File Title
1 Scientists discover way to enhance self-control
2 Drug addicts 'can quit smoking' with additional therapy
3 What are the health benefits of carrots?
4 Everolimus added to exemestane boosts overall response in postmenopausal women with advanced breast cancer
5 Sleep deprivation and increasing age linked to diabetes
6 'Significant minority' of Dutch public backs euthanasia for elderly
7 Altitude training: athletes 'only benefit at certain heights'
8 Childhood cancer survivors suffer symptoms in adulthood
9 First device to treat migraine wins FDA approval
10 'Avoid raw milk products,' pediatricians urge
11 Intermittent vision of the action can improve brain's visual perception, improve hockey players' performance
12 Spills of fuel with more ethanol could endanger people, buildings
13 With nearly a million variations on 400 smell receptors, everyone senses smell differently
14 Parents approve of nutrition report cards
15 Seeking ways to better screen and recover guns from domestic violence offenders
16 Cholesterol-tracking smartphone users take lifesaving selfies
17 Body mass index 'in and of itself' increases risk of developing chronic kidney disease
18 Cardiovascular risk in HIV-infected women likely related to plaque composition, immune activation
19 Botulism from jailhouse wine
20 High-speed photography provides first direct evidence of how microbubbles dissolve killer blood clots
21 Evidence of Savings in Accountable Care Organizations and Cancer Care
22 Protection against what can be a fatal rickettsial infection
23 Increased risk of death in patients receiving etomidate for anesthesia
24 Novel approach to predict outcomes in heart failure patients
25 Public, patients, and doctors confuse palliative care with end of life care
26 Practice, not innate skill, makes for good mathematicians
27 Improving the prognosis of patients with chemoresistant lymphomata
28 Progression of advanced breast cancer not delayed by new combination therapy
29 Improved outcomes for women with triple-negative breast cancer with new pre-surgery combination therapy
30 Metastatic breast cancer patients with elevated circulating tumor cells do not benefit from changing chemo
31 Next-generation whole exome sequencing sheds more light on Alzheimer's risk
32 Breakthrough study sheds light on skin cell migration in wound healing process
33 A stop sign for cancer
34 Brain blood vessel cells may be therapeutic targets for Alzheimer's disease
35 Controversy surrounds repressed memory
36 Differing care in obstetrics at rural versus urban hospitals
37 Climate change likely to lead to decline in snail fever in Africa
38 Increased risk of hip fracture following wrist fracture
39 In men with sleep apnea, CPAP therapy improves golf performance
40 Decoding the link between calcium deficiency and colon cancer
41 FDA grants approval of a Phase 3 pivotal study for ST10 for the treatment of iron deficiency anaemia in chronic kidney disease
42 Scientists find first definitive proof of MERS coronavirus in dromedary camels
43 Mechanism by which fungus kills mosquito larvae--verdict of accidental death
44 Regenstrief and IU investigators identify first biomarker linked to delirium duration
45 Bedside Pressure Mapping helps reduce pressure ulcers
46 Study confirms fibroblast growth factor receptors as targets for pancreatic cancer treatment
47 'Tis the season for toy safety
48 Swimming ants don shades to save their eyesight
49 Research backs risk-reduction surgery for ovarian cancer
50 The Medical Defense Union reports 40% increase in enquiries about social media
51 Curie-Cancer and Strand launch Curie Image Database
52 Pitt-led microbicide trials network awarded $70 million over seven years to develop, test HIV prevention products
53 Major imaging study uses Siemens MR technology to transform disease research
54 Collaborating proteins allow Nipah virus to 'break into' cells
55 Ear acupuncture 'boosts weight loss'
56 What are the health benefits of coffee?
57 Skin cancer: new molecular targets identified
58 'Breakthrough' may lead to new treatment for fatal childhood cancer
59 Exercise counters effect of Christmas excess on metabolism
60 Marijuana use linked to schizophrenic-related brain changes
61 Scientists halt first step of breast cancer spread in mice
62 PET scans and saxitoxin allow researchers to 'see' pain
63 Older women spend almost 10 hours a day sedentary
64 Antibacterial soaps come under FDA scrutiny
65 Multivitamins 'waste of money,' say medical experts
66 An apple a day keeps vascular mortality at bay, study suggests
67 New high blood pressure guidelines released by committee
68 Cancer death risk increases with chronic kidney disease
69 Type E Botulism Kills Hundreds of Birds in Lake Ontario
70 Study on Young Galaxy 'iZw 18' Shows Dust was Rare in Early Universe
71 Graphene Production Improved Through Use of Mammoth Copper Grains
72 Scientists Discover Recipe for Quick Hydrogen Production
73 Researchers Increase Conductivity in 'Tinker Toy' Material
74 Ancient Fig Wasp that Predates Fig Baffles Scientists
75 DARPA's Ultra-Light, Foldable Satellites Can See 40% of Earth's Surface at Once [Video]
76 Humans Settled in Cyprus during Late Stone Age, Archaeologists Say
77 Prosthesis Developed to Treat Brain Injury
78 Chimpanzee Lawsuits Rejected in New York Court
79 Basic Physics Offers Clues About Potentially Habitable Planets
80 Scientist Fears His Warnings of Devastating Geomagnetic Storms Will Go Unheard
81 Global Subduction Zone Map Highlights Regions at Risk of Major Earthquakes
82 Ancient Supervolcanoes Discovered in Utah Spread Magma, Ash Throughout West [VIDEO]
83 Study of Massive Stars Confirms Milky Way has Four Spiral Arms
84 November 2013 Hottest Month on Record Since 1880, NOAA
85 FDA Curtailment of Antibacterial Soap Could Save Lives, Ecosystems
86 Rare, Diamond-Bearing Rock Found in Antarctica's Mountains
87 Decoding America's Virgin Births
88 Carnivorous Garden Spiders Are Actually Omnivores, Researchers Find
89 Revelatory Fossil Reveals Duck-Billed Dinosaur had a Rooster-like Crest Atop its Head
90 DNA Study Shows Comb Jellies were First Animals
91 Fast Radio Bursts Come from Within the Milky Way, Astronomers Say
92 Secretly Cloning Corals Found Out of Place in Pacific Ocean
93 Blood Clots Prevent Deadly Bacterial Toxin from Spreading in Body
94 Scientists Use Light and Nanoparticles to Split Water into Hydrogen and Oxygen
95 Neanderthals Buried their Dead, Researchers Say
96 Cats Were First Domesticated in China
97 Travelling Wave helps Emperor Penguins Stay Warm, Researchers Find [video]
98 1.42 Million-Year-Old Bone Reveals Human Hand Evolution
99 The Sun, Seen as a Rainbow of Spinning Colors in New NASA Video
100 RS Puppis Looks like a Brilliant Cosmic Wreath
101 Portion of Neanderthal Genome Linked to Sunlight Adaption Discovered in Japan, South China
102 Motor Made from DNA Transports Nanoparticles Down Tube
103 Charitable grants found lacking
104 EU fishing vote foments anger
105 Seabed scars raise questions over carbon-storage plan
106 Controversial pesticides linked to human neurotoxicity
107 Quandary over Soviet croplands
108 E-cigarettes escape stricter European regulation
109 Brain changes precede schizophrenia and autism
110 Narcolepsy confirmed as autoimmune disease
111 Resistance gene identified in malaria parasite
112 Narcolepsy confirmed as autoimmune disease
113 Conservation: The Endangered Species Act at 40
114 Particle physics: Together to the next frontier
115 Not all species deteriorate with age
116 Hominin DNA baffles experts
117 Policy: Twenty tips for interpreting scientific claims
118 Water seems to flow freely on Mars
119 Simulations back up theory that Universe is a hologram
120 US$21 million awarded to delighted scientists in glitzy ceremony
121 Controversial pesticides linked to human neurotoxicity
122 Patent database of 15 million chemical structures goes public