File Title
1 Early Mars rich in key ingredient of life
2 Overworked dads linked with naughty sons
3 TB followed humans out of Africa
4 Climate change 'driving spread of crop pests'
5 TB has human, not animal, origins--says study
6 Insomniacs' brains lose focus, scans suggest
7 Men's average height 'up 11cm since 1870s'
8 Stick insect leads antibiotic hunt, Norwich researchers say
9 UK is Europe's 'addictions capital,' says think tank
10 'Tanned' whales' sun response gives clues to human aging
11 Poverty significantly saps our mental abilities say researchers
12 Tomorrow's cities: Just how smart is Songdo?
13 Q&A: Sarin nerve agent
14 'Molecular basis' for jet lag found
15 French MPs to see 'evidence' of Syria chemical weapons
16 US swimmer Diana Nyad approaching Florida on Cuba swim
17 Vodafone confirms Verizon stake sale
18 Baby in pushchair shot dead in Brooklyn, New York
19 NSA 'spied on Brazil and Mexico'--Brazilian TV
20 How many climate migrants will there be?
21 The search for Suleiman the Magnificent's heart
22 'Walkie-Talkie' skyscraper melts Jaguar car parts
23 Syria crisis: MPs 'right to reject military action'--BBC poll
24 Asaram Bapu: India guru in custody over 'sex assault'
25 Crocodile 'stalks' New Zealand man for two weeks
26 How drugs really get their names [et al.]
27 LG's G Pad and Acer's Liquid S2 phone revealed before Ifa
28 Ben Kaufman's Quirky quest to transform invention
29 Robots: Is the uncanny valley real?
30 Omani newspaper apologises for article on homosexuality
31 Tunisian rapper Weld El 15 sentenced again
32 Taliban bombers attack US base in Afghanistan
33 Syria crisis: Hammond plays down chances of new MPs' vote
34 Al-Sweady inquiry: Officer denies Iraqi mutilation claim
35 How first out-of-town superstore changed the UK
36 Brutal videos fuel Russian anti-gay campaign
37 Been away? The news you might have missed
38 Digital Indians: Find out about the series
39 Yahoo ceases China news and community services
40 Vietnam internet restrictions come into effect
41 Abraham Maslow and the pyramid that beguiled business
42 Modelling hip joint disease using 3D engineering tool
43 The nebuliser--a user's guide
44 Bullied mice overcome anxiety after light treatment
45 Crop Pests Spreading North with Global Warming
46 Baffled boffins 'closer' to finding origins of extragalactic COSMIC RAYS
47 Greenland ice sheet secret revealed: a chasm rivaling the Grand Canyon
48 'Grand Canyon' of Greenland Discovered Under Ice Sheet
49 Beneath the icy sheets in Greenland, lies buried a 750 km long canyon!
50 How whooping crane youngsters learn from their elders
51 Wise Old Whooping Cranes Teach Young How to Migrate
52 NASA to Launch New Moon Probe This Week
53 New Moon Probe Raises Questions About What to Do Next in Space
54 'Hurricane Marco Rubio'--A Winning Climate Campaign?
55 Whales tan to protect from sunburn, study finds
56 Whales Tan To Protect From Sunburn, But Ozone Depletion Leaves Mammals 'Hammered By UV Rays'
57 Transparent, flexible speaker runs on ions
58 Gains made in Giant African Land Snail battle
59 Giant African Land Snails Are In Process of Being Eradicated: Fla. Officials
60 Martian soup may have been tasty to early life
61 Navy: Training, testing may kill marine mammals
62 State to begin examining dead dolphins
63 Scientists Shed New Light on Black Holes
64 Why material around giant black hole in our galaxy's centre is faint in X-rays
65 Vulcan mind meld? Scientists connect two brains online
66 New Shark Species Uses Fins To Walk On Ocean Floor
67 New 'walking' shark species caught on video
68 Men have grown four inches taller in 100 years
69 Women sell positive pregnancy tests on Craigslist for $25 each...and there is no shortage of motivated buyers
70 UPDATE 2--Doctors get good and bad safety news on diabetes drugs
71 New Diabetes Drugs Don't Raise Heart-Attack Risk
72 Life Expectancy Grows for Women Age 50 and Up
73 Get your kids their flu vaccines now, pediatricians advise
74 Peds to Parents: Don't Delay Kids' Flu Shots
75 Men's self-confidence drops when their girlfriends succeed: study
76 Men's self-esteem suffers when female partner succeeds, study says
77 Cardiovascular Outcome Studies in Diabetes Drugs Finally Arrive
78 Daydreamers are more likely to develop insomnia because their brains find it difficult to 'shut down' at night
79 Hospital to home focus may reduce readmissions, study finds
80 Too poor for a health premium subsidy
81 Smokers Who "Survive to 70" Lose Many Years of Life
82 Smokers Who Survive To 70 Still Lose HOW Many Years Of Life?
83 Hospital offers program to kick the net habit
84 Could A Daily Dose Of Red Wine Reduce One's Risk Of Depression?
85 Does wine drinking protect against depression?
86 Measles outbreak puts megachurch under scrutiny
87 In Texas and beyond, hot spots for vaccine refusers alarm officials
88 Risk factors for cardiovascular problems found to be inverse to disease and deaths
89 UPDATE 1--New Daiichi drug vies for slice of clot prevention market
90 Man up revisited: New studies show men and women equally depressed
91 Study shows men just as likely to be depressed as women
92 Nontraditional Symptoms ID Men's Depression
93 Saudi's MERS Concerns Grow as Hajj Season Approaches
94 Overpumping threatens to deplete US high plains groundwater
95 Tropical ocean key to global warming 'hiatus'
96 Pitch-drop custodian dies without witnessing a drop fall
97 Stem cells mimic human brain
98 Flu vaccine backfires in pigs
99 Differences on display on US informed consent rules
100 Fukushima leaks 18 times worse than first thought
101 Is it too late to determine which chemical weapons were used in Syria?
102 Taiwan court set to decide on libel case against scientist
103 Two scientists to join Italian senate
104 Popular plant database set to charge users
105 Crop pests advancing with global warming
106 Common nutrient keeps flies sharp into old age
107 Genomes reveal roots of TB drug resistance
108 Last-minute reprieve for Canada's research lakes
109 Moon mission to suck up lunar dust
110 How soot killed the Little Ice Age
111 Evidence found for planet-cooling asteroid
112 A coordinated approach is key for open access
113 Subject to question
114 Hidden heat
115 Beyond compare