File Title
1 Massive galactic cloud survey begins
2 E-waste is a 'global time bomb'
3 NASA's Plan to Send Lettuce Into Space Dubbed 'Veggie'
4 Intel Inside: Intel's New Chip Aims to Turn Everything Into a Computer
5 Flying Frog Caught on Camera at NASA Moon Rocket Launch
6 Microsoft Wants Your iPad, Will Give You $200 Credit for a Surface Tablet
7 What The Twitter IPO Means for You and Your Tweets
8 Apple Gives Burberry Early Access to iPhone 5S for Runway Show
9 Facebook Tests Video Autoplay in Mobile News Feeds
10 Coast by Opera Aims to Reinvent the Way Users Browse the Web
11 8 Surprising Effects of Obesity
12 New features aim to shore up Java's flagging security
13 FISA intelligence court will reveal some of its secret legal opinions
14 AT&T shakes its banhammer at would-be pirates
15 FBI admits what we all suspected: It compromised Freedom Hosting's Tor servers
16 League of Legends players with better attitudes are more likely to win
17 FCC to auction off 10 MHz of spectrum in January 2014
18 Transfer a secret audio message by poking someone with your finger
19 Google may be trying to save Glass users from needing tethering plans
20 PayPal scrambles for fix after freezing two more crowdfunded games
21 Gov't standards agency "strongly" discourages use of NSA-influenced algorithm
22 Recapping the week: An S phone and a C phone
23 Intel's Atom CPUs finally get serious with the new Bay Trail architecture
24 Is it a bad practice to modify code strictly for testing purposes?
25 Graphene made from DNA could shape electronics
26 Typing stealth: a review of the CODE Keyboard
27 How the cops watch your tweets in real-time
28 Waterfalls and flywheels: General Motors' new hyper-green data center
29 Weird Science quantifies just how much haters gotta hate
30 Trading bots create extreme events faster than humans can react
31 Box aims for NSA-resistant cloud security with customers holding the keys
32 Google and Samsung soar into list of top 10 Linux contributors
33 Fatal crypto flaw in some government-certified smartcards makes forgery a snap
34 Mars rover makes science 'pit stop'
35 Slow-motion world for small animals
36 Costa Concordia in Italy freed from rocks
37 Pentland Firth tidal turbine project given consent
38 Japan launches 'affordable' Epsilon space rocket
39 Carbon capture and storage to be monitored by cosmic rays
40 Hot summer helps boost butterflies
41 Hong Kong's enchanting homage to the moon
42 Four people reported killed at Washington Navy Yard
43 Syria crisis: UN report confirms sarin gas used in Damascus
44 South Korea shoots dead a man trying to swim to North
45 Online shopping: The pensioner who pioneered a home shopping revolution
46 Italy's Casanovas hit where it hurts
47 India Delhi gang rape lawyer faces 'misconduct' hearing
48 Tiny parking space at Burry Port baffles drivers
49 Muslim woman must remove veil to give trial evidence
50 Grand Theft Auto 5 in Amazon embargo breach
51 How and why do we snore?
52 Larry Summers pulls out of US Federal Reserve race
53 Lloyds Bank privatisation begins
54 Viewpoints: Should full-face veils be banned in some public places?
55 Stirling Prize: Astley Castle
56 How letter diplomacy keeps Iran and US 'talking'
57 Egypt's economy hurt by post-Morsi curfew
58 Secrets of the world's top CEOs
59 When the new job feels like a big mistake
60 Iran's foreign ministry struggles with online PR
61 Tomorrow's cities: Sensor networks for the elderly
62 Netflix studies piracy sites to decide what to buy
63 Music site chatbot wins AI Loebner contest
64 Syrian hospitals at 'breaking point' as medics flee
65 Child cataract blood test developed
66 Pakistan battles growing alcohol addiction
67 Students reminded to manage allergies away from home
68 A novel use for mosquito nets
69 First, forget about witchcraft....
70 Why are people buying Vitamin K supplements?
71 Red wine--what's behind its healthy reputation?
72 Apple stays mum on iPhone 5C preorder numbers
73 Japan launches new, cheaper rocket
74 FDA stops 11 Indian-made drugs from entering U.S.
75 Oops! "Grand Theft Auto 5" reportedly ships to Amazon customers early
76 Effort to right Costa Concordia starts
77 Costa Concordia freed from reef, engineers say
78 Calif. turns to Mojave Desert for new era of green energy
79 iPhone 5C preorders to total 1M in first day, says analyst
80 Should you fear Apple's fingerprint scanner?
81 Insta-love: Couple falls in love via Instagram feeds
82 Molasses spill killing marine life in Hawaii
83 More Facebook sharing linked with higher self-esteem
84 Creature with interlocking gears on legs discovered
85 YouTube launches ambitious plan to generate more videos for site
86 Apple taking preorders for iPhone 5C
87 Ray Dolby, American audio pioneer, dies at 80
88 Washington Navy Yard shooter leaves multiple victims, some fatalities
89 Bystander video shows chaotic scene in Times Square-area shooting
90 It's Miss New York--Again
91 Willow Long Update: Uncle charged with murder in stabbing death of 7-year-old niece
92 Faith Salie: Burned out on the "fry"
93 Unarmed man, possibly looking for help after wreck, shot by police
94 Benghazi Accountability Review Board comes under renewed criticism
95 U.S. politicians wonder if Obama was outfoxed on Syria chemical weapons
96 Obama: Russia is not playing America on Syria
97 In wake of NSA encryption revelation, is privacy an illusion?
98 Amazon 'wish list' is gateway to epic social engineering hack
99 James Patterson pledges $1M to help independent booksellers
100 FDA panel approves drug to shrink breast cancer tumors pre-surgery
101 Amazing survival at sea: 2 men cling to capsized boat for more than a week
102 Colo. flood survivors remember friends who died in raging waters
103 Forbes 400 list revealed: Who is America's richest person?
104 Jessie Alexander, Fla. woman, poses as TV producer to scam businesses, police say
105 Mo. man located with missing Mass. teen charged with sex trafficking, report says
106 Troy Wolff, Wash. college professor, fatally stabbed while protecting girlfriend
107 Suspect arrested in deadly quadruple shooting near former Tenn. mountain resort
108 Rebecca Ann Sedwick Update: Family says bullying drove 12-year-old Fla. girl to commit suicide, report says
109 Randall Kerrick, N.C. officer, charged with shooting unarmed former Florida A&M football player Jonathan Ferrell
110 Robber caught with pants down after targeting church gift shop, Fla. police say
111 Edward Bagley Update: More sentences handed down in Missouri sex torture, captivity case, report says
112 I-55 Bandit surrenders: Man suspected in string of bank robberies across 5 states turns himself in to FBI, report says
113 Marilyn Edge, Ariz. woman, arrested in Calif. on suspicion of murder in children's deaths
114 Rebecca Ann Sedwick Update: Fla. police confirm suicide of girl, 12, after cyber-bullying, probe possible charges
115 Jonathan Adleta, former marine, faces life in prison for child sex abuse, report says
116 How Glock became America's gun
117 The continuing saga of Earth, Wind & Fire
118 Ricky Gervais, the king of cringe comedy
119 No problem: Yes, it's a BIG problem
120 Growing up Rockefeller
121 How Bobbi Brown put a new face on the makeup industry
122 The Star-Spangled Banner yet waves anew
123 After weeks of focus on Syria, Obama pivots to the economy
124 Obama warns Republicans against letting economy "tank"
125 Uninsured skeptical about Obamacare, poll shows
126 GOP pans Obamacare subsidies' "honor system"
127 Study: U.S. teens eating better, watching less TV
128 Morning Rounds: How to protect against whooping cough
129 After taking to the streets, S.C. man finds kidney for wife
130 Earlier speakers, readers may be more likely to abuse alcohol
131 Brain-eating amoeba found in St. Bernard Parish water supply following death
132 Report: Child neglect makes up 75% of abuse cases
133 UNICEF: Child deaths down, but many still dying of preventable diseases
134 Genetic test may predict breast cancer recurrence over 10 years
135 FDA panel supports Perjeta for early-stage breast cancer
136 Dental cavities may protect against oral, throat cancers
137 Researchers block formation of certain memories in mice
138 FDA: Arsenic in rice won't harm health immediately, but long-term risk unclear
139 New flu shot broadens protection against four strains of virus