File Title
1 A new nanomaterial offers hope for better detection and treatment of breast cancer
2 Atoms in a nanocrystal cooperate, much like in biomolecules
3 DNA motor 'walks' along nanotube, transports tiny particle
4 Study opens graphene band-gap
5 First plant-based 'microswimmers' could propel drugs to the right location
6 Small size enhances charge transfer in quantum dots
7 New research could lead to less expensive solar panels
8 UCLA researcher highlights advances in nanotechnology's fight against cancer
9 New NIST tests explore safety of nanotubes in modern plastics over time
10 Graphene sheets could make effective transparent electrodes in certain types of photovoltaic cells
11 Survey reveals regulatory agencies viewed as unprepared for nanotechnology
12 DNA clamp to grab cancer before it develops
13 Graphene origami opens up new spintronics features
14 Jet-propelled wastewater treatment
15 Electric fields can push droplets from surfaces
16 Technique makes it possible to measure the intrinsic properties of quantum dot transistors
17 Graphene can host exotic new quantum electronic states at its edges
18 Magnetic properties in graphene could unlock broad applications from information processing to medicine
19 Researchers open new possibilities for characterizing nanoparticle interactions
20 3M teams with Cambrios to produce silver nanowire ink for touch displays
21 Batteries as they are meant to be seen
22 Imaging technology could unlock mysteries of a childhood disease
23 Novel exfoliation method paves the way for two-dimensional materials to be used in printable photonics
24 Researchers find simple, cheap way to increase solar cell efficiency
25 Scientists discover clue in the case of the missing silver
26 Electron's shapeliness throws a curve at supersymmetry
27 Harry Potter-style invisibility cloaks: A real possibility next Christmas?
28 An earthquake or a snow avalanche has its own shape
29 Elucidating biological cells' transport mechanisms
30 Smooth or grainy? New paper reviews research on the grain of space-time
31 The beat goes on with a new model for artificial flagella
32 Early detection of blinding eye disease could be as easy as scanning a barcode
33 Scientists line up unruly gas molecules for X-rays
34 Physicists publish observation of the 'Charming Socialites'
35 It's a negative on negative absolute temperatures
36 The analogue of tsunami for telecommunication
37 Optical rogue waves: The storm in a test tube
38 Resistance makes waves
39 Studies would lead to lighter, cheaper magnets
40 Change in geometry improves aerodynamics
41 Superconductivity switched on by magnetic field
42 Mars may act as a giant planetary pump
43 Researchers fabricate three-dimensional structure of single-element quasicrystal
44 Team creates a low cost thin film photovoltaic device with high energy efficiency
45 X-ray laser at SLAC maps important drug target
46 Ensuring accuracy of weights and measurements
47 Faster testing of new pharmaceuticals
48 Another step towards understanding the quantum behaviour of cold atoms
49 Despite quantum's gains, standard computers still rule
50 Telecommunications expert suggests Earth may have dark matter disc
51 Yutu moon rover sets sail for breathtaking new adventures
52 Mars Express heading towards daring flyby of Phobos (w/ Video)
53 Electric-blue clouds appear over Antarctica
54 Lowell Observatory's Clark Telescope closes for renovation on January 1
55 Forty-fifth anniversary of 'Earthrise' image
56 Retrieving an asteroid
57 Florida rocket launch complex is set for federal review
58 Hubble sees a stellar "sneezing fit"
59 The Quadrantid meteor shower
60 China's lunar lander spotted by orbiting spacecraft
61 Researchers extend capabilities of computer simulation of tidally locked exoplanets
62 New studies give strong boost to binary-star formation theory
63 Researchers use Hubble Telescope to reveal cloudy weather on alien world
64 Geckos in space: Novel robot takes a step to cosmos
65 Happy New Year's Day 2014 from Mars--Curiosity celebrates 500 sols spying towering mount sharp destination
66 Space science stories to watch in 2014
67 Comets prospects for 2014: A look into the crystal ball
68 First 2014 asteroid discovered
69 Private american rockets blast open 2014 & commercial space race with big bangs on jan. 6 & 7
70 Explainer: the science of fireworks
71 Car manufacturing--fast track towards mass production
72 Syrian group hacks Skype
73 Watches, glasses and super-tablets: tech predictions for 2014
74 Snapchat hackers post phone numbers of 4.6 million users online (Update)
75 How best to go about getting seed money through crowdfunding
76 Troy Wolverton: A look back at the year in tech
77 Invention alerts ice anglers to fish on the line
78 Tech blog AllThingsD relaunches as Re/code
79 Open collaboration, which led to Bitcoin, TedX and Wikipedia, likely to grow
80 Click away the snow
81 Ultra-thin tool heating for injection molding
82 New MIT technology allows 3D image interaction
83 Warping images using your PC graphics card
84 Researchers find ways to minimize power grid disruptions from wind power
85 Ford to unveil solar hybrid concept car at CES
86 Cape Wind, Siemens agree to Siemens turbines for offshore wind farm
87 Snapchat: Will make app more secure
88 FireEye buys firm that tied cyberattacks to China
89 Desert dwellers and 'bots reveal physics of movement
90 NSA eyes encryption-breaking 'quantum' machine
91 Facebook faces suit for data mining 'private' messages
92 Brain in a box: Computer R&D teams explore new models
93 Academics petition for end to 'blanket surveillance'
94 The entropy of nations: Global energy inequality lessens, but for how long?
95 New optimized coatings for implants reduce risk of infection
96 Embedding molecules in starch may help prevent Type 2 diabetes
97 Toward lowering titanium's cost and environmental footprint for lightweight products
98 Packaging insulin into a pill-friendly form for diabetes treatment
99 Lessening X-ray damage is healthy for protein discovery data too
100 Polymer coatings based on molecular structures
101 Rapid diagnostics, a new opportunity for European companies
102 Biomaterials: Hydrogel fibers make tissue generation efficient
103 Chemists use sugar-based gelators to solidify vegetable oils
104 Dual catalysts help synthesize alpha-olefins into new organic compounds
105 Researchers team up on potential fuel cell advance
106 Researchers make powerful new microscale torsional muscle/motor from vanadium dioxide (w/ Video)
107 Salty surprise: Ordinary table salt turns into 'forbidden' forms
108 New method for determining protein structure has major implications for drug development
109 Exposing the secret pathways behind photosynthesis
110 Researchers find potential new treatment approach for pancreatic cancer