File Title
1 Evidence for new periodic table element boosted
2 Badger cull begins in Somerset in attempt to tackle TB
3 Sea otter return boosts ailing seagrass in California
4 US ready to launch Syria strike, says Chuck Hagel
5 US house prices continue strong growth
6 Government requests to Facebook outlined in report
7 China hit by 'biggest ever' cyber-attack
8 California Rim Fire is 'one fifth contained'
9 Gay Pakistan: Where sex is available and relationships are difficult
10 The low cost technology saving premature babies' lives
11 Australia election: Why is voting compulsory?
12 Syria crisis: Russia and China step up warning over strike
13 Facebook to compensate users for sharing details on ads
14 Miley Cyrus MTV performance draws complaints
15 Syria crisis: Where key countries stand
16 Florida must pay Zimmerman's legal costs, says lawyer
17 Billabong reduces the value of its brand to zero
18 Syria crisis: Western military options
19 Why other queues always seem to move faster than yours
20 Mexico mudslides and flash flooding kill 14
21 Should you take time off to job hunt?
22 Kissing co-workers
23 The dirty secret of some top managers
24 How Mahalia Jackson defined the 'I Have a Dream' speech
25 Bringing Buenos Aires' folk music into the clubs
26 Grand Theft Auto 5 leak sparks Sony apology to Rockstar
27 Boy dies of bubonic plague in Kyrgyzstan
28 Texas church linked to measles outbreak
29 Half of teenagers sleep deprived, say experts
30 Cancer patient trapped in bus baggage compartment
31 Liberia students all fail university admission exam
32 How strong is US evidence of Syria chemical attack?
33 Big break in dolphin die-off: It's an 'outbreak' of measles-like virus
34 Evidence for new element Ununpentium may swell Periodic Table
35 European hunter-gatherers domesticated pigs earlier than thought
36 NASA: Full details on our manned ASTEROID SNATCH mission
37 Sea Otters Protect Marine Grass From Invasive Algae By Munching Troublesome Crabs; Kick-Start Chain Reaction Called 'Trophic Cascade'
38 Sea otters boost seagrass by protecting algae-eating sea slugs
39 Japan Cancels 1st Launch of Next-Generation Epsilon Rocket
40 How to Stop Insects from Having Sex: Lower Neuropeptide Levels in Their Brains
41 NASA: OK, there is water in the moon
42 Chandrayaan data reveals water on moon surface: NASA
43 Chelyabinsk Meteorite Fragments Reveal Potential Space Collision
44 Russian Meteor Explosion: Space Rock Had Near-Misses Before Impact
45 Mercury contamination in fish expected to rise in coming decades
46 Why deep sea fish contain more toxic mercury than shallow water fish
47 Neil Armstrong Death: NASA Honors FIrst Anniversary of Moon-Walking Astronaut's Passing With Tribute Video (WATCH)
48 Activists want to name storms after 'global warming deniers'
49 350-pound blue marlin jumps into boat, nearly spears one of the anglers [VIDEO]
50 350-pound blue marlin jumps into boat
51 Can UN scientists revive drive against climate change?
52 People Don't Fear Climate Change Enough
53 EPA chief McCarthy in Alaska, emphasizes climate change
54 Notable people: Damon, Panettiere get environmental awards
55 Measles outbreak tied to Texas megachurch sickens 21
56 Megachurch Changes Vaccination Stance After Outbreak
57 Measles Outbreak Traces To Vaccine-Refusing Megachurch
58 Sarah Murnaghan, girl who successfully sued for adult lung transplants, goes home
59 Lung transplant gives Sarah Murnaghan chance to live her dreams
60 Health Buzz: Progress Shown in Reducing Underage Tobacco Sales [et al.]
61 Family donates organs of 12-year-old boy infected by 'brain-eating' amoeba
62 Brain-eating parasite case: Florida boy's organs donated
63 UPDATE 2--Roche looks to replicate cancer success with eye drugs
64 Anti-Abortion Laws Lead to Clinic Shutdowns Nationwide
65 Anti-Abortion Laws Take Dramatic Toll On Clinics Nationwide
66 Mexico farm linked to illnesses resumes operations
67 Darden isn't buying lettuce from Mexican farm linked to outbreak
68 Women told they have breast 'cancer' more likely to want surgery
69 Terms Docs Use Can Influence Patients' Cancer Choices
70 West Nile virus detected in three San Gabriel Valley cities
71 Some school districts quit healthier lunch program
72 Stuttering May Not Cause Emotional Woes in Preschoolers: Study
73 U.S. scientist operates colleague's brain from across campus
74 New Hope for Early Detection of Ovarian Cancer
75 Photo of former Marine and his wife goes viral: 'America just fell in love'
76 Physical inactivity can be risk factor for illnesses, conditions
77 Personality trait shapes why haters hate
78 Researchers take step toward predicting Parkinson's
79 Want to Spend Less? Shop in High Heels, Study Says
80 Parasite mystery continues; Texas cases not linked to bagged salad
81 Why BMI Isn't The Best Measure for Weight (or Health)
82 Japan suspends satellite rocket launch at last minute
83 NASA Partner Completes Second Dream Chaser Captive-Carry Test
84 Flights of Fancy
85 Japan space agency unveils new rocket Epsilon
86 Avionics: The Central Nervous System of NASA's Space Launch System
87 ATK Awarded Contract by Orbital Sciences to Support Stratolaunch System
88 NASA's Space Launch System Completes Preliminary Design Review
89 Test confirms NASA manned capsule can land even if one parachute lost
90 N. Korea halts work at long-range rocket site: website
91 Upside down sensor behind proton rocket explosion
92 Meteor that hit Russia may have had close shave with Sun
93 Around the World in Four Days: NASA Tracks Chelyabinsk Meteor Plume
94 NASA used satellite to follow plume left by exploding meteor
95 Promise of jobs triggers scramble for civilian drones
96 Puma AE Small Unmanned Aircraft Achieves Continuous Flight for More Than Nine Hours
97 US Air Force lacks volunteers to operate drones
98 MQ-8B Fire Scout Unmanned Helicopter Passes 5,000 Flight Hours In Afghanistan
99 Indian rocket GSLV-D5 to go back to assembly building
100 Russian Aerospace Industry Needs State
101 Russian Space Center Delays 'Sabotage'
102 Kazakhstan official 'dissatisfied' with cleanup after rocket crash
103 Starbirth Surprisingly Energetic: ALMA observations give new insights into protostars
104 A brighter method for measuring the surface gravity of distant stars
105 New theory points to 'zombie vortices' as key step in star formation
106 Observations tie colliding neutron stars to 'kilonova' phenomenon
107 When galaxies switch off
108 Shedding New Light on the Brightest Objects in the Universe
109 Starburst to star bust
110 Catalog of cosmic X-Ray sightings will aid astronomers
111 NASA's Hubble Shows Link Between Stars' Ages and Their Orbits
112 Stellar monsters do not collide--no hope for a spectacular catastrophe
113 Global sea level rise dampened by Australia floods
114 New rains kill 21 more in flood-hit China: Xinhua
115 8 dead as heavy rains pummel flooded Philippines
116 Russia scrambles to contain record floods
117 Comet ISON to fly by Mars
118 'Lazarus comets' explain Solar System mystery
119 NASA's Wise Finds Mysterious Centaurs May Be Comets
120 UA astronomers take sharpest photos ever of the night sky
121 Highest-ever resolution photos of the night sky
122 Hubble Space Telescope finds source of Magellanic Stream
123 New Horizons--Late in Cruise, and a Binary Ahoy
124 Pluto Science Conference Exceeds Expectations
125 SciTechTalk: Grab your erasers, there are more moons than we thought
126 NASA Hubble Finds New Neptune Moon
127 A Giant Moon for the Ninth Planet
128 Kerberos and Styx: Welcome to the Pluto System
129 New Horizons Team Sticking to Original Flight Plan at Pluto
130 NASA Spacecraft Capture an Earth Directed Coronal Mass Ejection
131 Looming weak solar max may herald frosty times
132 Waking up to a new year
133 Study: Planets might be 'born free' without a parent star
134 Kepler planet hunter spacecraft is beyond repair: NASA
135 Ball Aerospace-built WISE Spacecraft Roused from Sleep to Resume Asteroid Hunting Mission
136 High-speed tests demonstrate space penetrator concept
137 Physicists pinpoint key property of material that both conducts and insulates
138 Mobius strip ties liquid crystal in knots to produce tomorrow's materials and photonic devices
139 Investigation into the formation of defects during phase transitions in crystals of ions
140 New materials for bio-based hydrogen synthesis
141 Lab-made complexes are "sun sponges"
142 Change of Venue for NASA's IceBridge Antarctic Operations
143 Earth orbit changes were key to Antarctic warming that ended last ice age
144 Coastal Antarctic permafrost melting faster than expected
145 Russia blocks bid for Antarctic sanctuary: NGOs
146 Using x-ray vision to detect unseen gold
147 Berlin researchers open a door for solid state physics
148 Quantum teleportation: Transfer of flying quantum bits at the touch of a button
149 Physicists propose Higgs boson 'portal' as the source of this elusive entity
150 An infallible quantum measurement
151 Spacecraft meant to survey a billion stars arrives at launch complex
152 Pulsars make a GPS for the cosmos
153 Plasma-treated nano filters help purify world water supply
154 New tests for determining health and environmental effects of nanomaterials
155 Graphene nanoscrolls are formed by decoration of magnetic nanoparticles
156 SU Chemists Develop 'Fresh, New' Approach to Making Alloy Nanomaterials
157 Heterogeneous nanoblocks give polymers an edge
158 Water clears path for nanoribbon development
159 New NIST nanoscale indenter takes novel approach to measuring surface properties
160 Desktop printing at the nano level