File Title
1 NY judge orders Apple to modify e-book contracts
2 You can linger longer with a digital death
3 Researchers design a collective protection system for building works on sloping work surfaces
4 Report: NSA cracked most online encryption
5 Google argues for right to continue scanning Gmail (Update 2)
6 Coal more risky than renewables
7 Sudoku saves photographers from copyright theft
8 Lenovo sees PC market growth in hybrid models (Update)
9 Precomputing speeds up cloth imaging
10 Jury rules for Microsoft in patent trial with Motorola
11 Study examines viral reach of hashtags on Facebook
12 Privacy fears cause more to cover online tracks
13 A king among Wikipedia editors
14 Street View shows Japan nuclear evacuation zone
15 Verizon plans $25bn debt offering: source
16 Facebook in fresh privacy row with new policy
17 Cheaper Chinese solar panels are not due to low-cost labor
18 Arresting model stops cars
19 Study iDs trouble areas, aims to speed up construction projects
20 Authentic brain waves improve driver security
21 New method of incorporating fluoride into drugs
22 Researchers develop first iron-based catalyst that can reduce dinitrogen to ammonia in a solution
23 Molecular structure reveals how the antibiotic streptomycin works
24 Blue-green algae a five-tool player in converting waste to fuel
25 Team develops device to detect biodiesel contamination
26 New computational approaches speed up the exploration of the universe
27 A step closer to developing new anti-influenza agents
28 New low-temperature chemical reaction explained
29 Solar cell performance improves with ion-conducting polymer
30 Team invents a method to reproduce marine substances of pharmacological interest
31 Wiring microbes to conduct and produce electricity faster
32 The next era in discovering drugs in nature's own medicine cabinet
33 QR code access to Nobel Prizes in Chemistry
34 Robotics first: Engineering team makes artificial muscles that can lift loads 80 times their weight
35 Clay key to high-temperature supercapacitors
36 Microencapsulation produces uniform drug release vehicle
37 Synthetic polymer could stop the spread of HIV
38 New strategically important hard metal developed in Finland
39 Arylamine functionalization of carbon anodes for improved microbial electrocatalysis
40 Water found to be an ideal lubricant for nanomachines
41 For better li-ion batteries, scientists watch one at work
42 Membranes contain beautiful patterns--but their function is a mystery
43 Fog harvesting: How to get fresh water out of thin air
44 Flavonoids: Little changes--large effects
45 Better oxygen extraction attracts commercial interest
46 Mother chimps crucial for offspring's social skills
47 On genetic treasure island, voles show DNA antiquity
48 Review lobbies for closer look at management techniques
49 Searching for ways to control an agricultural nuisance
50 Professors work to quickly, accurately identify deadly bacteria
51 Static killers?
52 Global first as Witsies split pollen
53 A lot less sea turtles arriving in Nicaragua
54 ISFM takes a stand on welfare of unowned cats
55 Dallas Zoo welcomes 2 cheetah cubs...and puppy
56 Who's afraid of the big bad wolf: Is the dingo friend or foe?
57 Unravelling the secrets of maleness
58 Protecting 17% of Earth's land could save two-thirds of plant species
59 Certification of aquaculture: One of the strategies to sustainable seafood production
60 Study reveals new insight into how Cheetahs catch their prey
61 Switching sexes and rearranging genitals: Tahitian bugs reveal unusual habits
62 Computer-designed proteins recognize and bind small molecules
63 Conservationists develop novel way of choosing perfect new homes for species struggling in changing climate
64 Disease-causing genes spread easily in emerging lethal fungus infection
65 Newly discovered tiger shark migration pattern might explain attacks near Hawaii
66 Researchers develop new system to better study behavior, cell function
67 Female tiger sharks migrate from Northwestern to Main Hawaiian Islands during fall pupping season
68 Biodiversity where you least expect it: A new beetle species from a busy megacity
69 Is that a testes or an iridescent stripe? A female squid's male-like true colors
70 Brown algae reveal antioxidant production secrets
71 Research duo confirm that yes, people do blush in the dark
72 African-American students may improve grades if teachers convey high standards, study shows
73 Researchers discover rare fossil ape cranium in China
74 Science, mathematics, creativity and innovation, when it counts most
75 Making things cold: A history of science, technology and culture
76 Pornography reinforces sexist attitudes among a subgroup of heterosexuals, study says
77 UEFA's 'home-grown player' rule delivers only 'modest improvement'
78 Out of the oil emerges Venezuela's 'Jurassic Park' (Update, w/ Images)
79 People who lie while texting take longer to respond
80 What are the risks of student cyberbullying?
81 Study associates poor academic achievement and maternal drinking
82 Job dissatisfaction encourages workers to choose temping
83 Older women still feel cultural pressure to tone down
84 Lengthy military deployments increase divorce risk for US enlisted service members
85 Abolish 'profiteering' Train Operating Companies, says
86 Scientific reproducibility is hampered by a lack of specificity of the material resources
87 Tattoos reduce chances of getting a job, new research says
88 Using harsh verbal discipline with teens found to be harmful
89 New work sets timeline for the first pharaohs
90 Biology texts geared toward pre-med students, analysis finds
91 Spouses play an important role in planning for retirement, researcher finds
92 Degree is no protection against under-employment, research shows
93 Five edible insects you really should try
94 'Poverty of aspiration' largely a myth
95 Outside mentoring support for science faculty at minority-serving institutions pays off
96 Do glial connectomes and activity maps make any sense?
97 Single tone alerts brain to complete sound pattern
98 Gut bugs may hold key to weight control, mouse study suggests
99 Slowing the aging process--it's in your genes
100 Boy interrupted: Y-chromosome mutations reveal precariousness of male development
101 Scientists discover important mechanism underlying Alzheimer's disease
102 Novel therapeutic cancer vaccine reaches human clinical trials
103 Researchers develop new tool to find molecular changes in embryos
104 Researchers pin down the genetics of going under
105 Research yields first detailed view of morphing Parkinson's protein
106 Mild B-12 deficiency may speed dementia
107 Candidate vaccine against MERS passes first test
108 Shout now! How nerve cells initiate voluntary calls
109 Training the older brain in 3-D: Video game enhances cognitive control
110 Faulty internal recycling by brain's trash collectors may contribute to Alzheimer's
111 Space around others perceived just as our own
112 Inner-ear disorders may cause hyperactivity
113 In longterm relationships, the brain makes trust a habit
114 Prion-like proteins drive several diseases of aging
115 Body's 'safety procedure' could explain autoimmune disease
116 Peering into genetic defects, scientists discover a new metabolic disease
117 Thwarting herpes, scientists open antiviral drug path
118 Dishonest deeds lead to 'cheater's high,' as long as no one gets hurt, study finds
119 Some immune cells appear to aid cancer cell growth, study finds
120 Antiviral drug may extend brain cancer survival, researchers say
121 Molecular beacons light path to cardiac muscle repair
122 Research helps people with social phobia face their fears
123 Left brain, right brain: Different patterns of cortical interaction
124 Researchers develop 'SMART' vaccines that are safe, effective