File Title
1 Temperature found to be most significant driver of the world's tallest trees
2 NREL Finds a New Cellulose Digestion Mechanism by a Fast-eating Enzyme
3 Microbe community changes may reduce Amazon's ability to lock up carbon dioxide
4 Study highlights snowball effect of overfishing
5 2 million years ago, human relative 'Nutcracker Man' lived on tiger nuts
6 Tracking the deep sea paths of tiger sharks
7 Bed bugs grow faster in groups
8 Elephant shark genome decoded
9 Symbiotic fungi inhabiting plant roots have major impact on atmospheric carbon, scientists say
10 New study finds extreme longevity in white sharks
11 Researchers unveil rich world of fish biofluorescence
12 Fungi may determine the future of soil carbon
13 Marine bacteria to fight tough infections
14 Climate changes the distribution of plants and animals
15 Geography has impact on grapevine moth's success in French vineyards
16 Emperor Penguins breeding on ice shelves
17 Coral chemical warfare: Suppressing a competitor enhances susceptibility to a predator
18 GPS Traffic Maps for Leatherback Turtles Show Hotspots to Prevent Accidental Fishing Deaths
19 Radiocarbon dating suggests white sharks can live 70 years and longer
20 UCLA life scientists, colleagues differentiate microbial good and evil
21 Quantum mechanics explains efficiency of photosynthesis
22 EU policy is driving up demand for pollination faster than honeybee numbers
23 Microalgae and aquatic plants can help to decrease radiopollution in the Fukushima area
24 Lions are critically endangered in West Africa
25 Discovery of partial skeleton suggests ruggedly built, tree-climbing human ancestor
26 Nutrients in food vital to location of early human settlements: The original 'Palaeo-diet'
27 Surprise: Duck-billed dinosaurs had fleshy 'cocks comb'
28 A new species of horse, 4.4 million years old
29 Cat domestication traced to Chinese farmers 5,300 years ago
30 Neanderthals buried their dead, new research concludes
31 Discovery of 1.4 million-year-old fossil human hand bone closes human evolution gap
32 Sunlight adaptation region of Neanderthal genome found in up to 65% of modern East Asian population
33 Neanderthal genome shows early human interbreeding, inbreeding
34 Science's top 10 breakthroughs of 2013
35 Ancient cranial surgery
36 1,000-year-old vineyards discovered
37 Money Talks When Ancient Antioch Meets Google Earth
38 No Scrounging for Scraps: UC Research Uncovers the Diets of the Middle and Lower Class in Pompeii
39 UC Research Uncovers How Ancient Artists Used Palace Floor as a Creative Canvas
40 Reconstructing the New World monkey family tree
41 Ancient Cambodian city's intensive land use led to extensive environmental impacts
42 Neolithic mural may depict ancient eruption
43 Call for better social science research transparency
44 El Nino tied to melting of Antarctica's Pine Island Glacier
45 7 new species of nearctic wasps described and illustrated
46 The entropy of nations
47 New study may aid rearing of stink bugs for biological control
48 Population stability 'hope' in species' response to climate change
49 New compounds discovered that are hundreds of times more mutagenic
50 To curb China's haze and air pollution, use water
51 Suburban sprawl cancels carbon footprint savings of dense urban cores
52 Jumping snails left grounded in future oceans
53 New phone alerts for extreme weather may prevent casualties in India
54 Carbon content in soil influences climate models
55 Laundering money--literally--could save billions of dollars
56 Acid mine drainage reduces radioactivity in fracking waste
57 Funding Problems Threaten U.S. Disaster Preparedness
58 Extraordinary sensors pushed to their boundaries
59 New study: US power plant emissions down
60 Color-coded cells reveal patchwork patterns of X chromosome silencing in female brains
61 Nutrition guidelines needed for full-service restaurant chains
62 Penn Medicine epidemiologists find bed bug hotspots in Philadelphia, identify seasonal trends
63 Molecular engines star in new model of DNA repair
64 Stopping tumours in their path
65 Study of Nepalese pilgrims challenges diagnosis of acute mountain sickness
66 A good outcome for the CHILD-INNOVAC project: successful test in humans of a nasal vaccine against pertussis
67 Cancer drug protects against diabetes
68 Maternal stress hormones and maternal smoking increase daughter's risk of nicotine dependence
69 Researchers discover a tumor suppressor gene in a very aggressive lung cancer
70 A powerful technique to further understanding of RNA
71 Iconic Australasian trees found as fossils in South America
72 Inappropriate antibiotic use in emergency rooms not decreasing in adults
73 Minimalistic raiding parties of a slave-hunting ant crack castles
74 Workplace wellness programs can cut chronic illness costs
75 Green spaces deliver lasting mental health benefits
76 One "Villain" of the Housing Crisis Played Only a Small Role
77 CWRU researcher finds released inmates need reentry programs to meet basic and mental health needs
78 Laying Money on the Line Leads to Healthier Food Choices Over Time
79 Boost careers of female scientists: Make sure women help choose meeting speakers
80 U of Maryland undergraduates discover rare eclipsing double asteroid
81 How you practice matters for learning a skill quickly
82 New global stroke repository offers regional comparative statistics
83 Sugar-burning in the adult human brain is associated with continued growth, and remodeling
84 Blood pressure study points to more equitable care in England than America
85 Seniors moving to HCBS face more hospital risk
86 Researchers propose alternative way to allocate science funding
87 Study Shows 'Readability' Scores Are Largely Inaccurate
88 Metal ink could ease the way toward flexible electronic books, displays
89 Heart Attacks Hit Poor the Hardest
90 Mental disorders in mid-life and older adulthood more prevalent than previously reported
91 Does ObamaCare cause psychological distress among US adults?
92 Newly published survey shows drug shortages still have major impact on patient care
93 Free public education that pays for itself?
94 When Charitable Acts Are 'Tainted' by Personal Gain
95 Discovery brings scientists 1 step closer to understanding tendon injury
96 Organic mega flow battery promises breakthrough for renewable energy
97 Simple test can indicate cervical cancer
98 Scientists find a new mechanism underlying depression
99 Newly discovered celestial object defies categories
100 Green space can make people happier for years
101 Myotonic dystrophy disrupts normal control of gene expression in the heart
102 Surprising new class of 'hypervelocity stars' discovered escaping the galaxy
103 A new pathway for neuron repair is discovered
104 La Jolla Institute scientist identifies pivotal cellular protein underlying eczema
105 Unravelling the web of a cosmic creeply-crawly
106 A galaxy with two hearts
107 Fusion instabilities lessened by unexpected effect
108 Study: Seashell loss due to tourism increase may have global impact
109 Scientists unlock evolution of cholera, identify strain responsible for early pandemics
110 Study explains origins of giant underwater waves
111 Elephant shark genome provides new insights into bone formation and adaptive immunity in humans
112 Why is type 2 diabetes an increasing problem?
113 Europe to suffer from more severe and persistent droughts
114 Big data: A method for obtaining large, phylogenomic data sets