File Title
1 8 Quirky Species Discovered in Lava-Tube Caves
2 iPhone 5S: Why We Love (and Hate) Apple Products
3 9 Amazing (Very) Young Entrepreneurs
4 Rising Suicide Rates Spur Global Push on Prevention
5 Lost in Central Park? Rocks Guide the Way
6 Is Fertility an Option for Women with BRCA Cancer Gene? (Op-Ed)
7 Mysterious Elk Deaths Plague New Mexico
8 Ancient 'Sea Monster' Swam Like a Shark
9 E-Waste Trashing Bans Don't Work, Researcher Says
10 Life Found in Mud Beneath Ice-Covered Antarctic Lake
11 As West Warms, Wildfires Expected to Double by 2050
12 Meteorite Brought Surprising Ingredient for Life to Earth In 2012
13 Small Trout Devours Nearly 20 Shrews
14 Great Lakes' Strange Currents Explored with Tow-Yoing
15 Rare 6-Million-Year-Old Skull of Juvenile Ape Discovered
16 Inducing Labor Linked with Lower C-Section Rate
17 Hurricane Season 'Peaks' Today--Why No Hurricanes?
18 NASA Space Telescope Discovers 10 Monster Black Holes
19 Mystery Disease Killing Ohio Dogs
20 Ancient Road Leading to Stonehenge Found
21 Volcano's Burps and Sighs Could Warn of Eruptions
22 Deadly Fungus Mates with Clones of Itself
23 Why Crash Test Dummies Prefer Electric Vehicles (Op-Ed)
24 Do 'Smarter' Dogs Really Suffer More than 'Dumber' Mice? (Op-Ed)
25 Facts About Radon
26 Dogs Become New Treatment for a War that Never Ends (Op-Ed)
27 Illnesses Mount for Sept. 11 Survivors, But Help is Available (Op-Ed)
28 Heart Disease: Why Positive Attitude May Bring Longer Life
29 How Crocs Survived in Dinosaur-Dominated World
30 Tingly Lips? Why Sichuan Peppers Trigger Odd Sensation
31 Phone Sensors Could Meld with Human Body
32 Vacations Inspire Workers to Say: 'I Quit'
33 Clearing the Pathway: Deadly Lung Disease Can Be Prevented (Op-Ed)
34 Ig Nobel Prize Ceremony: Where Science and Comedy Collide
35 Can Farmers Cry Wolf and then Pocket the Cash? (Op-Ed)
36 Ancient Maya Grave Yields Dozens of Mutilated Bodies
37 New Woolly Mammoth Lineage Discovered
38 Must-See: Amazonian Butterflies Drink Turtle Tears
39 Strange Case of 'Hyper Empathy' after Brain Surgery
40 Cells in Living Mice 'Reprogrammed' to Embryonic-like State
41 Stunning Auroras Photographed in 3D with Everyday Cameras
42 Scholars and Sci-Fi Authors to Debate Future of Humanity
43 Mars Rover Camera Invention Could Help NASA Robots Explore Solo
44 Hormone Replacement Therapy May Reduce Pancreatic Cancer Risk
45 Experts Put Together Panda Plan
46 Time is Key to Putting a Price on Climate Risk (Op-Ed)
47 2013 Atlantic Hurricane Names
48 The Broccoli Problem: Why Some People Taste Things More Bitter
49 Buried Saharan Rivers May Have Led Humans Out of Africa
50 Humpback Whale Populations Increase Off British Columbia
51 Low Sex Drive? Men's Age-Related Changes May Have Surprising Cause
52 Sipping Tarantula Venom Kills Crop-Eating Insects
53 Physician-Assisted Suicide: Poll Shows Divide Among Experts
54 Who Knew? Orangutans Plan Trips
55 NASA's New Moon Probe In Fine Shape On Lunar Trek
56 What is Groundwater?
57 Data Opens Possibility Of A Curved Cosmos
58 Snow Leopard's Fate Hinges on Historic Talks (Op-Ed)
59 What is Francium?
60 Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS): Facts & Symptoms of Lou Gehrig's Disease
61 A New Drive for Power-Plant Carbon Standards (Op-Ed)
62 Green Car Claims Get Mileage Out of Hype (Op-Ed)
63 Why the U.S. Military Must Find Energy Alternatives (Op-Ed)
64 Running the A/C? New Building Codes Could Slash Energy Costs (Op-Ed)
65 Faces of Ancient Mexico Revealed in Skulls
66 Girl Who Survived Brain-Eating Amoeba Infection Goes Home
67 NASA Identifies 3 Potential Asteroid Targets to Catch With Space Lasso
68 NASA's Deep Impact Comet Probe May Be Spinning Out of Control
69 BREAKING: Major Flooding Kills One in Boulder, Colo.
70 By Accident, Researchers Set World Record for Thinnest Glass
71 4 Reasons Why You Should Never Skip Breakfast
72 Wildfire Burn Scars Worsen Colorado Flooding
73 North America's Tallest Mountain Gets Downsized
74 Lightning-Fast Evolution Clocked During Cambrian Explosion
75 What Is Stevia?
76 Increased Precision Improves Drug Interaction Models
77 Doomsday? Universe's Fate Depends on True Mass of Tiny Particle
78 Measles Vaccination Still Important to Avoid Outbreaks, CDC Warns
79 Hurricane Hunting Drones Probe Storms' Anatomy
80 Why One Microbe Doesn't Age
81 Creature with Interlocking Gears on Legs Discovered
82 Sea Otter Populations Growing in California
83 Warm Water Under Antarctic Glacier Spurs Rapid Melting
84 Insect Jumps Powered By Mechanical 'Gears'
85 Like a Good Wine: How Your Age Affects Your Hangover
86 Early Talkers More Likely to Grow into Teen Drinkers
87 Why Motorcycles are Critical to Health in Rural Africa (Op-Ed)
88 Blobfish Named World's Ugliest Animal
89 Proposed Antarctic Ocean Reserve Downsized
90 Why Has It Been So Long Since a Major Hurricane Hit the US?
91 Voyager 1: How Big Is the Solar System?
92 Energy Drink Studies May Be Clouded by Industry Ties
93 Facts About Radium
94 What Is Molasses?
95 What is an Aquifer?
96 Experts Predicted Colorado Flash Floods
97 What--and When--to Eat to Build Muscle (Op-Ed)
98 Who Invented the Microscope?
99 Beam Me Up: Bits of Information Teleported Across Computer Chip
100 Wearable Tech Adoption Slow--But Not For Long
101 Meet the Queen of King Size Bows
102 Midcentury Life, on Mars (Op-Ed)
103 Hotspot Scorched Midwest, Leaving Legacy of Earthquakes, Rare Rocks