File Title
1 Entangled particles could build wormhole
2 Huge underwater cliff may hold clues to dinos' fate
3 Deep-rock microbes found to be similar worldwide
4 First documented tool use by reptiles claimed
5 Scientists developing way to "see" pain in the body
6 Huge geysers on Jupiter moon?
7 Medical costs rise steadily with any excess weight: study
8 An apple a day really does keep the doctor away, scientists say
9 Earlier brain "pruning" may explain girls' faster maturation
10 Impossibly large stellar explosions find explanation
11 Scientists said to get DNA-like molecule to assemble itself
12 Love your enemy? Hormone spray may help with that, too
13 DNA "markings" may transmit learned experiences
14 An evolutionary role for "Jackass"-like stunts?
15 Scientists Push Back the Clock on Early Human Finds
16 Exeter's Roman Baths
17 Ancient artifacts unearthed in Muskrat Falls development
18 Fourth-century CE magistrate statue uncovered in Bulgaria's Plovdiv
19 Cannibal Neanderthal gang in northern Spain ate 12 of their neighbours raw, scientists say
20 Proto-agricultural activity by hunter gatherers found in rock shelter
21 This could be Alamo story's opening chapter
22 Playing with Egypt's heritage
23 Egyptian archaoelogists refute claims by German amateurs on Great Pyramid
24 Archaeologists Discover Earliest Buddhist Shrine
25 Archaeologists Map Neolithic Monument Complex at Damerham, near Stonehenge
26 Chinese archaeologists uncover 4,000-year-old fortifications
27 Mass grave found near cathedral
28 Skulls in China Reveal Mass Female Sacrifice
29 Abandoned Ancient Road Pathway to China's History
30 New evidence suggests Neanderthals organized their living spaces
31 Guatemala Recovers Mayan Artifact Dating from 250-900 A.D. from U.S.
32 Archaeologist May Have Discovered Earliest Spanish Mission, Alamo's Original Location
33 First: Hasmonean Building Uncovered in the City of David
34 'Secret' Labyrinth of Roman Tunnels Mapped
35 Unique Chachapoyas Sarcophagi Discovered in Amazonas
36 Archaeologists discover Chachapoyas sarcophagi in Amazonas, Peru
37 Lead Ingots From Shipwrecks Being Used To Hunt For Dark Matter
38 Researchers call for debate on underwater cultural heritage
39 Plains Indian Fortress With Moat, 'Underground Apartments' Unearthed in Oklahoma
40 A limestone relief found beneath a residential area in Al-Qantara East
41 Warmer Weather Causing Mangroves to Expand in Florida
42 120 Degree Heat Wave Attacks Northern Argentina
43 New Species of Dinosaur Found in Spain's La Rioja Region
44 Second Child to Die by Falling into Open Sewers In Colombia
45 Cuba's Aging Population Require More Nursing Homes, Geriatricians
46 STUDY: Young Latinas Face Higher Risk of Death from Heart Attacks
47 Mexican Gov't Says Cholera Outbreak is "Under Control"
48 Huge Increase in Spanish Doctors Looking to Emigrate
49 Diminishing Access to Women's Health Care Continues in Southern Texas
50 REPORT: 29.1% of All Latinos Uninsured in Total 48 Million Americans Uninsured
51 REPORT: 50,000 Enroll in Obamacare, 7 Million Expected by March 2014
52 LatAm Making Strides in Fight on AIDS, Seniors Over 60 New Concern
53 Brazilian Officials Launch Fight Against #1 Health Risk-Skin Cancer
54 Chilean authorities to expel Joran van der Sloot
55 Ten Year Ban on Genetically Modified Seeds and Foods Takes Force Thursday
56 Van der Sloot: Peruvian justice, public passion and the media's responsibility
57 Archaeologists Uncover Remains of Girl Sacrificed Some 1,500 Years Ago
58 Ancient Dogs Found Buried in Pots in Egypt
59 Digging Up George Washington's Pre-Revolutionary War Kitchen
60 Fragments of 13th century church discovered in Kamien Pomorski
61 DNA from 400,000 year old hominin: a great leap forward
62 9000 year old music and alcohol--a powerful mix
63 Mummy Mystery: Multiple Tombs Hidden in Egypt's Valley of Kings
64 Archaeologists discover 4,500-year-old city in east China
65 Bead currency used in Australia's first export industry
66 Serbian archaeologist finds 4,000-year-old chariot
67 Roman Jupiter donated to Cambridge museum
68 Ancient skeleton found in North Yorkshire sewer trench
69 Neolithic wooden tridents--mystery artifacts
70 Terracotta Warriors Inspired by Ancient Greek Art
71 Early Jamestown Settlers Reverted to Older Style Technology to Survive
72 Double graves with headless slaves
73 Cyprus was very much part of Neolithic revolution
74 Have We Found the Lost Colony of Roanoke Island?
75 Archaeologists Find Grave of Elite 'Musician' from the Chimu Culture
76 Oldest Human Footprints in North America Identified
77 Chimu-Incan Treasure Trove Found in Peru Contains Sacrificed Women
78 Highway Work Uncovers 900-Year-0ld Fountain in Garden
79 Remains of 3,000-Year-Old Structures Found in Colombia
80 Two Ptolomaic tombs uncovered in Al-Qantara East
81 Leopard figure discovered on ancient city walls in Denizli
82 Cannon found on NT beach 250 years old
83 Mass Grave Shows Evidence of Ancient Cholera Outbreak
84 Archaeologists discovered 17th century water collection systems on the Holy Cross Mountain
85 How archaeology helps wild reindeer
86 Ancient dragon kiln unearthed in China
87 Nutrients in food vital to location of early human settlements: The original 'Palaeo-diet'
88 Native American masks sold in Paris to be returned to tribes
89 New evidence challenges theories of Rapa Nui collapse
90 Archaeologists uncover layers of history at Stratford Broadway
91 4.4 million year old horse helps understand hominin habitat
92 Archaeology vs. Physics: Conflicting roles for old lead
93 Wars of the Roses bodies found in hotel grounds near Harlech Castle
94 Top 10 Discoveries of 2013
95 Chasing 5th-Century Clues From a Woman's Tombstone
96 Archaeologists return to controversial Vero site in Florida
97 Ancient Pig-Shaped Baby Bottle Found
98 UNESCO sounds alarm about illicit Syria archeology digs
99 Before Stonehenge--did this man lord it over Wiltshire's sacred landscape?
100 Cat Domestication in China 5,300 Years Ago
101 Discovery Pushes Back the Clock on Human Hand Evolution
102 Yes, Neanderthals Buried Their Dead, Say Researchers
103 Inscriptions Everywhere! Magical Medieval Crypt Holds 7 Male Mummies
104 Fifth-century church in Roman Forum to reopen to public
105 Ancient Feces From Oregon Cave Aren't Human, Study Says, Adding to Debate on First Americans
106 Early medieval finds in the Lublin region
107 Research team searches treetops for Maya secrets
108 6,000-year-old vegetation found
109 Neanderthal Genome Sequence Reveals Interbreeding In Four Early Human Species
110 Egypt's heritage in danger
111 Signs of sailors: Ship graffiti in medieval churches
112 A Hidden Treasure Revealed: Rare Tlingit War Helmet Discovered at Springfield Science Museum
113 Qin armor unearthed at Terracotta site
114 New information on early medieval strongholds in central Poland
115 Ancient Spider Rock Art Sparks Archaeological Mystery
116 Interbreeding and inbreeding in early populations
117 Statues discovered at ancient Hermonthis in Egypt
118 Virtual archaeologist at IU turns clock back millennia to uncover secrets of ancient Rome
119 Ancient cranial surgery
120 Ancient Maya Site Teeters on the Edge of Destruction
121 Amateur archaeologist in Wetumpka finds possible Native American burial site
122 Storms could reveal new archaeological sites in Scotland
123 6,000-year-old tombs unearthed in northeast Vietnam
124 Ochre hand imprint of Homo erectus revealed
125 Momentum gains to unite ancient Cambodian statues
126 Ancient Ohio cultures were devoted to sun and moon
127 Wall painting by Ottoman officer found in Haifa
128 Indonesia cave reveals history of ancient tsunamis
129 Archaeological find shines light on ancient religious rituals
130 Prehistoric burial site on safer ground now
131 Thousand-year-old vineyards discovered in Alava
132 Archaeologists Uncover 16-Meter Long Inca Canal Outside Cusco
133 Search for the relics of martyr Queen Ketevan
134 Nan Madol: the coral reef city
135 Mexican archaeologists explore ancient ceremonial center in the State of Jalisco
136 An unidentified royal statue head found in Luxor
137 Sweyn Forkbeard: England's forgotten Viking king
138 Disease and trauma within collapsing Indus Civilisation
139 Significance of sun alignment with two Roman monuments
140 8 very old sites in the New World
141 Scholars study handwritten notes--probably by Copernicus
142 Summing up Armenia's archeological finds for 2013
143 Centuries Before China's 'Great Wall,' There Was Another
144 Portuguese Plumbers Discover Ancient Mikvahs
145 New Early Human Site Discovered in Israel
146 Civil War ship found at bottom of Houston Ship Channel yields trove of artifacts