File Title
1 Grand Theft Auto V: A crime- and sun-filled tourist destination
2 Meeting the bandwidth demands of taking your business into the cloud
3 Waterfalls and flywheels: General Motors' new hyper-green data center
4 Pictures Make Sense of Big Data
5 Charity Works: How crunching big data can save a child
6 Review: LG's G2 smartphone gets caught living in the shadows of giants
7 iOS 7, thoroughly reviewed
8 Blackberry's upcoming Z30: We can make huge phones, too
9 Nvidia unveils the Tegra Note: Brought to you by EVGA?
10 NSA aims to plug holes that sprang Snowden leaks
11 Canada, Australia struggling with science policy issues too
12 Google launches Calico, an anti-aging company led by an Apple executive
13 Facebook "Like" button just as protected as written speech, court rules
14 Report: BlackBerry to cut up to 40% of employees
15 Motorola launches Moto X, Droid MAXX Developer Editions
16 Sony demos its PlayStation app for Android and iOS at Tokyo Game Show keynote
17 Sony: PS4 will support gameplay capture over HDMI
18 Veteran Nintendo president and billionaire Hiroshi Yamauchi dies at 85
19 Google Wallet, now on iPhone
20 California finally legalizes Lyft, SideCar, and other rideshare app firms
21 Microsoft won't make Office editing free on iOS/Android, so Google does
22 Nielsen TV ratings to include monitoring on digital devices starting in 2014
23 iOS 7 lock screen bug allows full access to Photos app, contact info
24 Air Force Research Lab puts money up for tools to stop future Snowdens
25 Snowden docs now show Britain, not NSA, targeted Belgian telco
26 Don't let me down, Apple: iOS 7 on the iPad 2
27 With 30 tuners and 30 TB of storage, SnapStream makes TiVos look like toys
28 Arctic melt season over, leaving behind more ice than recent years
29 Angry entrepreneur replies to patent troll with racketeering lawsuit
30 Gabe Newell: Linux is the future of gaming, new hardware coming soon
31 New lease on life or death sentence? iOS 7 on the iPhone 4
32 Put the Xbox One on its end "at your own risk"
33 Senator asks if FBI can get iPhone 5S fingerprint data via Patriot Act
34 Sprint introduces One Up annual phone upgrade plan
35 Make Sure You Know Who Will Inherit Your Twitter Account
36 Guardian Editors Debate a Former NSA Lawyer on PRISM, Snowden and Surveillance
37 The Good News Is That They Saved Best Buy
38 Apple releases iOS 7.0.1 update to fix fingerprint scanner
39 EPA releases carbon dioxide emissions rules for new power plants
40 Chipworks: Apple's A7 is made by Samsung, M7 is indeed a separate chip
41 Silk Road competitor Atlantis Market shuts down for "security reasons"
42 Spain passes new anti-piracy laws, raises maximum penalty to six years
43 I'm not leaving without a gold one! Tales from the iPhone 5S line
44 Blackberry warns of near-$1 billion loss this quarter
45 Grand Theft Auto V rakes in over $1 billion in three days
46 More than trading laptops for guns, IT entrepreneur aims to rewire Baltimore
47 Secret court declassifies opinion providing rationale for metadata sharing
48 Giant gobs of earwax tell a whale of a tale
49 Researchers can slip an undetectable trojan into Intel's Ivy Bridge CPUs
50 East Coast mantle hotspot could explain massive Missouri quakes
51 Linus Torvalds worries about how Linux will handle end of Moore's Law
52 German chancellor's drone "attack" shows the threat of weaponized UAVs
53 Charles Carreon finally quits fighting, calls Oatmeal battle "a dumb thing"
54 Explosive dispersal: Microbes hitch a ride on volcanic eruptions
55 $199, 4.2" computer is Intel's first Raspberry Pi competitor
56 Impacts on comets can create building blocks of life, too
57 Stop using NSA-influenced code in our products, RSA tells customers
58 Proof of alien life? You need a lot more evidence than this
59 iFixit's iPhone 5S teardown finds larger battery, improved LTE transceiver
60 Verizon blocks Nexus 7 and will probably get away with it
61 Xbox One interface a clean slate inspired by Windows 8
62 We don't enable backdoors in our crypto products, RSA tells customers
63 Protected habitat not enough to keep Costa Rican crocs safe
64 Cracker of Apple's fingerprint scanner to win booze, cash, and bitcoins
65 Cows cleared of charges in salmonella epidemic; new suspects named
66 Do Facts Matter Anymore in Public Policy? (Op-Ed)
67 What--and When--to Eat to Build Muscle (Op-Ed)
68 Who Invented the Microscope?
69 Meet the Queen of King Size Bows
70 Wearable Tech Adoption Slow--But Not For Long
71 Beam Me Up: Bits of Information Teleported Across Computer Chip
72 Midcentury Life, on Mars (Op-Ed)
73 Recycled Fashion? Menswear Made of Recycled Water Bottles
74 Hotspot Scorched Midwest, Leaving Legacy of Earthquakes, Rare Rocks
75 Tiny 3D-Printed Organs Aim for 'Body on a Chip'
76 Biblical-Era Town Discovered Along Sea of Galilee
77 New Thermometers Stick Like Temporary Tattoo
78 Meteorite Minerals Hint at Earth Extinctions, Climate Change
79 How Dreams Form: Roots of Bizarre Imagery Revealed
80 Whale of a Surprise: Humpbacks Winter in Antarctica
81 Sleeping Beauty: Science Proves Beauty Rest Is Real
82 Solar Plane Pioneers Team Up with Google
83 $2 million XPRIZE Targets Ocean Acidification (Op-Ed)
84 Secret to Bad-Smelling Wine Revealed
85 The Roots of Creativity Found in the Brain
86 Antibiotic-Resistant Staph Infections Down Significantly
87 Alarming Rate of 'Extreme Binge Drinking' Seen in High Schoolers
88 Food Allergies Cost US Families Billions Per Year
89 Intense Space Weather Storms Spark Satellite Failures
90 Some Women Undergo Unnecessary Double Mastectomies
91 Cloud Seeding Not to Blame for Colorado Flooding
92 Why Your Child's Car Seat Might Not Be Safe (Op-Ed)
93 Facts About Actinium
94 Facts About Thorium
95 Female Squid Wear Fake Testes to Avoid Male Advances
96 Exaptation: How Evolution Uses What's Available
97 A History of Elves
98 2012 Weather Extremes Could Become the Norm (Op-Ed)
99 Lifestyle Change May Reverse Aging in Cells
100 Science Is Key to Earth's Future, Says Astrophysicist Martin Rees
101 What the World Dreams About: Mind-Bending App to Find Out
102 Do Goldfish Prefer Bach or Stravinsky?
103 Experimental Forests Could Lessen Toll of Wildfires
104 Comet Crashes Can Spawn the Ingredients of Life
105 Jetpacks Get Regulators' Feathers Ruffled
106 Evolution of a Predator: How Big Cats Became Carnivores
107 First-Person: Black Widow Bite Sends Man to Hospital
108 Mystery Behind 'Into the Wild' Death Solved
109 Pandemic Flu Plan Predicts 30% of US Could Fall Ill
110 Vaporware Hype Hurts the 3D-Printing Marketplace (Op-Ed)