File Title
1 Antarctic ship: Third rescue bid halted by bad weather
2 Thousands in El Salvador flee erupting Chaparrastique volcano
3 New analysis of ocean currents may solve eel mystery
4 Nobel prize should only be for 'best of the best'
5 Wildlife 'thrived' in 2013 after hot summer
6 Angelina's mastectomy...and other medical stories of 2013
7 How animals can help us understand disease
8 Growing concern over Syria heritage sites
9 The science and environment news highlights of 2013
10 Volgograd blasts: Second suicide bomb hits Russia city
11 Michael Schumacher, former F1 champion, critical after ski fall
12 Michael Schumacher 'fighting for life' after ski accident
13 N/A
14 DR Congo 'repulses' TV, airport and army base attacks
15 Lebanese troops fire at Syrian warplanes
16 South Sudan conflict: Fears for isolated children
17 Palmerston: The island at the end of the earth
18 The end of a Deep South way of life
19 Cash machines robbed with infected USB sticks
20 Michael Schumacher injury: How dangerous is off-piste skiing?
21 Who, What, Why: What is the quenelle gesture?
22 France's 75% tax rate gains approval by top court
23 2013: The year in transport
24 Egypt crisis: Al-Jazeera journalists arrested in Cairo
25 US announces six drone test sites
26 Roaring trade of Pakistan's street dentists
27 Volgograd blasts: IOC 'confident' Games will be safe
28 Facebook--not dead, not buried
29 Artificial intelligence: The machines with alien minds
30 The top memes and viral videos of 2013
31 BBC computer server 'was controlled' by Russian hacker
32 The technology year
33 Tech 2013: BBC News Online's most read technology stories
34 2013: The year we all went 'mobile'
35 Internet Archive puts classic 70s and 80s games online
36 Days of the 'bank job' are numbered, report suggests
37 Cheques to be paid in via smartphones
38 China local government debt surges by 70%
39 One foot out the door: Managing a checked-out employee
40 How to stay sane while hunting for work
41 Management mistakes--and opportunities
42 Helicopter rescue for ice-bound ship Akademik Shokalskiy
43 Migrants to face NHS emergency care charges in England
44 Breast implants register aimed at cleaning up industry
45 Youth-drug can 'reverse' aging in animal studies
46 Jeune Syndrome receives gene research boost
47 Are IVF pregnancies more 'precious'?
48 'Without the web, I'd still be searching for a diagnosis'
49 Corn pest decline may save farmers money
50 The origin of flowers: DNA of storied plant provides insight into the evolution of flowering plants
51 A mathematical perspective of seasonal variations in Lyme disease transmission
52 Greek economic crisis leads to air pollution crisis
53 Dual catalysts help synthesize alpha-olefins into new organic compounds
54 Early detection of blinding eye disease could be as easy as scanning a barcode
55 Penn researchers grow liquid crystal 'flowers' that can be used as lenses
56 Starless cloud cores reveal why some stars are bigger than others
57 Natural gas saves water, even when factoring in water lost to hydraulic fracturing
58 Virginia Tech research overturns assumption about mercury in the Arctic
59 91 new species described by California Academy Of Sciences in 2013
60 Innovative screening strategy swiftly uncovers new drug candidates, new biology
61 Religion is good for business shows Rotman study
62 Greenland ice stores liquid water year-round
63 Birth of black hole kills the radio star
64 Solar activity not a key cause of climate change, study shows
65 Beatboxing poses little risk of injury to voice
66 Motor excitability predicts working memory
67 Batteries as they are meant to be seen
68 Pregnant women need not avoid peanuts, evidence shows
69 Antioxidant drug knocks down multiple sclerosis-like disease in mice
70 Hebrew University researchers reach breakthrough on understanding persistent bacteria
71 Newly Discovered Bone Shows Early Evolution of Human Hand
72 Ancestor of Snakes, Lizards Likely Gave Birth to Live Young
73 Drexel University Opens A.J. Drexel Institute for Energy and the Environment
74 New Technology Targets Slick Winter Highways
75 UCLA Study Challenges Long-Held Hypothesis that Iron Promotes Atherosclerosis
76 UF Research Shows Coral Reefs Worth Saving
77 Hack the Planet? Geoengineering Research, Ethics, Governance Explored
78 Supercomputers Help ORNL Researchers Identify Key Molecular Switch That Controls Cell Behavior
79 In Wake of New Studies, Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Reinforces Importance of Food as Key Provider of Vitamins and Nutrients
80 UF Develops First High-Altitude Device to Help Detect Health Threats From the Sky
81 A Roly-Poly Pika Gathers Much Moss
82 Algae to Crude Oil: Million-Year Natural Process Takes Minutes in the Lab
83 $23 Million to Create A "Window Into the Body"
84 Major Poaching Arrest in China
85 UT Dallas Materials Scientist Research Contributes to Invention Recognized by Time Magazine
86 New Study Sheds Light for Those Working to Save World's Endangered Crocodiles
87 Physicists Delve Into Fundamental Laws of Biological Materials
88 Two GW Researchers Named Fellows of the National Academy of Inventors
89 Emerald Ash Borer May Have Met His Match
90 AAPT Will Show Underrepresented Students Learning Science is Fun
91 New Study Reveals Insight Into How the Brain Processes Shape and Color
92 New Community Garden Grows Green Thumbs and Nutrition Education for University Students
93 New York State to Hold Hearing on Ivory Trade
94 SBU Team Discovers New Compounds that Challenge the Foundation of Chemistry
95 Team Finds New Way to Map Important Drug Targets
96 Scientists Reveal Driving Force Behind Mitochondrial 'Sex' in Ancient Flowering Plant
97 Stowers Researchers Announce First Genetic Model of a Human Jaw Fusion Defect Known as Syngnathia
98 UT Southwestern Neuroscience Researchers Identify Gene Involved in Response to Cocaine
99 Enlisting Cells' Protein Recycling Machinery to Regulate Plant Products
100 Common Disorders: It's Not the Genes Themselves, But How They Are Controlled
101 Wayne State University Physicists Publish Observation of The "Charming Socialites"
102 Governor Rick Scott Declares January 4-11, 2014 "Physics Education Week" in Florida
103 Cholesterol Study Shows Algal Extracts May Counter Effects of High Fat Diets
104 Research Raises Concerns About Future Global Crop Yields
105 Virginia Tech Research Overturns Assumption About Mercury in the Arctic
106 Why it Snows So Much in the Frozen North
107 Even or Odd: No Easy Feat for the Mind
108 How Plants Evolved to Weather the Cold
109 Greenland Ice Stores Liquid Water Year-Round
110 Innovative Screening Strategy Swiftly Uncovers New Drug Candidates, New Biology
111 Scientists Anticipated Size and Location of 2012 Costa Rica Earthquake
112 Some Plants May Not Adapt Quickly to Future Climate Change
113 Smartphone as Mentor: How Tech Could Change Behavior
114 Naked Mole Rat Named Vertebrate of the Year
115 Study Identifies Potential Therapeutic Target for Incurable, Rare Type of Soft-Tissue Cancer
116 Toys, Books, Cribs Harbor Bacteria for Long Periods
117 Batteries as They Are Meant to Be Seen
118 New Innovation by NUS Researchers Enhances Information Storage in Electronics and Ushers in a New Era of Computing
119 Testosterone in Male Songbirds May Enhance Desire to Sing but Not Song Quality
120 Plan to Delist Gray Wolf Endangers Other Threatened Species, Researchers Find
121 Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Heart Defects May Be Caused by Altered Function, Not Structure
122 Nicotine Exploits COPI to Foster Addiction