File Title
1 Despite rising health costs, few residency programs train doctors to practice cost-conscious care
2 Medical communication companies receive substantial support from drug and device companies
3 Self-worth boosts ability to overcome poverty
4 Carsey Institute: Students with a disability more likely to be restrained, secluded in school
5 New system of assessments needed when next generation science standards are implemented, report says
6 Foreign-educated nurses report unequal treatment in US workplace
7 Kids grasp large numbers remarkably young
8 Researchers show the power of mirror neuron system in learning and language understanding
9 Bullying in academia more prevalent than thought, says Rutgers-Camden scholar
10 Concussion tests' marketing outpaces scientific evidence, new review says
11 Loyola bioethics study finds medical students concerned about desensitization to dying patients
12 When Being Called "Incredibly Good" is Bad for Children
13 A novel look at how stories may change the brain
14 Including women on convening committees increases women speakers at scientific meetings
15 Gemini Planet Imager first light
16 Finding about classic suppressor of immunity points toward new therapies for bad infections
17 Improved Regulations to Protect Human Research Subjects Would Reduce Burden on IRBs While Better Protecting Study Participants
18 High costs of research at universities made worse by funding gap
19 No math gene: Learning mathematics takes practice
20 Traffic jams lend insight into emperor penguin huddle
21 New report shows diagnosed diabetes, pre-diabetes, and gestational diabetes is on the rise among privately insured Americans
22 Recognizing the elephant in the room: Future climate impacts across sectors
23 Drought and climate change: An uncertain future?
24 A mathematical perspective of seasonal variations in Lyme disease transmission
25 More mentions in the FT linked to greater popularity of stocks
26 IRB develops ChroGPS, a new generation visual browser of the epigenome
27 Greenland ice stores liquid water year-round
28 Walking the walk: What sharks, honeybees and humans have in common
29 New approach to vertex connectivity could maximize networks' bandwidth
30 Study: Open Collaboration, which Led to Bitcoin, TEDx and Wikipedia, Likely to grow
31 Think you're an expert bettor? You're probably wrong
32 25 years of DNA on the computer
33 Supercomputers Join Search for 'Cheapium'
34 Cleveland Clinic researchers create online colorectal cancer risk calculator
35 New algorithm can dramatically streamline solutions to the 'max flow' problem
36 Penn researchers develop 'personalized advantage index,' a new decision-making tool
37 Negative feedback makes cells 'sensitive'
38 Researchers discover how vascular disease activates autoimmune disorders
39 Engineered anti-toxin antibodies improve efficacy
40 Mice exposed to retinoid deficiency in utero exhibit bronchial hyperresponsiveness as adults
41 Joslin researchers determine hormone linked to improved glucose metabolism activates browning of fat
42 Mass. General research could expand availability of hand, face transplants
43 NIH-funded scientists develop mouse model for atopic dermatitis
44 Rewiring stem cells
45 Mystery solved: How nerve impulse generators get where they need to go
46 Many men start testosterone therapy without clear medical need
47 Scientists uncover new target for brain cancer treatment
48 Remission from depression much slower in adults who were abused in childhood
49 Researchers find comparable long-term outcomes between diastolic and systolic heart failure patients
50 Spinal cord findings could help explain origins of limb control
51 Minorities and poor have more advanced thyroid cancers when diagnosed, UCLA study shows
52 Novel potential approach to prevent infection in patients with liver failure
53 SHY hypothesis explains that sleep is the price we pay for learning
54 Study: Half of black males, 40% of white males arrested by age 23
55 Technology 1 step ahead of war laws
56 RAMBO a small but powerful magnet
57 Link found between intimate partner violence and termination of pregnancy
58 50 years of tobacco control significantly extended lives of 8 million Americans
59 Fit teenagers are less likely to have heart attacks in later life
60 Study: 2-sizes-too-small 'Grinch' effect hampers heart transplantation success
61 National Academy of Inventors 2013 Conference showcased global innovation
62 Paper predicts a future without carnivores would be truly scary
63 Prisoners believe they are just as law abiding as non-prisoners
64 Kids have skewed view of gender segregation
65 Study: Heavy viewers of 'Teen Mom' and '16 and Pregnant' have unrealistic views of teen pregnancy
66 LSUHSC research reveals structure of master regulator and new drug target for autism, cervical cancer
67 Transformational leadership curbs bad attitudes towards change, shows rare study of correctional officers.
68 War Elephant Myths Debunked by DNA
69 Novel biomarker approach suggests new avenues to improve schizophrenia disease management
70 ALMA Spots Supernova Dust Factory
71 Out of this world first light images emerge from Gemini Planet Imager
72 First image from Hubble's Frontier Fields
73 Hubble unveils a deep sea of small and faint early galaxies
74 CME Accompanies X-class Flare
75 NASA's SDO Sees Giant January Sunspots
76 AAS Meeting Highlights Several New Hubble Science Findings
77 BOSS measures the universe to 1-percent accuracy
78 A 1-percent measure of galaxies half the universe away
79 Massive exoplanets may be more Earth-like than thought
80 Many small exoplanets found to be covered in gas
81 Quasars illuminate swiftly swirling clouds around galaxies
82 SF State astronomers discover new planet in Pisces constellation
83 With instruments in space and on earth, NJIT solar experts monitor the massive solar storm
84 Hubble Probes Interior of Tarantula Nebula
85 Hubble Views Stellar Genesis in the Southern Pinwheel
86 Nano-capsules show potential for more potent chemoprevention
87 New study finds upper-airway electronic stimulation effective for obstructive sleep apnea
88 Chemical imaging brings cancer tissue analysis into the digital age
89 Scientists make your stomach turn bright green if you have an ulcer
90 Engineers make world's fastest organic transistor, herald new generation of see-through electronics
91 SURA reports findings from data management pilot
92 Penn research helps lay out theory for metamaterials that act as an analog computer
93 Ahoy! First ocean vesicles spotted
94 Eye-catching electronics
95 Battery development may extend range of electric cars
96 Some motor proteins cooperate better than others
97 ORNL-UT researchers invent 'sideways' approach to 2-D hybrid materials
98 Stem cells injected into nerve guide tubes repair injured peripheral nerve
99 China Destroys Part of Illegal Ivory Stockpile
100 Stephen Hawking Releases New iPad App
101 Tiny Ancestor of Lions, Tigers & Bears Discovered (Oh My!)
102 Let Nature Fill in the Details (Op-Ed)
103 Paleo Diet May Have Included Some Sweets, Carbs
104 Can a Pill Give You Perfect Pitch?
105 Magma's Balloon-Like Buoyancy Drives Super-Eruptions
106 Ancient Palace's Painted Floors Display Bronze-Age Creativity
107 49-Million-Year-Old Cockroach Fossil Found
108 Women Worse Off When it Comes to Natural Disasters (Op-Ed)
109 Yes, It's Cold--and Yes, Global Warming Is Still Happening
110 Abundant 'Mini-Neptunes' Form New Class of Alien Planets