File Title
1 Stanford and Google team up to simulate key drug receptor
2 Researchers develop new device to help image key proteins at room temperature
3 Innovative screening strategy swiftly uncovers new drug candidates, new biology
4 Biosynthesis captured in motion
5 New Study Brings Scientists Closer to the Origin of RNA
6 Molecule's carbon chain length affects oxygen's departure in key reaction for building bio-fuels
7 Research may unlock enzyme's role in disease
8 Supercomputers join search for 'cheapium'
9 Research into fruit fly cells could lead to cancer insights
10 Two by two: London Zoo counts its many inhabitants
11 Under preassure--A harness for guide dogs must suit both dog and owner
12 Trapping insects by color: Will it work in Montana?
13 Mathematical modelling disproves long-held view of bacterial cell cycle
14 Roses are red--why some petunias are blue
15 Genetically identical bacteria can behave in radically different ways
16 Cat collars provide big benefits for low risk
17 Turning off the 'aging genes'
18 Fly dreams and the boundaries of evolutionary science
19 Environment affects an organism's complexity
20 Multi-hybrid planter to advance precision ag research
21 Risks outweigh benefits of raw meat-based diets for pets
22 Artificial anchor secures seagrass rehabilitation efforts
23 25 years of DNA on the computer
24 Knut the polar bear's medical legacy
25 Amber fossil reveals ancient reproduction in flowering plants
26 Important mutation discovered in dairy cattle
27 More protection for the big ones
28 Scientists harness the sun to help sharks
29 US opens door to new herbicide-resistant seeds
30 Sex matters for microbes
31 What can slime molds offer computing?
32 Researchers find dogs sensitive to small variations in Earth's magnetic field
33 Help solve Santa's logistics troubles with a little maths
34 Ischyromyid rodents found from the Eocene of Erlian Basin in Nei Mongol
35 Super rich benefit from 'status quo bias'
36 Environmental fiscal reform would improve the environment and reduce the informal economy
37 Online economy continues to bloom
38 The world braces for retirement crisis
39 New species of Eggysodontid found from the Paleogene of the Guangnan Basin, Yunnan, China
40 Sexual dimorphism in large-sized, long-snout ichthyosaurs
41 Ancient traditions: Why we make New Year resolutions
42 Tracing large tetrapod burrows from the Permian of Nei Mongol, China
43 Simulation helps unravel ancient Roman puzzle
44 Israel researcher: Elusive Biblical blue found
45 Mexico subway dig turns up unusual Aztec offering
46 A third of Americans don't believe in evolution
47 The people's agenda--America's priorities and outlook for 2014
48 Discovery of oldest footprints gives clues to Mexico's climate
49 No scrounging for scraps: Research uncovers the diets of the middle and lower class in Pompeii
50 Money talks when ancient Antioch meets Google Earth (w/ Video)
51 Call for better social science research transparency
52 Researchers uncover how ancient artists used palace floor as a creative canvas
53 Abusing the internet trolls
54 Gloomy Americans foresee a downhill slide to 2050
55 How mass extinctions drove the evolution of dinosaurs
56 Migration changes will boost communities, finds research
57 Tomb of ancient Egyptian beer brewer unearthed
58 Scientists uncover image of muscular dystrophy defect and design targeted drug candidates
59 Novel noninvasive therapy prevents breast cancer formation in mice
60 Having Medicaid increases emergency room visits
61 More evidence suggests type 2 diabetes is an inflammatory disease
62 Plant used in Chinese medicine fights chronic pain
63 Animal cells can communicate by reaching out and touching, team discovers
64 Most clinical studies on vitamins flawed by poor methodology
65 Brain training works, but just for the practiced task, say researchers
66 1st legal recreational pot industry opens in US
67 People worldwide may feel mind-body connections in same way
68 Tripling tobacco taxes worldwide would avoid 200 million tobacco deaths, study finds
69 Molecule discovered that protects the brain from cannabis intoxication
70 Shingles linked to increased risk of stroke in young adults
71 How invariant natural killers keep tuberculosis in check
72 How 'slippers' can end mascara irritation
73 Study explaining parasite gene expression could help fight toxoplasmosis and malaria
74 Researchers report technique that enables patient with 'word blindness' to read again
75 Odor receptors discovered in lungs
76 Studies of a skin color gene across global populations reveal shared origins
77 Five minute saliva test to identify smokers rolled out to health schemes
78 CBT is not an effective treatment for symptoms of schizophrenia
79 Your gut's what you eat, too
80 Obesity ballooning in developing world: report
81 Isotonic fluids safer for pediatric maintenance IV therapy
82 Pregnancy tops list of most google-searched symptoms
83 A little respect for skin pickers, hair pullers
84 Few persons with metabolic syndrome adhere to nutrition recommendations
85 Parkinson's patients utilization of deep brain stimulation treatment reduced in demographic groups
86 Scientists make advance in cancer research
87 Stimulating brain cells stops binge drinking, animal study finds
88 Vintage Find: 1,000-Year-Old Vineyards Discovered in Spain
89 UV Light Makes Mushrooms Rich in Vitamin D
90 Weird! Strangest Science Stories of 2013
91 Insulin Pill May Soon Be a Reality
92 Strange New Worlds: The Amazing Alien Planet Discoveries of 2013
93 What We Learned About Human Origins in 2013
94 What Lies Beneath: Tiny Organisms Thrive Below Earth's Surface
95 California to End Year as Driest on Record
96 3D Brain Maps Guide Doctors--via iPhone
97 'Neanderthal' Remains Actually Medieval Human
98 6 Biggest Space Science Discoveries of 2013
99 Debunking Myths on Nuclear Power (It's Not For Making Bombs) (Op-Ed)
100 Light in Cloud Forests Can Outshine a Sunny Day
101 Who's to Blame for Climate Change? (Op-Ed)
102 Real-Life Smoking Caterpillar Uses Nicotine as Defense
103 Underwater Microphones Eavesdrop On Icebergs
104 Facebook Isn't Dead and Buried, but Dodgy Journalism Lives On (Op-Ed)
105 Scientists Take On Coffee-Loving Pests
106 Naked Mole Rat Named 'Vertebrate of the Year'
107 The 10 Best Science Stories of 2013
108 One-Third of Americans Don't Believe in Human Evolution
109 How Safe are Your Online Memories? (Op-Ed)
110 Secret to Ancient Roman Sundial Revealed in 3D Simulations