File Title
1 Scientists use DNA to assemble a transistor from graphene
2 Shining a little light changes metal into semiconductor
3 Physicists find enhanced fluctuations in nanomagnets
4 Engineers make golden breakthrough to improve electronic devices
5 Made-to-order materials: Engineers focus on the nano to create strong, lightweight materials
6 Separate teams develop similar method for creating non-oxidizing silver nanoparticles
7 Bismuth-carrying nanotubes show promise for CT scans
8 Measuring progress in nanotech design: Team uses laser spectroscopy to size-up band offset
9 Researchers produce nanostructures with potential to advance energy devices
10 A new form of 'nanosized' aspirin to overcome 'aspirin resistance'
11 A new chapter in a nanotech 'super materials' story
12 New breakthrough for structural characterization of metal nanoparticles
13 Researchers discover breakthrough technique that could make electronics smaller and better
14 Advancing graphene for post-silicon computer logic: Researchers pioneer new approach for graphene logic circuits
15 New computer model will help design flexible touchscreens
16 University of Houston launches first nanotech company
17 Shedding new light on the 'electron highways' of organic solar cells
18 Plastic: The new energy source
19 Nanostructures made of DNA strands can encapsulate, release small-molecule drugs
20 Breakthrough in sensing at the nanoscale
21 Chemistry team creates spontaneously forming supramolecular nanotube yarn
22 First with new environmentally beneficial technologies
23 New nanoparticles make solar cells cheaper to manufacture
24 Reproducing nature's chemistry: Researchers alter molecular properties in a new way
25 New grayscale technique opens a third dimension for nanoscale lithography
26 New microplasma source excites matter in controlled way, may revolutionize how archaeologists date objects in the field
27 Breaking nature's superfluid symmetry
28 Theoretical device could bring practical spintronics closer to reality
29 Growing thin films of germanium
30 Exotic isotopes step on the scale
31 In search for dark matter components, physicists edge closer by watching radiation shifts
32 Researchers at Toshiba design quantum network for secure communications
33 First hardware from South Africa delivered to ATLAS detector at CERN
34 New groundbreaking research may expose new aspects of the universe
35 New approach enhances quantum-based secure communication
36 The science of stadium sound
37 Electronics advance moves closer to a world beyond silicon
38 Quantum steps towards the Big Bang
39 New evidence to aid search for charge 'stripes' in superconductors
40 Researchers propose a new system for quantum simulation
41 Atom-based analogues to electronic devices
42 Butterfly inspires new nanotechnology
43 Physicists use element 115 to highlight a way for taking new superheavy elements' fingerprints
44 Cosmic ray finding: Researchers take a step closer to finding cosmic ray origins
45 Physics team suggests possible way to make quantum cryptography available in handheld machines
46 Rethinking surface tension
47 Ultracold Big Bang experiment successfully simulates evolution of early universe
48 Spinning out the future of our electronic devices
49 Novel topological crystalline insulator shows mass appeal
50 New component in the quantum electronics toolbox
51 NASA launches robotic explorer to moon (Update)
52 Three stranded in iced helicopter on Alaska volcano
53 Study documents cigarette environmental hazards
54 Magnetic shielding of exomoons: to be or not to be
55 Climate change threatens Caribbean's water supply
56 A radiating beauty on Mars
57 Study suggests debris flows on frozen arctic sand dunes are similar to dark dune spot-seepage flows on Mars
58 Iron in the sun: A greenhouse gas for X-ray radiation
59 Hubble catches a spiral in the air pump
60 Using digital SLRs to measure the height of Northern Lights
61 Inflatable antennae could give CubeSats greater reach
62 NASA launching robotic explorer to moon from Va.
63 SpaceShipTwo makes second supersonic test flight
64 Reflecting on Earth's albedo
65 New tool pinpoints oil reserves
66 Scientists develop new technique to track algae
67 First-ever deep-drilling expedition to the Baltic Sea launches
68 Carnival to cut pollution from cruise ships
69 Back from the ice: Research team returns from Fram Strait
70 Clock ticking on 2015 climate talks deal: EU
71 Dash Robotics crowdfunding 'origami' runner you can assemble at home
72 Microsoft works to save face after Xbox backlash
73 Review: Stylish makeover for Samsung Note phone
74 Japan's robo-astronaut takes 'one small step...'
75 Samsung unveils new smartwatch that makes calls (Update)
76 Review: 'Mega' phone is huge, with limited appeal
77 Smartwatches to star at Berlin IFA electronics show
78 Microsoft sets Nov 22 date for Xbox One launch (Update)
79 Review: Google's new tablet outshines Samsung's
80 Review: Samsung watch blends style, tech wizardry (Update)
81 Sony launches camera phone with add-on lenses (Update)
82 Mini Jambox speakers play to smartphone lifestyles
83 Hi-tech world awaits Samsung's smartwatch in Berlin
84 World's thinnest wireless touch surface (w/ Video)
85 Relax! Slip on an electric vest to knead away stress
86 Apple event invitation hints at new phone colors
87 Amazon upgrades popular Kindle e-reader
88 iPhone expected to star at Apple event September 10 (Update)
89 Review: Google Glass needs lots of polishing
90 Apple launches iPhone trade-in program in US (Update)
91 Robot's face determines user comfort
92 Nintendo cuts price of Wii U game console (Update)
93 First US-made smartphone just as cheap to produce
94 Exploring Google Glass through eyes of early users
95 The next generation of carers and security guards
96 After touch screens, researchers demonstrate electronic recording and replay of human touch (w/ Video)
97 Yahoo reports 29,000 data requests
98 Drug patch treatment sees new breakthrough
99 Physicists find a compound to more efficiently convert waste heat to electrical power