File Title
1 Prescription drug expenses in Canada are a health-care barrier
2 SF State researchers steer light in new directions
3 Chemistry magic promises better medicine with fewer side-effects
4 Graphene Photodetector Integrated into Computer Chip
5 Environmentally friendly cement is stronger than ordinary cement
6 New Model Should Expedite Development of Temperature-Stable Nano-Alloys
7 Misread heart muscle gene a new clue to risk of sudden cardiac death
8 Study indicates space weather may be to blame for some satellite failures
9 It's a shock: Life on Earth may have come from out of this world
10 Invention jet prints nanostructures with self-assembling material
11 On the Road to Fault-Tolerant Quantum Computing:
12 UCLA researchers' smartphone 'microscope' can detect a single virus, nanoparticles
13 New class of drug targets heart disease
14 Study determines best arrangement of tidal sails device
15 A protein that can mean life or death for cells
16 Scientists discover cosmic factory for making building blocks of life
17 Subduction channel processes: New progress in plate tectonic theory
18 New insights solve 300-year-old problem: The dynamics of the Earth's core
19 Lawrence Livermore study finds human activity affects vertical structure of atmospheric temperature
20 American Chemical Society issues guidelines for safer research laboratories
21 N/A
22 Researchers find what's missing in teen health programs
23 Aerobic fitness boosts learning, memory in 9-10-year-old children
24 Dreaming is still possible even when the mind is blank
25 Autistic children with better motor skills more adept at socializing
26 Simple steps may identify patients that hold onto excess sodium
27 Scientific societies face 'modern challenges'
28 Voyager's departure from the heliosphere
29 Youth more likely to be bullied at schools with anti-bullying programs, UT Arlington researcher finds
30 Hypertension researcher encourages colleagues to expand their focus
31 High debt load anticipated by majority of medical students; African-Americans most affected
32 Why do young adults start smoking?
33 A swarm on every desktop: Robotics experts learn from public
34 Calculating the carbon footprint of California's products
35 How the newest diesel engines emit very little greenhouse gas nitrous oxide
36 Robots take over
37 Biologists measure evolution's Big Bang
38 Carnegie Mellon researchers say Twitter analysis can help gamblers beat the spread on NFL games
39 Tracking criminal movement using math
40 New Study Shows Solar Manufacturing Costs Not Driven Primarily by Labor
41 Self-referral spurs unnecessary MRI exams for patients
42 New insight into reducing racial/ethnic disparities in diabetes
43 Researchers gain insight into protective mechanisms for hearing loss
44 Need steroids? Maybe not for lower back pain
45 Study upholds hyaluronic acid injection safety, efficacy profile in reducing knee OA pain
46 Financial incentives motivate sedentary adults to exercise
47 National Heart Centre Singapore discovers patient-specific cure for dangerous heart rhythm disorder
48 Digestive disorder reaches record levels in Scots children
49 In patients with acute cholecystitis, surgery should be performed immediately
50 Study: Memory problems, emotional stress result in early readmissions of heart patients
51 What a Pain in the...Groin!
52 Why Kids Breathe Easier in Summer
53 New Muscular Dystrophy Treatment Shows Promise in Early Study Led by Children's National
54 Uncovering cancer's inner workings by capturing live images of growing tumors
55 Innovative Auto Steering Device Could Save Lives
56 Evolutionary medicine of skin cancer risk among Europeans
57 How do consumers compare prices? It depends on how powerful they feel
58 Public opinion poll shows gap between experts and public on need to cut Medicare spending
59 Sober drinking knowledge often fails 'in the moment' of intoxication
60 International structures needed for equitable access to DNA identification after disaster
61 TheSkyNet--T2 is born
62 Delaying climate policy would triple short-term mitigation costs
63 The UK is not investing enough in research into multi-drug resistant infections, say researchers
64 Medicare Center of Excellence Policy may limit minority access to weight-loss surgery
65 SARS virus treatments could hold the key for treatment of MERS-CoV outbreak
66 Researchers Use Machine Learning to Boil Down the Stories that Wearable Cameras Are Telling
67 Study examines sex differences in presentation of acute coronary syndrome
68 Lifestyle changes may lengthen telomeres, a measure of cell aging
69 Schizophrenia: It's in the wiring of the brain
70 Driven to clean: Nesting instinct among pregnant women has an evolutionary backstory
71 Hospital study finds connection between dementia, delirium and declining health
72 Juggling act between work and home responsibilities cause problems for American doctors
73 Chronic care management does not result in increased abstinence from alcohol
74 Ability to move to a beat linked to brain's response to speech
75 The importance of keeping a beat
76 Racism linked to depression and anxiety in youth
77 Driving Cessation Hinders Aging Adults' Volunteer and Work Lives, Social Lives Don't Immediately Suffer, MU Researchers Find
78 Insights into evolution of life on Earth from 1 of Saturn's moons
79 Pulsating dust cloud dynamics modelled
80 New Hubble image of galaxy cluster Abell 1689
81 'Red nugget' galaxies were hiding in plain sight
82 Rensselaer Researchers Create Accurate Computer Model of RNA Tetraloop
83 Beyond peer review: NIST and 5 journals find a way to manage errors in research data
84 Obama, tech executives met to discuss surveillance--report
85 Identical twin U.S. astronauts to serve as research subjects
86 Gene study uncovers origins of many common cancers
87 Introducing the olinguito, the newest mammal discovery
88 NASA calls off attempts to fix Kepler space telescope
89 Voyager left solar system last year, new research shows
90 FEATURE--Virus targets the social network in new fraud twist
91 Mothballed telescope gets new life as asteroid hunter
92 U.S. scientist operates colleague's brain from across campus
93 China to land first probe on moon this year
94 Scientists grow "mini human brains" from stem cells
95 Scientists discover key to normal memory lapses in seniors
96 Mouse body clock study offers clues to possible jet lag cure
97 NASA's Mars rover spies solar eclipse
98 Glitch resolved, NASA probe on its way to the moon
99 Internet experts want security revamp after NSA revelations
100 Wow, Voyager: Space probe leaves the solar system
101 Bill would create California quake warning system
102 US state, Chinese officials announce climate deal
103 British cosmologist Hawking backs right to assisted suicide
104 Study: Methane leaks from gas drilling not huge
105 Cranbrook's Steggy statue gets fashion makeover
106 US company about to make first space station run
107 Chocolate coming on next space station delivery
108 US scientists claim world's most accurate clock
109 Street View shows Japan nuclear evacuation zone
110 13-yr-old Indian girl begins microbiology master's
111 Despite pressure, ban on gay blood donors endures
112 Germany has most of its winter emergency power reserves: regulator
113 China says aims to train astronauts from other countries
114 Solar boat reaches Paris after crossing Atlantic
115 Internet experts want security revamp after NSA revelations