File Title
1 Mum's diet can change your moods
2 'Terror bird' was scary-looking vegetarian
3 New window on the Universe on track
4 'Tanned' whales' sun response gives clues to human aging
5 Poverty significantly saps our mental abilities say researchers
6 Older cranes help keep younger birds on the right track
7 Journey to Canada's secret sunshine coast
8 A golden slice of old Tokyo
9 Syria chemical weapons attack killed 1,429, says John Kerry
10 Poet Seamus Heaney dies aged 74
11 Egypt crisis: Morsi supporters stage rallies
12 Colombian troops to patrol Bogota after protests
13 What happens in Syria after the Tomahawks hit?
14 Why do people still fly the Confederate flag?
15 Pisces III: A dramatic underwater rescue
16 Virtual reality: Lessons from the past for Oculus Rift
17 US intelligence agencies' 'black budget' detailed
18 Syria crisis: Cameron and Obama in 'friendly' phone conversation
19 Mood around the world as Syria military strike looms
20 Duchess of Cambridge attends Anglesey ultra marathon
21 Arizona girl, six, dies in brother's joyride crash
22 The VW Beetle: How Hitler's idea became a design icon
23 US shops and restaurants fight patent trolls
24 Syrian Electronic Army hackers say 'many surprises' planned
25 Gamers report big problems with SimCity for Mac
26 Lava lamp creators mark 50 years of 1960s icon
27 Skype: How the online chat revolution changed lives
28 Three abolishes roaming charges for seven countries
29 Nasdaq admits partial blame for trading freeze
30 Campaigners challenge countryside mobile coverage plan
31 When work is a nonstop vacation
32 Beating stress before it beats you
33 Ultracold Big Bang Experiment Successfully Simulates Evolution of Early Universe
34 Researchers a Step Closer to Finding Cosmic Ray Origins
35 Transparent Artificial Muscle Plays Music to Prove a Point
36 'Trojan' Asteroids in Far Reaches of Solar System More Common Than Previously Thought
37 Poor Concentration: Poverty Reduces Brainpower Needed for Navigating Other Areas of Life
38 NASA Data Reveals Mega-Canyon Under Greenland Ice Sheet
39 NASA's Chandra Observatory Catches Giant Black Hole Rejecting Material
40 'Safe' Levels of Environmental Pollution May Have Long-Term Health Consequences
41 'Mini Human Brains' Created: Scientists Grow Human Brain Tissue in 3-D Culture System
42 NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory Untangles Motion Inside the Sun
43 Sea-Level Rise Drives Shoreline Retreat in Hawaii
44 Whales Get a Tan, Too: Pigment in Whale Skin Increases in Response to Sunshine
45 Jet Lag: Why the Body Clock Is Slow to Adjust to Time Changes
46 New Understanding of Formation of Cilia: Cilia Provide Mobility to Cells, and Defects Are Implicated in Many Disease
47 Terror Bird's Beak Was Worse Than Its Bite: 'Terror Bird' Was Probably a Herbivore
48 Bacteria Supplemented Their Diet to Clean Up After Deep Water Horizon Oil
49 Hydrogen Fuel from Sunlight: Researchers Make Unique Semiconductor/Catalyst Construct
50 From Cancer Treatment to Ion Thruster: The Newest Little Idea for Nanosat Micro Rockets
51 Learning How to Migrate: Young Whoopers Stay the Course When They Follow a Wise Old Bird
52 Now Hear This: Scientists Discover Compound to Prevent Noise-Related Hearing Loss
53 Learning a New Language Alters Brain Development
54 Single Gene Change Increases Mouse Lifespan by 20 Percent
55 Dueling Infections: Parasitic Worms Limit the Effects of Giardia, and Vice Versa
56 New Research Gives Answers On the Relationship Between Chronic Illness and Food Insecurity
57 Liver Cancer Due to Chronic Inflammation: Tumor Growth Follows Programmed Cell Death (Apoptosis)
58 Children Who Go to Daycare May Benefit from a Wider Variety of Social Situations
59 New Model to Study Schizophrenia and Other Neurological Conditions
60 Spray-On Solar Cells? New Nanoparticles Make Solar Cells Cheaper to Manufacture
61 A Completely New Atomic Crystal Dynamic of the White Pigment Titanium Dioxide Discovered
62 New Component in the Quantum Electronics Toolbox: Interface Between Atoms and Superconductors
63 What Corporations Can Learn from Microsoft
64 Is War Really Disappearing? New Analysis Suggests Not
65 Mosquitoes Smell You Better at Night
66 New Insights On Wildfire Smoke Could Improve Climate Change Models
67 Alaska Tundra Shows Surprising Resilience After Unprecedented Fire
68 Into the Moving, Crushing, Shifting Ice
69 Computer Program Predicts Functions of Bacterial Gene Regulators
70 The More the Merrier: Promiscuity in Mice Is a Matter of Free Choice
71 Promising New Angle for Drugs to Prevent Stroke and Heart Attack
72 Collagen Clue Reveals New Drug Target for Untreatable Form of Lung Cancer
73 Stroke Systems of Care Essential to Reducing Deaths, Disabilities
74 Genomic Study Reveals Why Children in Remission from Rheumatoid Arthritis Often Experience Recurrences
75 Can Medication Slow Growth of Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms?
76 Statins May Slow Human Aging by Protecting Against Telomere Shortening: A Feature of Senescent Cells
77 Potential Diagnostic Marker for Zinc Status Offers Insights Into the Effects of Zinc Deficiency
78 Dieting for Obese Mothers Just Before Pregnancy May Not Be Enough
79 Newly Discovered Weakness in Cancer Cells Make Them More Susceptible to Chemotherapy
80 Jailed Men Express Need for Financial Education
81 New Medical Conditions More Likely to Spark Healthy Changes Among Better-Educated Middle-Aged Americans
82 First Large Scale Study Links Autism and Autoimmunity
83 Echolocation for Humans: Playing It by Ear
84 Customer Satisfaction Increases the Value and Interest of Company Shares for Institutional Investors
85 Music Lessons Enhance the Quality of School Life
86 Substance Use by Adolescents On an Average Day Is Alarming
87 Doubling the Daily Allowance of Protein Intake With Diet and Exercise Protects Muscle Loss
88 Your Spouse's Voice Is Easier to Hear--And Easier to Ignore
89 Recipe for Britain's First Chilled Chocolate Treats Discovered
90 Antibiotic-Resistant Strains of Salmonella Tracked from Farm to Fork
91 Adding Blood Pressure Drug to Standard Antibiotics Speeds Up TB Treatment
92 Human Heart Disease Recently Found in Chimpanzees
93 Why Smokers Gain Weight When They Quit Smoking: Changes in Intestinal Flora
94 Targeting Mosquito Breeding Sites Could Boost Malaria Control Efforts in Africa and Asia
95 Protect Corridors to Save Tigers, Leopards
96 Ozone Depletion Linked to Extreme Precipitation in Austral Summer
97 Where Can Coral Reefs Relocate to Escape the Heat?
98 Wake Up and Smell the Reef: Fish Larvae Sniff Their Way Back Home
99 Fifteen New Species of Amazonian Birds
100 On Warming Antarctic Peninsula, Moss and Microbes Reveal Unprecedented Ecological Change
101 Hidden Shell Middens Reveal Ancient Human Presence in Bolivian Amazon
102 Model of 'Near-Optimal' Genetic Code Developed
103 Spread of Farming and Origin of Lactase Persistence in Neolithic Age
104 Not the End of the World: Why Earth's Greatest Mass Extinction Was the Making of Modern Mammals
105 NASA's Hubble Sees a Cosmic Caterpillar
106 Milky Way Gas Cloud Causes Multiple Images of Distant Quasar
107 New Cassini Data from Saturn's Largest Moon Titan Indicate a Rigid, Weathered Ice Shell
108 Modified Law of Gravity Predicts Dwarf Galaxy Feature Prior to Observations
109 Oldest Solar Twin Identified: New Clues to Help Solve Lithium Mystery
110 Reproducing Nature's Chemistry: Researchers Alter Molecular Properties in a New Way
111 New Imaging Technology Promising for Several Types of Cancer
112 New Sensor Is Almost as Sensitive as a Dog's Nose
113 Oxygen 'Sponge' Presents Path to Better Catalysts, Energy Materials
114 Researchers Aim to Use Light--Not Electric Jolts--To Restore Healthy Heartbeats
115 Why Electrons Pass Through Very Tiny Wires Less Smoothly Than Expected: Light Shed On 20-Year-Old Mystery
116 Neutron Stars in the Computer Cloud
117 Space Laser to Prove Increased Broadband Possible
118 Computer Test Reveals High Prevalence of Attention Disorders in Stroke Patients
119 Do Girls Really Experience More Math Anxiety?