File Title
1 Global warming slowdown linked to cooler Pacific waters
2 Miniature 'human brain' grown in lab
3 University of St. Andrews scientists create 'fastest man-made spinning object'
4 Farmers could push for badger cull in Wales
5 Deep microbes live long and slow
6 'Money reduces trust' in small groups, study shows
7 Can captive panda cubs help conservation?
8 Obama: Economic equality is our great unfinished business
9 Syria crisis: UK puts forward UN proposal
10 Nidal Hasan gets death penalty for Fort Hood rampage
11 Saudi Arabia cabinet approves domestic abuse ban
12 News from Elsewhere: How abseilers sabotage election banners in Moscow [et al.]
13 Broccoli slows arthritis, researchers think
14 'Twerking' and 'selfie' added to Oxford dictionary
15 How one man turns annoying cold calls into cash
16 Young Chinese boy's eyes gouged out in attack
17 Syria's options in case of a US strike
18 Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones 'take break'
19 Nanotubes: Can we make speakers as thin as paper?
20 Leonardo da Vinci's groundbreaking anatomical sketches
21 New York Times and Twitter struggle after Syrian hack
22 Nintendo aims at young gamers with new handheld console
23 'Revenge porn' law considered by California
24 Tomorrow's cities: How big data is changing the world
25 Android 'accounts for 79% of phone malware'
26 Kobo flattens Aura e-reader to help challenge Kindle
27 Mars images to go on social media feeds in Latin
28 Strands project develops robot security guards
29 MoD spent 40,000 pounds on calling speaking clock
30 Skolkovo: Tech city that aims to restore nation's pride
31 Sylvie Beghal loses airport questioning legal challenge
32 Venice's movie star story
33 Insight into marine life's ability to adapt to climate change
34 Sea otters promote recovery of seagrass beds
35 Changing river chemistry affects Eastern US water supplies
36 Scientists shut down reproductive ability, desire in pest insects
37 Study forecasts future water levels of crucial agricultural aquifer
38 New technique for measuring tree growth cuts down on research time
39 Eastern US water supplies threatened by a legacy of acid rain
40 Broccoli could be key in the fight against osteoarthritis
41 A genetic treasure hunting in sorghum may benefit crop improvement
42 An alga stressed by the light
43 Snapping turtles finding refuge in urban areas while habitats are being polluted
44 Submarine canyons a source of marine invertebrate diversity, abundance
45 Report proposes microbiology's grand challenge to help feed the world
46 Fukushima radioactive plume to reach US in three years
47 Fish larvae sniff reef odor to find their way home
48 Parasitic worm genome uncovers potential drug targets
49 AC or DC? 2 newly described electric fish from the Amazon are wired differently
50 Woodland salamanders indicators of forest ecosystem recovery
51 Wake up and smell the reef: Fish larvae sniff their way back home
52 Wildfires projected to worsen with climate change
53 Biodiversity in Ontario's Great Lakes region may be greater than we thought
54 Native Californians followed the greenery
55 Earliest known iron artifacts come from outer space
56 Handaxe design reveals distinct Neanderthal cultures
57 TAU Archaeologists Find Massive Fortifications from the Iron Age
58 First colonisers of the Faroe Islands were not the Vikings
59 Using x-ray vision to detect unseen gold
60 Pottery residue reveals spice use in prehistoric European cuisine
61 Researchers reveal hunter-gatherers' taste for spice
62 European hunter-gatherers owned pigs as early as 4600 BC
63 Hidden shell middens reveal ancient human presence in Bolivian Amazon
64 Mercury levels in Pacific fish likely to rise in coming decades
65 Ocean fish acquire more mercury at depth
66 Penn Study Finds Earlier Peak for Spain's Glaciers
67 Harmful particles in Icelandic volcanic ash fell first, says new research
68 Winter depression not as common as many think, OSU research shows
69 NREL Study Suggests Cost Gap for Western Renewables Could Narrow by 2025
70 East Antarctic Ice Sheet could be more vulnerable to climate change than previously thought
71 Using a form of 'ice that burns' to make potable water from oil and gas production
72 A major cause of age-related memory loss identified
73 1 in 4 has alarmingly few intestinal bacteria
74 Kids' fast food ads emphasize giveaways more than food
75 Researchers predict greener Greenland
76 We may all be Martians--new research supports theory that life started on Mars
77 Combating concussions
78 Targeting mosquito breeding sites could boost malaria control efforts in Africa and Asia
79 Intestinal flora determines health of obese people
80 The science of collaboration
81 Not the end of the world: why Earth's greatest mass extinction was the making of modern mammals
82 School-age drinking increases breast cancer risk
83 UC Davis team "spikes" stem cells to generate myelin
84 Researchers develop model of 'near-optimal' genetic code
85 NIH scientists describe how anthrax toxins cause illness, death
86 Researchers Aim to Use Light--Not Electric Jolts--to Restore Healthy Heartbeats
87 LSU Research Responsible for Naming 15 New Species of Amazonian Birds
88 Wearing high heels can change the way you shop
89 Rethinking investment risk
90 Study shows how some inspectors are able to uphold factory labor rules
91 Wait times up 78% at VA for colorectal cancer procedures
92 Study examines relationship of a commercial ACO contract with medical spending
93 Do girls really experience more math anxiety?
94 New Energy Model Offers Transparency to Let Others Replicate Findings
95 Tennessee High School Students Publish in Top Science Journal
96 Fractions gain traction with concrete models
97 No evidence of residential property value impacts near US wind turbines
98 Contagious savings
99 University of Tennessee lecturer investigates response to 'bad' art
100 Does migraine affect income or income affect migraine?
101 Butterfly wings + carbon nanotubes = new 'nanobiocomposite' material
102 Producing hydrogen from water with carbon/charcoal powder
103 Four Alcohol Brands Dominate Popular Music Mentions
104 A strategy for combating drug-resistant cancers
105 Scientists prevent preterm birth caused by gene-environment interactions
106 Anchoring ABL for a better fate
107 How quickly can a bacterium grow?
108 Supervolcanic Ash Can Turn To Lava Miles From Eruption, MU Scientists Find
109 Control scheme dynamically maintains unstable quantum system
110 UTHealth, Swedish researchers uncover mystery in blood clotting disorder
111 Migraine may permanently change brain structure
112 Does migraine affect income or income affect migraine?
113 Magnetic charge crystals imaged in artificial spin ice
114 Molecular motors: Power much less than expected?
115 MOND predicts dwarf galaxy feature prior to observations
116 Butterfly wings + carbon nanotubes = new 'nanobiocomposite' material
117 Oldest Solar Twin Identified
118 Producing hydrogen from water with carbon/charcoal powder
119 Milky Way Gas Cloud Causes Multiple Images of Distant Quasar
120 ORNL-grown oxygen 'sponge' presents path to better catalysts, energy materials
121 The extraordinary evolution of REVs
122 Earthquakes and tectonics in Pamir Tien Shan
123 Space Laser To Prove Increased Broadband Possible
124 Giving preschoolers choice increases sharing behavior
125 The How-to Parenting Program improves the mental health of children
126 Prison education cuts recidivism and improves employment, study finds
127 Survey highlights barriers to interdisciplinary environmental science
128 The 'whole' problem with recycling
129 LSUHSC study reports racial/ethnic differences in young people with cancer
130 Epilepsy drug dosage linked to specific birth defects
131 Development of a Therapeutic Algorithm for Optimal Nosebleed Management
132 Adapting to mainstream lowers diabetes risk in African-Americans
133 Study shows mindfulness training can help reduce teacher stress and burnout
134 New medical conditions more likely to spark healthy changes among better-educated middle-aged people
135 Altruism or manipulated helping? Altruism may have origins in manipulation
136 Stabilizing aircraft during takeoff and landing using math
137 Pulsars make a GPS for the cosmos
138 What is your heart attack risk?
139 Scientists develop new method of estimating fish movements underwater
140 Waterloo mathematician solves 40-year-old problem
141 Consuming alcohol before first pregnancy linked with increased risk of BBD & breast cancer
142 Specialist nurses as good as doctors in managing rheumatoid arthritis patients
143 Benefit of PET or PET/CT in oesophageal cancer is not proven
144 Autistic children can outgrow difficulty understanding visual cues and sounds
145 Four Alcohol Brands Dominate Popular Music Mentions
146 Univ. of Maryland research could result in new approach to prevent diabetes-induced birth defects
147 Researchers discover a potential cause of autism
148 St. Jude Children's Research Hospital scientists identify ALS disease mechanism
149 Pain Relief Technique Helps Speed One Third of Colorectal Surgical Patients to Hospital Discharge the Day After Bowel Resection
150 '1 pill can kill': Effects of unintentional opioid exposure in young children
151 NAMS issues new guidance on vulvovaginal atrophy
152 Your spouse's voice is easier to hear--and easier to ignore
153 New research reveals long-term benefits of emergency safe spaces for children
154 Guideline development for non-specialist mental health services in Nigeria
155 Unemployment restricts access to kidney transplants, UNH research finds
156 Dams destabilize river food webs: Lessons from the Grand Canyon
157 Special Issue: The minimum age of criminal responsibility
158 Landfill nation: What makes consumers less likely to recycle?
159 When do consumers think a freebie is more valuable than a discounted product?
160 The blushing shopper: Does it matter what else you put in the basket with the anti-gas medication?
161 When is controversy (not) good for building product buzz?
162 Ironic outcomes: Being specific, not flexible, helps consumers achieve their goals
163 Low self-esteem consumers: When does standing out help you fit in?
164 Studies explore weapons/arrests in domestic violence cases
165 Researchers agree that Alzheimer's test results could be released to research participants
166 Perception of marijuana as a 'safe drug' is scientifically inaccurate
167 Researcher controls colleague's motions in 1st human brain-to-brain interface
168 Forensic experts may be biased by the side that retains them
169 Dementia sufferers more likely to be diagnosed with urinary or fecal incontinence
170 The importance of treating pediatric AIDS in the elimination agenda
171 CU study relies on twins and their parents to understand height-IQ connection
172 Conspiracy theories not to blame for underrepresentation in HIV studies
173 Men feel worse about themselves when female partners succeed, says new research
174 The potential for successful climate predictions!
175 Astronomers Use Hubble Images for Movies Featuring Space Slinky
176 Arctic Sea Ice Update: Unlikely To Break Records, But Continuing Downward Trend
177 Chelyabinsk meteorite had previous collision or near miss
178 Fernand (Atlantic/Gulf of Mexico)
179 New Cassini data from Titan indicate a rigid, weathered ice shell
180 NASA's SDO Mission Untangles Motion Inside the Sun
181 Why are some cells more cancer prone?
182 Almost as sensitive as a dog's nose