File Title
1 Chemistry team creates spontaneously forming supramolecular nanotube yarn
2 First with new environmentally beneficial technologies
3 New nanoparticles make solar cells cheaper to manufacture
4 Reproducing nature's chemistry: Researchers alter molecular properties in a new way
5 New grayscale technique opens a third dimension for nanoscale lithography
6 Novel self-powered nanoparticles developed to deliver healing drugs directly to bone cracks
7 New sensor for SERS Raman spectroscopy almost as sensitive as a dog's nose
8 Light on twenty-year-old electron mystery
9 Express tool for graphene quality control
10 Butterfly wings + carbon nanotubes = new 'nanobiocomposite' material
11 Quantum effects in nanowires at room temperature
12 Layered semiconductors with magnetic interfaces are potent catalysts for solar energy capture, conversion
13 Molecular motors: Power much less than expected?
14 Biocompatible complexes for drug delivery applications get a structural boost from nanoscale silicon cages
15 Goblet tricks suggests ancient Romans were first to use nanotechnology
16 Chunky mobile devices? Soft graphene could help you downsize
17 New nanomaterial increases yield of solar cells
18 Researchers figure out how to 'grow' carbon nanotubes with specific atomic structures
19 Size matters as nanocrystals go through phases
20 Ultra-high-strength metamaterial developed using graphene
21 Ultra-high-speed nanomaterial synthesis process developed using laser beams
22 Plastic products could easily become electronic with first moldable all-carbon circuits
23 Breakthrough advances nanomaterials for printable solar cells
24 Toxic nanoparticles might be entering human food supply, study finds
25 Researchers figure out why gold nanoparticles can penetrate cell walls
26 Physicists use element 115 to highlight a way for taking new superheavy elements' fingerprints
27 Physics team suggests possible way to make quantum cryptography available in handheld machines
28 Cosmic ray finding: Researchers take a step closer to finding cosmic ray origins
29 Rethinking surface tension
30 Ultracold Big Bang experiment successfully simulates evolution of early universe
31 Novel topological crystalline insulator shows mass appeal
32 Spinning out the future of our electronic devices
33 New component in the quantum electronics toolbox
34 The 'woman who understood Newton'
35 Fastest rotating man-made object created
36 Magnetic materials: Forging ahead with a back-to-basics approach
37 Magnetic charge crystals imaged in artificial spin ice
38 Oxygen 'sponge' presents path to better catalysts, energy materials
39 Laser fusion experiment yields record energy
40 Quantum measurement carries information even when the measurement outcome is unread
41 Existence of new element confirmed
42 Physicist finds that E. coli replicate close to thermodynamic limits of efficiency
43 Overhead costs of fusion power plants can be reduced by planning reactor maintenance and structure together
44 Quantum inverted pendulum: Control scheme dynamically maintains unstable quantum system
45 Sonata in LHCb: The sound of antimatter (w/ Video)
46 Shape-shifting alloys hold promise
47 Quantum computing: Manipulating a single nuclear spin qubit of a laser cooled atom
48 Physicist disentangles 'Schrodinger's cat' debate
49 Quark asymmetries hint at physics beyond the Standard Model
50 New data from PAMELA provides better measure of positrons
51 New ocean forecast could help predict fish habitat six months in advance
52 Russia to deploy 'star wars' missile system in 2017, report says
53 Sea-level rise drives shoreline retreat in Hawaii
54 Red spruce reviving in New England, but why?
55 Alaska tundra shows surprising resilience after unprecedented fire
56 To better protect US coasts, research suggests mixing engineering and ecology
57 TRMM satellite sees heavy rain over Taiwan from Tropical Storm Kong-Rey
58 Landsat revisits old flames in fire trends
59 China's hottest August for more than 50 years
60 Wildfire spreads into Yosemite, before holiday weekend
61 Research shows how 'green' our food is
62 Indigenous communities deploy high-tech mapmaking to staunch global land grab
63 Pacific sounds warning on climate change
64 China oil majors barred from expanding refineries
65 Astronomers discover why supermassive black holes consume less material than expected
66 Mega-canyon discovered beneath Greenland ice sheet
67 Air pollution causes 200,000 early deaths each year in the US, study finds
68 Dwarf planet Ceres: 'A game changer in the solar system'
69 'Trojan' asteroids in far reaches of solar system more common than previously thought
70 Hubble sees a cosmic caterpillar
71 Alberta's climate will get warmer, drier, report says
72 Soil beneath ocean found to harbor long lived bacteria, fungi and viruses
73 Apple launches iPhone trade-in program in US (Update)
74 Robot's face determines user comfort
75 First US-made smartphone just as cheap to produce
76 Nintendo cuts price of Wii U game console (Update)
77 Exploring Google Glass through eyes of early users
78 The next generation of carers and security guards
79 A robot to beat humans at foosball
80 Wet noses to the touchscreen, iPads go to the dogs
81 Review: Leap Motion Controller not ready for prime time
82 A glimpse into the future of robotic technology
83 Review: Haswell laptops deliver on long battery
84 Smart watches might not fit millennials' needs, expert says
85 E-paper display powered by NFC from smartphone (w/ Video)
86 Tech experts debate the smarts of the 'smartwatch'
87 World's first 2560x1440 Quad HD LCD panel for smartphones
88 Sony's PlayStation 4 to launch on Nov. 15 in US
89 Bargains and options abound for PC buyers
90 Review: New TiVo delivers for avid TV viewers
91 Galaxy Mega: New 6.3-inch Samsung phone approaches tablet size (Update 2)
92 Apple readying two iPhone versions for launch
93 A personalised robot companion for older people
94 Silicon Valley keenly awaits latest Lego robot kit
95 Robot does standup for London audience (w/ Video)
96 Samsung to unveil 'smartwatch' next month: reports
97 Tiny robot able to reorient itself during jumps using actuated tail (w/ Video)
98 Microsoft strikes agreement with ValueAct Capital
99 Smart sock for baby monitoring in funding campaign
100 Kim Dotcom blasts New Zealand police 'cover-up'
101 Solar student has 3-D vision
102 Hack attacks, explained
103 New remote-sensing development could aid disaster relief
104 Sun, sand, surf and radiation in shadow of Fukushima
105 Civil engineers using recycled plastic pins to shore up failing highway slopes
106 Gel-based audio speaker demonstrates capabilities of ionic conductors, long thought limited in application (w/ Video)
107 Crowd called to power Hyperloop high-speed transport
108 'Zero knowledge' may answer computer security question
109 Google Android exec poached by China's Xiaomi
110 French court rejects planned wind farm near Mont Saint Michel
111 Vodafone in talks to sell Verizon Wireless stake (Update 2)
112 Google's Brin splits with wife
113 Panasonic to demonstrate 64:9 Ultra-Wide Camera System at Integrate 2013
114 Phone call, SMS or perhaps a Whatsapp message?
115 Japan PM pledges greater government role at Fukushima
116 Toyota says new Prius, fuel cell car due in 2015
117 GM says almost-driverless cars coming by 2020
118 New York Times website restored after hacker attack
119 Strong, elastic 'smart materials' aid design of earthquake-resistant bridges
120 Novel combination ensures entire solar spectrum harnessed
121 Improved software algorithm enables more efficient modeling and development of computer hard drives of the future
122 China to add 1,500 gigawatts of power capacity by 2030, study says
123 For better li-ion batteries, scientists watch one at work
124 Membranes contain beautiful patterns--but their function is a mystery
125 Fog harvesting: How to get fresh water out of thin air
126 Better oxygen extraction attracts commercial interest
127 Flavonoids: Little changes--large effects
128 Chlorophyll harnessed for use in nanophotonic applications
129 A molecular delivery service
130 Breaking the code of royal purple
131 Hydrogen fuel from sunlight: researchers make unique semiconductor / catalyst construct
132 New atomic crystal dynamic of the white pigment titanium dioxide discovered
133 Ribosome research takes shape
134 Producing hydrogen from water with carbon / charcoal powder
135 Novel polymer helps oral medications reach the bloodstream
136 Using a form of 'ice that burns' to make potable water from oil and gas production
137 Remembering a famous debate 400 years ago and water's still-unsolved mysteries
138 Researchers advance the art of drug testing
139 DNA-based method enables the identification of a bacterium as an indicator that obstructs methane fermentation
140 New process targets valuable green chemicals
141 RNA double helix structure identified using synchrotron light
142 'Better detection' for Alzheimer's and cancers
143 Empa helps to expand the Stockholm Convention POP list
144 'Shapeshifting' computer program will open up drug discovery for tricky disease targets
145 Rattling ions limit heat flow in materials used to reduce carbon emissions, study finds
146 Experimental progress begins to fill gaps in hypotheses for life's emergence
147 Success in development of novel chirality sensing technique enabling easy determination of optical purity
148 'Walking' shark discovered in Indonesia
149 Mosquitoes smell you better at night, study finds
150 Too cute to kill? US split on suburban deer
151 Source of GMO wheat in Oregon remains mystery
152 The more the merrier: Promiscuity in mice is a matter of free choice
153 Fifth endemic NZ songbird family identified
154 Novel statistical approach for understanding microbial community ecology
155 Designer sugarcane, not switchgrass, being retooled to produce biofuels
156 RNA molecule behind behavior changes cued by environment
157 Giant panda gives birth in Madrid zoo
158 Whales feel the (sun) burn
159 A novel locus identified for glaucoma in Dandie Dinmont Terrier dog breed
160 New web tool simplifies prediction of regulatory networks in bacteria
161 Human language and birdsong both acquired through stepwise imitation
162 Navy training, testing may kill whales, dolphins
163 Proper developmental patterning in worms determined in part by effective range at which signaling molecule can act
164 Thailand seizes 100 kilos of ivory from Africa
165 Study finds algal cells create fat more quickly than thought, could aid biofuel research
166 Nature field trips go digital
167 Robotic food helps scientists understand predators
168 Membrane protein kit may lead to better targeted drugs
169 Transporting firewood may spread tree-killing insects
170 Growing populations of brown marmorated stink bug could harm late-season crops
171 Paris: Home of Eiffel Tower, Louvre and...seagulls
172 USDA study shows benefits of weaning calves early
173 Using math models to make predictions: How vegetation competes for rainfall in dry regions
174 When things are at their worst, Christianity is intensely enacted
175 Recipe for Britain's first chilled chocolate treats discovered
176 Student helps discover priestess tomb
177 'Average American' will slide down income scale
178 Researcher finds that poverty's 'cognitive cost' translates to as many as ten IQ points
179 Is war really disappearing? A new analysis suggests not
180 What corporations can learn from Microsoft
181 Research suggests terror bird's beak was worse than its bite
182 Customer satisfaction increases the value and interest of company shares for institutional investors
183 Social media a 'double-edged sword' for politicians
184 Collateral damage: Mortgage crisis dampened zeal for stocks
185 For blacks in America, home ownership does not mitigate residential segregation
186 UN: Syria's ancient history faces new threats
187 Jailed men express need for financial education
188 3Qs: 50 years after 'I Have a Dream'
189 Keep stricter audit committee standards flexible, argues new study: Study validates controversial OSC 2003 decision
190 Not the end of the world: Why Earth's greatest mass extinction was the making of modern mammals
191 Hidden in middens: New clues of earliest known Bolivian Amazon humans
192 The science of collaboration
193 Australians first in line to see T.rex ancestor that links dinosaurs to birds
194 Fees cancel tax advantage of college savings plans
195 Venice hosts rare Leonardo drawings exhibition
196 It's much more than maternity leave in the real world of working families
197 Economists find in large groups, money facilitates cooperation
198 Left brain, right brain: Different patterns of cortical interaction
199 Vaccination may make flu worse if exposed to a second strain
200 Intellectual disability linked to nerve cells that lose their 'antennae'
201 Brain imaging study reveals the wandering mind behind insomnia
202 Study links epigenetics, aging, mutations in nuclear proteins to better understand cancer, rare disorders
203 Researchers call for individualized criteria for diagnosing obesity
204 Dueling infections: One keeps the other at bay, anthropologists say
205 Researchers develop new model to study schizophrenia and other neurological conditions
206 A wine a day associated with lower risk of depression
207 Why we look at the puppet, not the ventriloquist
208 Researchers identify key protein's role in cancer development
209 Researchers find promising new angle for drugs to prevent stroke and heart attack
210 IVF success for one in two under 35, but failure after five cycles
211 Brains on demand: Scientists succeed in growing human brain tissue in 'test tubes'
212 Salt intake physiologically set in humans, new study finds
213 Perception of marijuana as a 'safe drug' is scientifically inaccurate
214 Babies may remember words heard before birth, research finds
215 Researcher controls colleague's motions in first human brain-to-brain interface (w/ Video)
216 Call for President Obama to 'remove public veil of ignorance' around state of US health
217 Study in mice links cocaine use to new brain structures
218 Do men and women really look for different things in a romantic partner?
219 Keep your cool: Isothermal PCR for next-generation sequencing
220 Researchers discover a potential cause of autism
221 Researchers find link between blueberries, grapes and apples and reduced risk of type 2 diabetes
222 Genomic study: Why children in remission from rheumatoid arthritis experience recurrences
223 New collagen patch speeds repair of damaged heart tissue in mice
224 Shutting off neurons helps bullied mice overcome symptoms of depression
225 Single gene change increases mouse lifespan by 20%
226 Neuroscientists find a key to reducing forgetting--it's about the network
227 Alcohol breaks brain connections needed to process social cues