File Title
1 Three-parent IVF 'not ready for the clinic'
2 Methane findings dash hope for life on Mars
3 ET to receive a 'crowd-sourced' message?
4 Curiosity rover's methane result challenges life theory
5 Peak District's High Peak Moors to see 50-year restoration plan
6 New spiny rat discovered in 'birthplace of evolution'
7 Online anger 'spreads faster than joy' on Weibo
8 Camelford water poisoning: Unreserved government apology
9 Richard III tomb new design revealed by Leicester cathedral
10 Are ideas to cool the planet realistic?
11 Syria 'submits chemical weapons data' to Hague watchdog
12 Afghanistan militants kill 18 police in Badakhshan
13 Chicago park shooting leaves boy and others wounded
14 Yemen violence: Twin attacks on army 'kill 40'
15 Iraq violence: Deadly blasts strike Sunni mosque
16 When Duke Ellington played Kabul
17 Navy Yard shooting: Swat team awaits answers
18 US lawmakers vote to cut food stamp benefits from 2014
19 Russia 'seizes' Greenpeace ship after Arctic rig protest
20 iPhone shortages frustrate networks on launch day
21 Rancher convicted over murder of US nun Dorothy Stang
22 Google revamps logo and search page
23 Venezuela condemns 'US airspace ban' on President Maduro
24 RSA warns over NSA link to encryption algorithm
25 Space: How cold does it get when we leave Earth?
26 How to destroy Syria's chemical arsenal
27 Germany in figures
28 India hunt as terror suspect Afzal Usmani flees Mumbai court
29 Nigeria's 'Boko Haram': Abuja sees security forces targeted
30 Hiroshi Yamauchi: Nintendo chief's video games legacy
31 Could high-end camping gear save lives around the world?
32 Former Nokia boss Stephen Elop to receive $25m pay-off
33 Cyber-blackmailers 'abusing hundreds of UK children'
34 Barclays Bank computer theft: Eight held over 1.3m pounds haul
35 Don't ignore these five signs of impending layoffs
36 A fatal flaw when choosing the right leader
37 Syria rebels agree Azaz ceasefire
38 Sri Lanka vote: A new start?
39 'Starved' Hamzah Khan's father asked police to intervene
40 Jowell: Gordon Brown was 'agent' of malign briefing
41 Letzgo Hunting target James Stone jailed for child sex abuse
42 Is kissing on public transport rude?
43 UKIP's Godfrey Bloom under fire over 'demeaning' joke
44 Stirling Prize: Park Hill Phase 1
45 Elderly care needs 'set to treble' by 2050
46 Tooth decay hits quarter of five-year-olds, survey suggests
47 Is sex education key to porn battle?
48 Porn star couple call for condoms to be made compulsory
49 Need some time off your feet? NASA paying volunteers $18K to lie in bed for 70 days
50 Homeless being paid to camp out for iPhone 5C, 5S in L.A.
51 Cracking the egg: Food innovators at Calif. start-up seek egg alternatives
52 Study: Weight loss surgery keeps diabetes at bay long term, reverses complications
53 Microsoft takes iPad trade-ins for cash
54 How much longer can Earth support life?
55 Why Apple iPhone 5S, 5C buyer is ripping apart new phones
56 5 tips for using new iPhone 5C, iPhone 5S, or Apple iOS 7
57 Curiosity unable to detect methane on Mars
58 Prosecutors urge use of new iPhone "kill switch"
59 Jetpacks could go on sale next year for high fliers
60 Small e-readers help people with dyslexia read faster, comprehend more
61 Four legless lizard species discovered in California
62 Study: Not all STEM grads go on to make big bucks
63 NASA looks to post-2020 International Space Station operations
64 HIV-positive porn actors call for condoms on sets
65 Beer belly: Man becomes drunk when stomach turns into brewery
66 Vitamin B supplements might reduce your risk of stroke
67 New scan may diagnose Alzheimer's as brain changes occur
68 Blood test can determine whether illness is caused by virus or bacteria
69 French Riviera jeweler arrested after allegedly shooting thief
70 Chinese mooncake holiday pastry at center of major anti-corruption drive
71 Breaking Bad actress Anna Gunn talks Skyler White criticism, show's finale
72 Cardinal Timothy Dolan: Church's "finger-wagging tone is counterproductive"
73 Hump Day Geico commercial: Creators dish on ad's success, its development
74 Court document references al Qaeda-linked chemical weapons program in Somalia
75 Costa Concordia salvage operator Nick Sloane on fame after righting wreck
76 Walgreens expected to announce health care switch to private plans
77 Ex-NFL star fights back online after home trashed by partying teens
78 First self-healing polymer created in Spanish lab
79 Chicago park shooting leaves 13 wounded, including 3-year-old boy
80 House votes to cut $4 billion a year from food stamps
81 Cruz says he'll filibuster spending bill if it doesn't defund Obamacare
82 Pope Francis: Catholic Church must focus beyond "small-minded rules"
83 Video appears to show twins fighting for space in womb
84 Medal of Honor winner shows bravery, tenderness
85 Louisiana emphasizes drinking water safe despite finding brain-eating amoeba
86 Are obese people with cancer getting chemotherapy doses too small for them?
87 Elite Army units to stop taking anti-malarial drug
88 Shorter high-dose radiation treatments may be better for breast cancer patients
89 First lady to food companies: Make healthier ads for kids now
90 Regular colonoscopies may cut colorectal cancer risk by 40%
91 University of NH offering plates to help students with food choices
92 Tesla Motors Announces Plan For Automated Driving
93 Fighting the Syrian Regime: There's an App For That
94 New Apps Debut for Apple's iOS 7
95 For the iPhone 5S, Pawprints Can Be Fingerprints Too
96 HP Takes Leap With Motion Sensor Embedded Into New Laptop
97 Amid Reports of Major Layoffs, BlackBerry Plans to Bring BBM to iPhone and Android
98 $16K For the First Person to Hack iPhone 5S Fingerprint Sensor
99 iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C Go On Sale
100 Seriously, Why Are These People Waiting in Line for the New iPhones?
101 13 People, Including 3-Year-Old, Shot in Chicago
102 Coca-Cola Apologizes for Offensive Bottle Cap
103 Oklahoma Sunken Cars: Mysteries Solved for Families With Vanished Relatives
104 92-Year-Old World War II Vet Avoids Eviction By Daughter
105 Gun Control Advocates, Democratic Lawmakers Make Case for Gun Control
106 Amanda Knox on Retrial: 'Everything Is at Stake'
107 Government Shutdown Showdown 2013: a Primer
108 Obamacare Arrives 3 Years Later, Little Understood and Not Well-Liked
109 Google Funds Company to Tackle Aging
110 12 Signs You May Have an Anxiety Disorder
111 U.S. Has More Guns--And Gun Deaths--Than Any Other Country, Study Finds
112 'Cat Lady' Parasite Linked to Permanent Brain Damage
113 6 Things Your Body's Trying to Tell You
114 6 New Ways to Boost Your Mood With Food
115 American Moms Reject French Effort to Ban Honey Boo Boos