File Title
1 Poor weather delays attempt to rescue ship stuck in Antarctic sea ice
2 Trapped ship passengers can't go overboard with New Year celebration
3 Bad weather thwarts rescue of stranded Antarctica ship
4 Earth's crust was unstable in the Archean eon and dripped down into the mantle
5 Dense Earth Crust Was Recycled Into The Mantle During Archean Eon
6 Earth's Crust Was Unstable in Archean Eon; Dripped Down Into Mantle
7 Ernest Shackleton's Expedition Photos Found in Antarctica
8 Sir Ernest Shackleton's 1914 expedition pics found in Antarctica ice
9 Century-old photos from doomed Antarctic expedition discovered frozen in ice
10 100-Year-Old Photos From Lost Antarctic Expedition Unveiled
11 100-year-old photo negatives discovered in Antarctica
12 The Most Amazing Scientific Discoveries of 2013
13 Top Exoplanet Discoveries Of 2013 Include Some Pretty Freaky Places (PHOTOS)
14 Glow-in-the-dark pigs are part of radiant green menagerie
15 These Pigs Glow-in-the-Dark To Save Lives
16 Scientists create glow-in-the-dark pigs with jellyfish DNA
17 NASA's proposed Super Ball Bot to make landing rovers easier
18 NASA 'super ball bot' could one day bounce onto Saturn's moon Titan
19 NASA Super Ball Bot Could Explore Solar System in Unique Ways
20 NASA's Super Ball Bot to conquer space exploration
21 Two Dutch candidates selected for Mars One project
22 Mars One Announces 1,058 People Advance to Round 2 to Earn a One-Way Trip to Mars
23 1,058 People Are Serious About Living on Mars Until They Die
24 Florida's mangrove forests expand north with climate change
25 New study shows Florida mangroves are migrating north
26 Mangroves Pushed Further North By Climate Change: Without Frozen Winter Nights, Formerly Threatened Forests Flourish
27 Spared Winter Freeze, Florida's Mangroves Are Marching North
28 Newman faces a storm on climate
29 Capturing Carbon to Enhance Oil Recovery
30 Abbott adviser attacked in climate row
31 Tony Abbott's top business adviser accuses IPCC of 'dishonesty and deceit'
32 King tides: Central Coast sees some of year's highest, lowest tides this week
33 Santa Cruz County coastline witnesses extreme King tides
34 King Tides a Glimpse Into the Future
35 'King tides' are coming to California
36 California 'King Tides' Hit; Are Rising Sea Levels A Sign Of Climate Change?
37 Scientists Puzzled by Whale Traffic Jam
38 Whale Traffic Jam Delights Visitors And Baffles Scientists
39 Have a Whale of a Time in Hermanus, South Africa!
40 Space Lasers Have 'Bright Future' in Communications
41 Moon over China
42 NASA LADEE Mission Successfully Establishes Laser Communication Between Moon and Earth
43 Counting birds: Watchers excited about results
44 Bird count deemed a soaring success
45 Petrified Forest adds 4,200 acres
46 Petrified Forest National Park acquires new land
47 Falcon 9 still on for Friday launch
48 SpaceX Launch Window Set for Thaicom 6 Satellite
49 SpaceX schedules next launch Friday
50 New island looks just like Snoopy
51 'Snoopy Island' spotted by NASA satellite as landmass shaped like Charlie Brown's pet dog is born
52 Japan has a SNOOPY island
53 Does This Island Look Like Snoopy? (PHOTO).
54 Delisting of Gray Wolf from Federal Protection Can Lead to Endangerment of Other Species
55 Children Encouraged to Take Part in the 2014 Saving Endangered Species Art Contest
56 Other view: Endangered Species Act deserves praise
57 Lost In 2013: Three Nobel Scientists Who Saw Something In Us
58 Whale Calf Observed Breaching and Active
59 Humpback whales could be removed from endangered species list in 2014
60 Court blocks hospital from disconnecting Jahi McMath from life support
61 Jahi McMath to remain on ventilator, but her fate remains unclear
62 Life Support For 'Brain Dead' California Girl Extended
63 Jahi McMath--what a mother's love can do
64 Doctors say exercise is the best preventative 'drug'
65 Want to shape up for the new year? Here's how and why
66 Exercise Is The "Best Preventive Drug" Against Many Health Problems
67 Many Teens Don't Discuss Their Sex Life at Annual Checkup
68 Doctors spend very little time talking about sex with teen patients, study argues
69 Many Doctors Avoid The Sex Talk With Their Teen Patients, Study Finds
70 Doctors Barely Talk About Sex With Teen Patients
71 Doctors and teenage patients should talk more about sex, study says
72 'Nicotine Breath' Helps Tobacco-Eating Caterpillar Escape Predators [Video]
73 Tobacco hornworm found to use nicotine to create 'defensive halitosis'
74 Alice in Scienceland! Caterpillar puffs nicotine to ward off spiders
75 Second child to challenge organ donation laws receives new lungs
76 Boy Who Fought 'Under 12 Rule' Gets Lung Transplant
77 Boy Receives Lung Transplant, Doing 'Fine'
78 Make a new kind of New Year's resolution
79 New Year's resolutions: Need a better one? Here are some ideas
80 Cholesterol Level Associated with Onset of Alzheimer's disease: Study
81 Cholesterol Levels Linked To Early Signs Of Alzheimer's In Brain
82 Controlling cholesterol may protect against Alzheimer's
83 Unhealthy Cholesterol Levels Might Raise Alzheimer's Risk
84 What yoga can and can't do for you
85 What yoga can do for you
86 A Brief Look At Yoga's Place In The Medical World
87 Yoga More Than a Crutch for NYC Man Who Suffered Devastating Leg Injury
88 Eating slower may help cut calorie consumption, study finds
89 Reduce Hunger: Eat Slower Says Study
90 Eating slowly may reduce hunger: study
91 Calorie counts coming to vending machines across U.S.
92 Health law to put calorie info on vending machines
93 Calorie counts now required on vending machines
94 Study: Happiness makes us feel warm all over
95 Human emotions mapped for the first time, shows where we feel love, fear, and shame
96 Finnish research team reveals how emotions are mapped in the body
97 Community Helping Texas Girl Fight Rare Disease
98 Donors pitch in to pay for surgery for extremely obese Texas girl
99 Community Helping Girl Fight Rare Disease
100 After Brain Tumor Removed, Girl Is Always Hungry
101 Walgreens to Advance First Month of Prescriptions to Backlogged Obamacare Enrollees
102 Walgreens Will Provide Some Prescriptions For A Month To Backlogged Health Care Enrollees
103 Walgreens says it will provide a month's prescriptions at no upfront cost to backlogged ObamaCare enrollees
104 Medicaid growth creates gap of 5M without coverage
105 Insurers face December 31 deadline--Snyder retiring today--Michigan Medicaid approved--Walgreens to offer one month of free drugs
106 Pittsburgh mohel sued for severing baby's penis during circumcision
107 Baby's circumcision goes horribly wrong, Rabbi faces lawsuit
108 Rabbi Who Botched Circumcision Sued For Negligence; Continues Performing Procedure Even After Severing Boy's Penis
109 Stryker to Acquire Patient Safety Technologies
110 Stryker to buy Patient Safety Technologies for $120 mln--UPDATE 1
111 Patient Safety Technologies To Be Acquired By Stryker In $120 Mln Deal
112 U.S. Panel Backs Routine Lung CT Scans for Older, Heavy Smokers
113 Panel says yearly screening can cut deaths from lung cancer but only for certain heavy smokers
114 USPSTF Recommends Lung CA Screening for High-Risk Adults
115 New Multiple Sclerosis Drug Rejected by FDA
116 Multiple Sclerosis Drug Rejected by FDA
117 Sanofi MS drug suffers setback in key U.S. market--UPDATE 4
118 Health Watch: December 31st
119 Minority Physicians' Role in Care of Underserved Patients
120 Minority Patients Mostly Treated by Nonwhite Doctors
121 Doesn't ADD Up: Doctors behind ADHD study question drug treatment
122 Landmark ADHD Study Backed Drugs Over Therapy at a Cost: Report