File Title
1 Japan's new rocket blasts off in laptop-controlled launch
2 Proposed Russian spacecraft to have a modern convenience--a toilet
3 NASA Tests Limits of 3-D Printing with Powerful Rocket Engine Check
4 From Elvis to E.T.? The Voyagers' extraordinary tale
5 NASA Spacecraft Embarks on Historic Journey Into Interstellar Space
6 Space's 'Ferrari' set to fall to Earth
7 Chinese-built Bolivian satellite tested in space simulator
8 GSAT-7 Satellite Placed in Geosynchronous Orbit
9 Russian space official denies report of problem in Soyuz return
10 Lockheed Martin Atlas V To Launch Morelos-3 ComSat
11 Astronauts prepare for deep space--by going deep underground
12 New magnetic semiconductor material holds promise for 'spintronics'
13 Engineers improve electronic devices using molybdenum disulfide
14 Shining a little light changes metal into semiconductor
15 Novel topological crystalline insulator shows mass appeal
16 How brain microcircuits integrate information from different senses
17 Scientists Find Asymmetry in Topological Insulators
18 Artificial lung to remove carbon dioxide--from smokestacks
19 Stanford Scientists Use DNA to Assemble a Transistor From Graphene
20 Giant white diamond could fetch $35mn in Hong Kong: Sotheby's
21 Process devised for ultrathin carbon membranes
22 New Twist in the Graphene Story
23 Understanding Interface Properties of Graphene Paves Way for New Applications
24 Graphene 'onion rings' have delicious potential
25 Quantum Temperature
26 NASA's Voyager first spacecraft to exit solar system
27 Has Voyager 1 Left The Solar System?
28 NASA Voyager Statement about Competing Models to Explain Recent Spacecraft Data
29 Voyager 1 Has Left the Solar System
30 Voyager 1 Explores Final Frontier Of Our Solar Bubble
31 Deep-ocean carbon sinks
32 Arctic ice shrinking in volume, too: ESA
33 Canada builds up arctic maritime surveillance
34 Sea ice decline spurs the greening of the Arctic
35 UM Researcher Finds Loss of Sea Ice Causes Ecological Changes
36 UM Scientists Use New Approach to Reveal Function of Greenland's Ice Sheet
37 Greenpeace says Russia denies it Arctic access
38 Chinese tycoon still hopes to sign Icelandic land deal
39 Greenpeace challenges Rosneft vessel in Arctic waters
40 Arctic sea-ice loss has widespread effects on wildlife
41 Santa's workshop not flooded--but lots of melting in the Arctic
42 Declining sea ice strands baby harp seals
43 Arctic methane breach an 'economic time bomb'
44 Russia says evacuation of polar research station to cost $2 million
45 Is Arctic Permafrost the "Sleeping Giant" of Climate Change?
46 Unified Military Intelligence Picture Helping to Dispel the Fog of War
47 New Military Communications Satellite Built By Lockheed Martin Launches
48 US Navy Poised to Launch Lockheed Martin-Built Secure Communications Satellite for Mobile Users
49 Northrop Grumman Moves New B-2 Satellite Communications Concept to the High Ground
50 Canada links up on secure U.S. military telecoms network
51 Lockheed Martin Adds Integrated Missile Defense Command and Control Option to Dragon Family of ISR Configurations
52 S. Korea to parade North-focused cruise missile
53 'Friendly' nation to test missiles in Mediterranean: Cyprus
54 Russia suspends Syria S-300 missile deliveries: Putin
55 Russia destroys missiles destined for Iran: report
56 Rolling Airframe Missile Block 2 completes initial fleet firing
57 New Iran launchpad for ballistic missile tests: experts
58 After a Fire, Before a Flood: NASA's Landsat Directs Restoration to At-Risk Areas
59 NASA's Landsat Revisits Old Flames in Fire Trends
60 US Army awards Raytheon contract for Excalibur Ib
61 JIB Antennas Will Support Ship ID Capability Being Added to Canadas RADARSAT Constellation Mission
62 Northrop Grumman Unmanned Portfolio Achieves 100,000 Flight Hours Over Last 15 Years
63 New Hydra project to see underwater drones deploying drones
64 Sharp rise in British drone use in Afghanistan
65 Tiniest autopilot unit created for small micro aerial vehicles
66 Raytheon GPS Launch and Checkout capability receives Interim Authorization to Test
67 European Union countries in test of home-grown GPS system
68 Satellite tracking of zebra migrations in Africa is conservation aid
69 Beneath Earth's surface, scientists find long 'fingers' of heat
70 Seismic finding could explain creation of Earth's 'hot spot' volcanoes
71 Magma can survive in upper crust for hundreds of millennia
72 Newly discovered flux in the Earth may solve missing-mantle mystery
73 Location of upwelling in Earth's mantle discovered to be stable
74 New 'embryonic' subduction zone found
75 Testing child's urine may help doctors identify risk for high blood pressure
76 Tracking criminal movement using math
77 Youth more likely to be bullied at schools with anti-bullying programs, UTA researcher finds
78 Carbon farming schemes should consider multiple cobenefits
79 Americans living longer, more healthy lives
80 Current pledges put over 600 million people at risk of higher water scarcity
81 Florida State University's unofficial 'Spider-Man' follows nature's lead
82 Toxic methylmercury-producing microbes more widespread than realized
83 Biologists measure evolution's Big Bang
84 Underlying ocean melts ice shelf, speeds up glacier movement
85 Study finds 30% lower risk of dying for diabetics with bypass surgery vs. stent
86 Tiny plankton could have big impact on climate
87 To touch the microcosmos
88 Toward a truly white organic LED
89 'Grassroots action' in livestock feeding to help curb global climate change
90 Software may be able to take over from hardware in managing caches
91 Model organism gone wild
92 Young people choose education based on parents' background
93 Genes linked to being right- or left-handed identified
94 The '50-50' chip: Memory device of the future?
95 Researchers capture speedy chemical reaction in mid-stride
96 Earth's wobble 'fixes' dinner for marine organisms
97 UK open-access route too costly, report says
98 Hackles rise over privatization plan
99 Physicists net fractal butterfly
100 Ultimate upgrade for US synchrotron
101 Fat gravity particle gives clues to dark energy
102 Secrets of fracking fluids pave way for cleaner recipe
103 More cuts loom for US science
104 N/A
105 Stem cells created in living mice
106 Grey wolves left out in the cold
107 N/A
108 Voyager 1 has reached interstellar space
109 Food-borne illnesses are not always home-grown
110 Insect leg cogs a first in animal kingdom
111 Did a hyper-black hole spawn the Universe?
112 It is time to update US biomedical funding
113 Sequenced from the start
114 Reality at risk
115 Research: A standard for policy-relevant science
116 Policy: A single market for European research
117 Neuroscience: Map the other brain
118 Ancient rivers cut migration routes through Sahara
119 Research: A standard for policy-relevant science
120 N/A
121 Physics: Quantum quest
122 Taxonomy: The spy who loved frogs