File Title
1 Supervolcano eruption mystery solved
2 Triple star system 'can reveal secrets of gravity'
3 Antarctic rescue: US ice-breaker to help stuck ships
4 Destruction of ancient woodland 'highly unlikely'
5 Australians protest at plans to kill sharks in Perth
6 Australia saw hottest year on record in 2013
7 California tests natural disaster early warning system
8 Lack of drug data 'extreme concern'
9 UK flooding: Environment Agency to cut hundreds of jobs
10 Viewpoint: Human evolution, from tree to braid
11 Met Office chief scientist becomes Dame in honours list
12 RAF jets fly with 3D printed parts
13 Ichthyosaur fossil at Charmouth narrowly misses storm destruction
14 N America weather: Polar vortex brings record temperatures
15 Iraq violence: PM urges Fallujah to oust militants
16 Angela Merkel fractures pelvis in ski fall
17 Bitcoin crosses $1,000 on Zynga move
18 S Sudan conflict: Sudan president to meet Salva Kiir
19 The Mint countries: Next economic giants?
20 Dancing over the edge: Vienna in 1914
21 A cautionary tale of dogs, imposters and North Korea
22 Farewell to Shanghai's 're-education' labour camps
23 Gay love theory as fans relish Sherlock in China
24 Australia police free naked man stuck in washing machine
25 Amsterdam alcoholics paid in beer for collecting litter
26 A Point of View: The perils of belief
27 Afghanistan girl wearing suicide vest detained
28 UK storms: Giant waves hit amid fresh flooding fears
29 George Osborne targets welfare as he warns of 25bn pounds more cuts
30 Lawyers protesting outside courts over legal aid cuts
31 PC David Rathband inquest: Affair with 7/7 survivor 'ended marriage'
32 Is there any point giving things up for January?
33 CES 2014: Fun run puts tech to the test on Vegas strip
34 Eusebio funeral: Portuguese gather to mourn hero
35 Quest to grow human organs inside pigs in Japan
36 A science news preview of 2014
37 Intermittent fasting: The good things it did to my body
38 Year in digs: How 2013 looked in archaeology
39 The three-month flight along the Nile
40 The numbers of the year 2013
41 Parisian cafes: Now with cats?
42 Liz Cheney ends bid for Wyoming Senate seat
43 Avian malaria threatens Galapagos bird species
44 Is Industrial Hemp the Ultimate Energy Crop? (Op-Ed)
45 Uncannily Lifelike Roman Masks Recreated in Wax
46 Sunken Vases Double As 2,000-Year-Old Biology Experiments
47 The Dog Paddle Is Just an Underwater Jog
48 British Library sticks 1 million pics on Flickr, asks for help making them useful
49 Drones now have six American "test ranges" in which to fly
50 HP to cut 5,000 more jobs in 2014, bringing total layoff count to 34,000
51 Lost photos of Antarctic expedition uncovered
52 Google's Bump to shut down this month, team will focus on Google products
53 Ford testing plug-in hybrid that charges via rooftop solar panels
54 Who wants a 12-inch tablet? Samsung apparently thinks someone does
55 Ubuntu puts Nginx Web server on equal footing with Apache
56 NSA dreams of quantum computer that can break encryption
57 The county sheriff who keylogged his wife
58 Facebook sued for allegedly making private messages into public "Likes"
59 AT&T desperate to steal T-Mobile customers, offers $450 to switch
60 Multiple gaming platforms hit with apparent DDoS attacks
61 A Lonely Quest for Facts on Genetically Modified Crops
62 Putting Windows and Android on the same PC doesn't solve anyone's problems
63 Malware attacks thousands of visitors through Java exploit (Update)
64 Roku to power a new line of smart TVs
65 Open Automotive Alliance aims to bring Android inside the car
66 Syrian Electronic Army hacks Skype's Twitter to warn of ongoing surveillance
67 Greyhats expose 4.5 million Snapchat phone numbers using "theoretical" hack (updated)
68 Backdoor in wireless DSL routers lets attacker reset router, get admin
69 Cloudy with a chance of exoplanets
70 Windows 8.x breaks 10%, Internet Explorer 11 makes a splash
71 Methane release around Arctic islands predates recent climate change
72 SecOps failure: GPG+Gmail on OSX Mavericks may store unencrypted drafts
73 BlackBerry sues Ryan Seacrest firm over iPhone case that looks like a BlackBerry
74 Active ingredient in pot sets off a feedback that reduces intoxication
75 Coinye West: A new cryptocurrency for the masses and an ode to Kanye
76 How to deal with a difficult programmer on an open source project?
77 Seismologists offer explanation for mysterious aerial light orbs preceding quakes
78 How the NSA (may have) put a backdoor in RSA's cryptography: A technical primer
79 Nvidia announces next-generation 64-bit Tegra K1 SoC with 192 GPU cores
80 The merits of a backwards keyboard and Nvidia's new chip
81 Why tropical forests have more tree species than US and Canada combined
82 Experts uncover secrets of supervolcano eruptions
83 Supereruptions triggered by magma buoyancy, study finds
84 NY to allow medical marijuana
85 Medicaid coverage increases emergency room visits, study finds
86 Devastating, world-ending supervolcano far more likely than first thought, warn scientists
87 Geologists Finally Identify The Trigger For Devastating Super-Volcanoes
88 Pulsar and companions will put general relativity to the test
89 Metamaterials offer route to room-temperature superconductivity
90 Mystery of neutron-lifetime discrepancy deepens
91 Entanglement strengthened by losing information
92 Nanodiamond nitrogen vacancies live longer
93 New generator creates electricity directly from heat
94 Classical carrier could create entanglement
95 First noble-gas molecules found in space
96 Cosmic neutrinos named Physics World 2013 Breakthrough of the Year
97 CERN gears up for new experiments
98 N/A
99 New Views of Famed Supernova Reveal Cosmic Dust Factory (Images)
100 Images of a supernova's dust factory
101 ALMA Telescope Spots Supernova Dust Factory
102 Supernova's super dust factory imaged with ALMA
103 Amber fossil shows ancient sexual reproduction in flowers
104 Amber fossil captures microscopic image of sexual reproduction in flowering plants
105 Oldest Evidence of Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants Discovered In Amber Fossil
106 Japanese Slaughtering Whales in Ocean Sanctuary
107 Japanese ship accused of killing protected minke whales
108 Japan's whaling fleet on the run
109 Weird lights appearing before earthquakes
110 Scientists Determine Mysterious Orbs as Ground Lights during Earthquakes
111 Strange lights in sky aren't UFOs; they're 'earthquake lights,' scientists reveal