File Title
1 Gene for promiscuity found in yeast
2 Termites create their own antibiotics
3 Rose petals inspire nano-raspberry surfaces
4 Cat parasite may remove mouse fear for good
5 Dino model shows the glide path to flight
6 Prawn nebula gets amateur touch
7 Our nose knows ten types of odour
8 Bumblebee flight inspires 'bad weather robot' design
9 Mice 'can lose innate fear of cats'
10 Humans sense 10 basic types of smell, scientists say
11 Orbital's Cygnus space freighter embarks on maiden voyage
12 Shy male birds keep closer 'friends'
13 Moving to the rhythm 'can help language skills'
14 Greenpeace assails oil rig in Russian Arctic
15 Genomes of big cats revealed
16 Wedding delayed as ring-bearing owl goes for a sleep
17 Rosetta: Riding a 'bucking bronco' in space
18 Does gold come from outer space?
19 How mercury poisons gold miners and enters the food chain
20 Syria chemical attack: Key UN findings
21 Macau beyond the roulette wheel
22 Iran's Rouhani dismisses nuclear weapons fears
23 JP Morgan makes $920m London Whale payout to regulators
24 Assad: Syria needs one year to destroy chemical weapons
25 Marikana: South Africa police 'lied over mine shootings'
26 Jeff Carney: The lonely US airman turned Stasi spy
27 Grey Owl: Canada's great conservationist and imposter
28 Who are vigilante group Letzgo Hunting?
29 Nintendo visionary Hiroshi Yamauchi dies aged 85
30 Navy Yard: Swat team 'stood down' at mass shooting scene
31 Why is Spam a luxury food in South Korea?
32 Tony Blair's daughter Kathryn held at gunpoint in attempted robbery
33 John McCain takes aim at Putin in Russian press
34 ISIS seizure of Syria's Azaz exposes rebel rifts
35 Stephen King 'nervous' about reaction to Shining sequel
36 Why all we knew about planets is wrong
37 Greece PM Antonis Samaras condemns 'neo-Nazi' killing
38 General killed as Egyptian forces raid pro-Morsi town
39 My Germany: The Turkish bath manageress
40 Nigerian wins Muslim-only beauty pageant in Jakarta
41 Want to retire in paradise? How four couples did it
42 Rubbish, chatter, squatters: The open office dark side
43 More failing hospitals 'likely to be found'
44 Face veils in hospital under review
45 Stirling Prize: Newhall Be
46 Naturalising Newham--radical plan to boost integration
47 Documentaries turn the camera on the movies
48 Angela Merkel: Chancellor chic?
49 Best of the Web: When Lenin played the Theremin [et al.]
50 Alzheimer's brain scan detects tau protein
51 Stopping HIV transmission from mothers to children
52 Twitter complaints: Companies respond more quickly
53 Digital Indians: Sanjeev Bikhchandani's job site success
54 Digital Indians: Nandan Nilekani
55 Blackberry reveals date BBM messaging will go to rivals
56 Google spin-off Calico to search for answers to aging
57 Neal Stephenson on tall towers and NSA cyber-spies
58 Will the peer-to-peer market phenomenon survive?
59 Online shopping: The pensioner who pioneered a home shopping revolution
60 Android alternative gets $7m funding boost
61 Facebook apologies for dating ad showing Rehtaeh Parsons
62 Diablo 3 auction houses are doomed by developer Blizzard
63 Kenya IT hubs launched for primary schools
64 Blackberry Z30 offers firm's biggest handset yet
65 Microsoft releases fix for 'zero-day' IE browser bug
66 Brazil data plan aims to keep US spies at bay
67 Dr. Who and other BBC shows to appear on Hulu service
68 Linkedin challenges US government over data requests
69 'Body on a chip' uses 3D printed organs to test vaccines
70 UK enters global online university race
71 E-readers 'more effective' for some dyslexic readers
72 Taiwan's struggle to become an innovation leader
73 Calls to give boys anti-cancer jab
74 Global economic crisis 'linked to suicide rise'
75 South Africa's craze for heroin-marijuana cocktail
76 The 300-year-old fertility statistics still in use today
77 Why don't some parents like taking advice from non-parents?
78 Tennessee baby can keep name Messiah--judge
79 Astronomers take sharpest photos of night sky
80 Friendliness to minorities often a performance--a fragile one, research suggests
81 Free-floating planets can be born free, study says
82 It's true: cooking may have given us our big brains, study says
83 More cases show skills tied to art can survive serious brain illness
84 Did some Neanderthals learn advanced skills from "moderns"?
85 Tendency to hate everything is measurable, scientists decide
86 For signs of life, some strange planetary systems may be most promising
87 Video games don't stir violence in vulnerable teens, study finds
88 Chimps found to play fairness game like people
89 Are we all Martians?
90 Your brain cells may be capable of outliving you--by a lot
91 Tendency to wage war not on the wane, analysis finds
92 African fish live fast, die young
93 Infants may be drawn to those who mistreat the "different"
94 Chemical found to reverse Down syndrome-like symptoms in mice
95 Yes, gentlemen, size matters--but less than another factor, study finds
96 Earth's biggest volcano found to lurk under Pacific
97 Killed twice in 1600s, hoax "dragon" slain again--in creationism dispute
98 In parts of the world, nearly a fourth of men admit to having raped
99 Men want status from romantic relationships, research finds
100 Technology for detecting those distant signs of life advances
101 Already-approved drug tied to longer, healthy life in mice
102 Darwin's dilemma resolved? Evolution's "big bang" explained by 5x faster rates
103 Studies may have overestimated our generosity
104 Are anti-bullying programs making the problem worse?
105 Study explores how power gets to the brain
106 Orangutans found to plan, communicate future routes
107 Life's ingredients could form through cometary impact, study finds
108 Study: Earth to be livable 2-3 billion years more, but not for all
109 Drivers of financial bubble-and-crash process
110 A reputation sealed? Finding suggests T. rex hunted for real
111 Study explores how Inca kids were drugged for sacrifice