File Title
1 Newfound Earth-Mass Planet Is a Gassy Puffball
2 Mediterranean Diet May Prevent Diabetes
3 Century-Old Photos Provide Glimpse of Historic Antarctic Voyage
4 Flu Season is Here, CDC Says
5 Mindfulness Meditation May Reduce Anxiety, Depression
6 Would Time Travelers Leave Online Traces?
7 Build a Better Drone, for Wildlife Conservation (Op-Ed)
8 X Prize: Spurring Innovation Through Competition
9 5 Rocky Alien Planets Revealed by NASA's Kepler Spacecraft
10 Crop Circle Was a Publicity Stunt: Why 'Experts' Were Fooled
11 Trapped Ships Break Free From Antarctic Ice
12 Early Earth's Crust Was a Drippy, Hot Mess
13 Bad to the Bone: Dealer Pleads Guilty in Fossil Smuggling Scheme
14 Frozen Fun: Try These Cold-Weather Science Experiments
15 'Share the Love': Neil deGrasse Tyson Urges Scientists to Educate Public
16 Docs Fail to Discuss Alcohol's Risks with Patients
17 The Meteoric Rise of Life?
18 Three New Tech Concepts You Might Actually Use From CES 2014 (Op-Ed)
19 Ancient Syrian Trade Routes Recreated with Google Earth
20 First Dinosaur Fossils from Saudi Arabia Discovered
21 Tragic Cases: Technology Creates a New Way to Die
22 Smoking Rates Drop Globally, but Millions Still Light Up
23 Extreme Cold Could Halt Invasive Insect
24 Polar Vortex: Can a Person Freeze to Death?
25 Hot New Wood Stoves: High-Tech & Eco-Friendly
26 New Exoplanet Imager Snaps 1st Photos of Alien Worlds
27 Fast-Spinning Star Tests Einstein's General Relativity Theory
28 Why One Hectare of Rainforest Grows More Tree Species than US
29 A Side of Dolphin with Your Shrimp Cocktail (Op-Ed)
30 Furry Fans: Why Prairie Dogs Do 'the Wave'
31 I (Barely) Spy: Starfish Have Poor Vision, Are Color Blind
32 2014 Begins with Oriented Animal Pooping and Pufferfish Highs (Op-Ed)
33 Fate of Ark of the Covenant Revealed in Hebrew Text
34 Ogopogo: Canada's Loch Ness Monster
35 Clindamycin: Uses & Side Effects
36 Quantum Effects Of Photosynthesis Could Improve Energy Efficiency
37 Stem Cells Reveal Secrets About Cancer
38 Ancient Greeks Used Portable Grills at Their Picnics
39 Storms on 'Failed Stars' Rain Molten Iron
40 Will NASA's Ailing Planet-Hunting Kepler Spacecraft Get New Mission?
41 Smallest, Faintest Galaxies of the Ancient Universe Spotted
42 Best Fitness Tracker Bands
43 Ancient Nursery of Bizarre Spoon-Billed Sharks Discovered
44 Panasonic Giving 100,000 Solar Lanterns to Needy Villages Worldwide
45 'Most Threatened' Tribe Gets Respite from Illegal Loggers
46 Ancient Sea Monsters Were Black, Study Finds
47 Polar Vortex Brought Flurry of Frost Quakes to Canada
48 New Glue Could Mend Broken Hearts
49 Atorvastatin (Generic Lipitor): Uses, Dosage & Side Effects
50 5 Odd Religions Coming to a Statehouse Near You
51 Ocean Acidification May Slow Hopping Sea Snails
52 Placebo Effect May Account for Half of Drug's Efficacy
53 Lions Face Extinction in West Africa
54 Great White Sharks Live As Long As Humans
55 Mysterious Wanderings of Tiger Sharks Tracked
56 Penguins' Climate-Change Solution? Cliff-Climbing
57 'Nutcracker Man' Ate Tiger Nuts (Not What it Sounds Like)
58 Slowdown in Global Warming is Apparently a Mirage (Op-Ed)
59 Computer Algorithm Seeks To Crack Code Of Fiction Bestsellers
60 7 Crazy Things That Happen Only When It's Really Cold
61 Fish Aglow: Hidden Colors In The Sea
62 Rise of the Google Machines: The Robotics Companies Involved (Op-Ed)
63 Why We Shouldn't Ditch the Quest for New Schizophrenia Drugs (Op-Ed)
64 Glow Fish: Drab Species Secretly Don Bright Colors
65 Super-Earth Planets May Have Watery Earthlike Climates
66 Why Depression, OCD May Be More Common than Thought
67 Historic, Eccentric Wills Go Online
68 'Kangaroo Care' May Have Lasting Benefits for Human Babies
69 Explainer: After 4G, Why Do We Need 5G Phones?
70 Moderate Earthquake Shakes Cuba
71 Deep-Sea Expedition Could Reveal How Continents Form
72 Explainer: What is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?
73 Gov. Christie: 5 Modern Machiavellis
74 Gloomy Vocabulary in Books Reflects Poor Economic Climate (Op-Ed)
75 In New York, the Age of Horse and Buggy Has Passed (Op-Ed)
76 Babies Know What Makes a Friend
77 Seals Gain Global Protections, Despite Anthony Bourdain's Efforts (Op-Ed)
78 New Test Could Predict Heart Attacks
79 N/A
80 What Is Vitamin D?
81 10 Years on Mars: Smithsonian Exhibit Celebrates NASA's Spirit and Opportunity Rovers
82 Are Solar Panels Usable in Snowy Climates?
83 Searching for Time Travelers, Scientists Look to Social Media
84 Will Climate-Change Warnings on Gas Pumps Work?
85 'Lost' Remains of Martyred Georgian Queen Unearthed
86 Northern Lights Fizzle in US
87 State of Emergency Declared for West Virginia Chemical Spill
88 Tragic Cases: Technology Creates a New Way to Die
89 Will Wearable Tech Bring Humanity a 'Sixth Sense?'
90 'Invisibility' Materials Could Do Computer's Work
91 Tiny Neighbors Keep Coral Reefs Clean
92 Go West, Young Raven: Clever Birds Use Power Lines to Spread to New Territory
93 The Weirdest Gadgets of CES 2014
94 Faults May Emit Earthquake Warning Signs
95 Humans Use Sound Cues to Read Dog's Emotions
96 Fossils of Ancient Australasian Trees Found in Patagonia
97 China's Ivory Crush May Be a Half Measure, But It's a Welcome One (Op-Ed)
98 McDonald's Unveils Plan to Start Purchasing Sustainable Beef in 2016
99 Scientists at Work: Stuck in the Antarctic Ice We Set Out to Study (Op-Ed)
100 Habitat Fragmentation Causes Inbreeding in California Cougars
101 Gender-Bending Bird Breaks Migration Record
102 'No Pants Subway Ride': Sure It's Fun, But Is It Healthy?
103 Bizarre star could host a neutron star in its core
104 Ancient times table hidden in Chinese bamboo strips
105 Anti-tobacco efforts have saved millions of lives around the globe
106 Even after prodding, animal researchers omit key details
107 Islands make animals tamer
108 China tops Europe in R&D intensity
109 Computer science: The learning machines
110 Workplace violence: Caught on campus
111 Hubble telescope reveals deepest view of the Universe yet
112 Many eyes on Earth
113 Cheap battery stores energy for a rainy day
114 Why sharks have no bones
115 Fish flaunt neon glow
116 US cold snap fuels climate debate
117 Ancient cholera mysteriously disappeared
118 Video: Fish leaps to catch birds on the wing
119 Nature takes a look at what is in store for science in the new year
120 Leaked files slam stem-cell therapy
121 This was no Antarctic pleasure cruise
122 Resources: Track flows to manage technology-metal supply
123 History: Shut up and calculate!