levels in pregnancy
34 Information may be as important as medication in reducing migraine pain
35 A glimpse into the health of the most extreme marathon runners
36 Fighting tough infections with marine bacteria
37 Nut intake linked to lower risk of obesity
38 Study reveals major role of RNA polymerase and other enzymes in DNA repair
39 Detecting cervical cancer using simple test
40 Diagnosing sports concussions via on-field blood test
41 Cholera's early evolution and identification of strain responsible for early pandemics
42 Bed bug hotspots found in Philadelphia, seasonal trends identified
43 Blood pressure reductions 'affected by wealth levels'
44 White women more prone to breast cancer because of lifestyle
45 FDA approves new drug for treatment of type 2 diabetes
46 Inherited gene copies 'randomly activated,' study suggests
47 Waterproof glue seals holes in beating hearts
48 Avocado with lunch may help with weight management
49 Pregnancy exposure to BPA in plastic 'raises prostate cancer risk'
50 Bacteria 'could be a cause of preterm births'
51 New blood test 'could accurately predict heart attack risk'
52 Practice may not make perfect after all, study suggests
53 New obesity treatment possible with novel protein discovery
54 New imaging method 'could speed up cancer diagnosis'
55 Type 2 diabetes is an inflammatory disease, say researchers
56 High fiber diet may protect against asthma
57 Rare genetic mutation confirmed as a cause of Tourette Syndrome
58 How alcohol leads to birth defects--clues from embryo heart images
59 'Avoid raw milk products,' pediatricians urge
60 Eating peanuts in pregnancy lowers allergy risk for child
61 Atrial fibrillation is a 'growing global health problem,' WHO says
62 High-fiber diet linked to lower risk of heart disease
63 High blood pressure in women 'more dangerous' than in men
64 Stress-sensitivity gene linked to heart attacks, death
65 Walking 2,000 more steps each day reduces cardiovascular risk
66 An apple a day keeps vascular mortality at bay, study suggests
67 All in the eyes: corneal reflections in photos can help solve crimes
68 Scientists discover way to enhance self-control
69 Our food choices are influenced by social norms, study suggests
70 Kids' movies guilty of mixed messages about eating habits
71 Potential weight-loss mouth spray for fuller feeling
72 Slow eating may reduce hunger but not calorie intake
73 Older women spend almost 10 hours a day sedentary
74 Ear acupuncture 'boosts weight loss'
75 New FDA cleared Theradome Laser Therapy Helmet hair loss treatment created by former NASA scientist
76 New hand-held optical device to catch early signs of retinal disease
77 New technique for reducing postoperative pain in children
78 Tropical plant inspires super-slippery coating for medical use
79 First device to treat migraine wins FDA approval
80 The impact of artificial sweeteners: the debate continues
81 Single faulty gene causes major type 2 diabetes symptom in mice
82 Sleep deprivation and increasing age linked to diabetes
83 Mediterranean diet linked to reduced risk of type 2 diabetes
84 Researchers develop new strategy for potential 'insulin pill'
85 New vaccine protects against lethal pneumonia caused by staph bacteria
86 Odor receptors discovered in lungs
87 Dietary fiber reduces asthma
88 Is laughter really the best medicine?
89 Dogs in the house protect against asthma, infection
90 Brain rest may speed concussion recovery in teens
91 Good night's sleep good for brain health
92 New molecular discovery provides clues to cause of schizophrenia
93 Study links concussion with Alzheimer's disease brain pathology
94 Shingles rash linked to higher risk of stroke
95 Cholesterol levels linked to brain deposits that cause Alzheimer's
96 Reading a novel triggers lasting changes in the brain
97 Drug addicts 'can quit smoking' with additional therapy
98 Alcohol, tobacco and drug use higher in mentally ill, study shows
99 Moderate alcohol consumption 'boosts immune system'
100 Young adults 'damage DNA' with weekend alcohol consumption
101 Marijuana use linked to schizophrenic-related brain changes
102 New high blood pressure guidelines released by committee
103 Partially blocking blood vessels' energy source may stop cancer growth, blindness & other conditions
104 Success in mouse model of aniridia is first instance of drug reversing a congenital deformity
105 New technique could boost corneal transplant acceptance rates
106 For the first time cells from the eye are inkjet printed
107 'Quit smoking to cut risk of impaired vision'
108 Vitamin E may combat functional decline from Alzheimer's disease
109 What are the health benefits of carrots?
110 Meat, smoking have strongest links to cancer incidence rates